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    Are radar cruisers the new DDs to target?

    Let us not forget the Missouri now as well...RADAR ahoy! After reading through I am with the "Situational Awareness/Shots of opportunity" side of the fence and as someone else mentioned, quite often in your BB by the time you have traversed the turrets towards a RADAR enabled CA...they are gone inside their smoke screen, unless of course your team also has RADAR on. I don;t use a lot of HE in my BB's so trying to take out DDs doesn;t usually work out to well, even I do hit them they still manage to drive their new Colander class destroyer anyway. Usually I will prioritise CA's with a nice broadside showing, RADAR or not and if they are moving around like a fly in a jar...the BB's...very rarely it is just "RADAR CAs" only. In saying all that the tactical advantage to taking them out early (RADAR CAs) is quite aparent....
  2. Oh here we go....I would suggest a sample size of the numbers shown on that site, if not perfectly accounting for every single player is as close as it will get with the exception of a few particular individual stats. Of course these will change over time, but it is as good as we have at the moment. As the sample size increases I am sure that there won't be too much fluctuation...
  3. As can be said of the rest of them So it is indicitive and quite easily represents the server in as much as the stats from the rest of the servers represent theirs
  4. Some good ideas there. I like both the ideas of a Capital ship and an Escort mode...they would have to be better than ranked Battles....maybe in Patch 9.x?
  5. Indeed. This server has a few leading numbers such as Most Experienced Earned and most amount of Planes shot down among others and has ratings in some areas above other servers. I have an NA account and the language barrier is still there except the languages are Spanish and Portugese... Check server stats here if you wish - http://warshipstats.com/

    How well are you doing?

    Apologies I found this after I posted (Although it never showed up when I searched "Stats" but did when I searched "signature" http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/8644-warships-stats-the-new-stats-site Please close.

    How well are you doing?

    Hi all, Without a comprehensive way to measure personal performance in relation to all other players etc besides looking at a player's stats via the website, does anyone have any indication or a breakdown of stats in relation to WR, Av AP and the like? What is considered a 'Unicum', versus a 'Above average" vs 'Good' vs 'Average' versus "below average' vs "Waaaaaay below average" If there is a way I cannot see can you point me in the right direction to have a look at this? Cheers

    NOt fun at all, Server transfer?

    You still have language problems on NA unless you speak Spanish...and besides which the overall play level is about the same.