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    Anime is stupid... I'm a gamer and i'm a merc i'll move from clan to clan if i'm needed i spend most of my time in the Asian server but i'm in the NA server too...
  1. Yamato025

    Just asking: What is Poi?

  2. Yamato025

    Just asking: What is Poi?

    Anime = weaboo's weaboo's = waste of time and fandom spawning Fandom's = rule 34 and we all know what rule 34 is.
  3. Yamato025

    Just asking: What is Poi?

    POI is used by Weaboo's who are Kantai/kanecolle fans... i hate them so much there like furry/scallys/bronys of naval gaming making honorable ships in to hentai s**t. (< is that allowed?) I say that word is bad luck i lost like 2 rounds with people spamming that word on my team... *i can hear the weaboo's heavily breathing and typing like monkeys on there keyboard*
  4. Yamato025

    Remove St. Louis 100% unhistorical

    Stop watching your anime.... st Louis was a real ship https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Louis-class_cruiser_(1905) the game is going from a teir 1 WW2 ship then taking you back in time to WW1 st Louis is really good if you do turn tactics.
  5. I'm going full free to play i ant gonna waste money like i did in tanks! cheers
  6. Can you link me to the NA server website then ?
  7. Hello, i'm here to ask about server change ability i have US and Australian friends and i really want to get some time with my US friends but i can't find the NA server client and my wargaming account does not work on the wargaming US website... i tried to make a US account but it's says my email is used -_- do i have to use another email to get the US client and can some one link me the US client as well ?