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  1. I am pretty sure that the day of IJN submarine tech tree will come pretty soon. But how about its premium ship? Does WOWS interested in an Japanese exported submarine? Now I am working on 3D model of Matchanu-class submarine which was in RTN service since before WW2 broke out till 50s. They were built in Japan by Mitsubishi and named after literary characters known for their mythical diving abilities from the Ramakien, Phra Aphai Mani, and Khun Chang Khun Phaen. They are: HTMS Matchanu HTMS Wirun HTMS Sinsamut and HTMS Phlai-chumphon All comments are welcome!!! PS. If you have any question, you can contact me via the direct message or at my page "Matte Publishing & Hobby" on FB PS.2 Submarine 3D model pic which was attached in this topic still have several details to be fix (not in final form yet) 😂