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    Greetings Fellow Captains,


    I thought I'd share my Tier VI Cleveland build I used during the CBT.  The following worked extremely well for me.  It maximises the Cleveland's offensive capabilities and introduces some surprising toughness.  Very effective at engaging similar or higher tier ships and abusively OP against lower Tier.


    While the basic Cleveland is excellent, be sure to fully unlock it. 


    Cleveland XP Unlocks

    1 152mm/47 MK16 - 7200 XP +1.5 Rate of Fire, -10s Turret Turn Rate

    2 Cleveland Hull (B) - 9800 XP +4700 HP, +2 AA mounts

    3 MK6 mod 2 - 5500 XP +10% (1.3km) Main Battery Range


    Part 2 - Ship Outfitting



    1 Main Battery Modification 1 -20% Chance of Magazine Detention, -20% Chance of Critical Damage, -20% Repair Time

    2 Gun Fire Control System 1 Increased Main Battery Accuracy***

    3 Damage Control Modification 1 -3% Chance of Flooding, -5% Chance of Fire

    4 Damage Control Modification 2 -15% Flooding Recovery Time, -15% Fire Extinguishing Time


    Signals (Minimum)

    1 Juliet Yankee Bissotwo -20% Flooding Recovery Time

    2 India Yankee -20% Fire Extinguishing Time



    Type 2 -4% Accuracy of Incoming Enemy Fire



    If you can, use level 2 consumables.  They are a significant improvement over standard.  One thing I will mention is, through personal experience,  I have had more success with Defensive AA over Hydroacoustic Search.  Using Defensive AA in coordination with other cruisers in a division is murderous on enemy torpedo and bomber aircraft (guaranteed Clear Skies).


    Part 3 - Commander Skills


    1 Basic Fire Training (Secondary Armament) -10% Reload of Guns under 155mm, +10% AA efficiency***

    2 Aiming Expert (Artillery) +2.5 Degrees Per Second Aiming Speed of Guns up to 155mm

    3 Ship Survivability (High Alert) -10% Reload Speed of Damage Control Party Consumable

    4 Advanced Fire Training (Secondary Armament) +20% Firing Range of Guns up to 155mm, +20% AA Defensive Firing Range

    5 Jack of All Trades (Special Skills) -10% Reload Speed of All Consumables


    Part 4 - Total Bonuses


    DISCLAIMER: I have added the individual bonuses, including ship upgrades, to give a total accumulative bonus in each area.  I would like to point out that I am not an expert on game mechanics to be certain the bonuses stack this way.  However, from general game play it would appear they are.  I am happy for anyone to correct me otherwise, if only to add complete legitimacy of this build.


    Main Battery Bonuses

    -20% Chance of Magazine Detention

    -20% Chance of Critical Damage

    -20% Repair Time

    +2.5 Degrees Per Second Aiming

    +30% Firing Range of Main Battery

    Increased Main Battery Accuracy***

    +1.5 Rate of Fire

    10% Reload of Guns under 155mm


    Secondary Battery

    +20% Firing Range of Guns up to 155mm


    AA Bonuses

    +2 AA mounts

    +10% AA efficiency*

    +20% AA Defensive Firing Range

    -10% Defensive AA Fire Reload Speed

    -10% Catapult Fighter Reload Speed


    Ship Survivability Bonuses

    +4700 HP

    -4% Accuracy of Incoming Enemy Fire

    -3% Chance of Flooding

    -5% Chance of Fire

    -35% Flooding Recovery Time

    -35% Fire Extinguishing Time

    -20% Damage Control Party Reload Time


    *** These Bonuses do not supply forthright information about their tangible values.


    I hope this has been informative.  If you have any questions, suggestions or corrections, please don't hesitate to leave a comment below.


    See you on the high seas.




    "pew pew"