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  1. HafizAkiyama

    Screen freeze issue after executing the game

    urm... it's already been almost a week now since my last post and unfortunately, I'M STILL UNABLE TO RESOLVE THIS SCREEN FREEZE ISSUE. I've used all the possible solutions available but I'm still having this issue. I've been trying my best to fix this from my side but still no avail. I also don't know whether you guys (the dev teams) are aware of my small problem (which probably affected me only) and personally tried to reach to me to solve this issue or even inform me whatsoever. Once again, any tips/guidance/help/troubleshooting would be EXTREMELY grateful. And I hope someone can reach to me to fix this problem. Thank you very much for your help. p/s: My hands are itching to use a red text wall. Pls don't make me do that ._.
  2. HafizAkiyama

    Screen freeze issue after executing the game

    deleted the said xml file, but I still keep on getting the same result all over again ._.
  3. HafizAkiyama

    Screen freeze issue after executing the game

    > remove any mods (check - heck, I dont even install mods in the first place lol) > make sure all drivers etc are up to date (checked twice) >run game as administrator (done) still the same result, the screen just froze like that.... ._. and to make things more bizarre, i can hear the background sounds/effect/music clearly as if i'm still in-game dude seriously... no one ever mentioned about this after I put it for quite some time already :/
  4. I have this screen freeze issue after I recently installed WoW after few minutes prior to executing the game, the screen just froze like that at the dock, while the background dock music is still playing. The screen just stay frozen until I had to manually end it using Task Manager (the game isn't stated as "not responding" in the task manager FYI). I tried to jump in straight into the battle (intro battle) and the screen stuck at the battle loading page, but I can hear the sound of the ships firing guns n explosions soon afterwards. here's my laptop's specs btw OS: Win 10 Pro 64 bit CPU: Intel Core i7-4500U @ 1.8GHz (~2.4GHz) GPU: NVidia GeForce GT 720M Memory: 8GB RAM any tips/guidance/help/troubleshooting would be very helpful... thanks! p.s : I've played the Closed Beta before and the game runs smoothly without any issue like this using the same laptop.