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  1. sunnykoomos

    Change the voice?

    Hi, I have been a long time not playing any WG's games. So...just want to ask: In beta, all the stuff are in English which is fine. Now, my client is install as Chinese, and the voice is Putonghua. But I prefer the English one.... How can I set Chinese interface with English voice ingame? Thank you.
  2. sunnykoomos

    Aircraft Carriers is more evil than wot arty

    The game concept is great,free to play,pay will only get more,not stronger. But when implement,problem comes out: eg arty, 1 shot, gold spamming......... How long have these problems exist? I start playing wot since 8.4 and now is 9.9, 2 years past and non of the above problem have really "slove", only one arty nurf. While those devs know the issue so long time ago. Yes, the game made profit and let them to have a new office. But what? I think it is semi-fail not equal to it can't made money. other warfare game....wow, no one know what is it...must be If there are 4-6 teams of Torpedo bombers spam Torpedo at you,there are not much difference between tier 4,5,6,or even 10 since you dead within sec anyway. I get 1 shot by GW 100 when I am in a 13/90, next battle is a E 100 1 shot me in 5 battles.
  3. sunnykoomos

    The aPOIcalypse is Here! Limited Titles!

    I would like " professional noob ", thank you Conan! Also think of other troll such as "torpedos spammer" , "Captain slow" or even "Conan boss"
  4. Aircraft Carriers always send Fighters to scout and Torpedo bombers to [Content Removed] you like hell in the start of the battle,makes you dead before fire,or even see any enemy ship. What it looks like in wot is that an arty control a scout and pre-aim with his gun,so the scout spot you,Boom! You 're dead! Suggestions: Limit the range of the planes can fly. Make a circle on minimap like normal ship of showing how far the planes can fly. An "oil capacity" could be introduce to force the planes to land,avoid them being able to fly to mars..... It also avoid Aircraft Carriers send Torpedo bombers to kill enemy Aircraft Carriers right in the start of the battle, which is something very nazi. P.S. I count that wot is a semi-fail and wows is half-success due to the devs learn from wot bad,listening to players and change them into something good. I hope that it could continue and unlike wot suggestion forum, suggesting anything will be useless since no WG staff will watch anyway. Thank you. Profanity. Post Edited. User Warned. ~Syanda