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  1. swap1997

    Fiji, the Scourge of Tier 7?

    Being a former Izhmail skipper, I second that. I can farm damage of an Izhmail any day without a hitch. It's not just Izhmail in particular, but it's any Soviet BB in particular. They're so big, they make good target practise.
  2. Now, There was a time when I would always avoid the UK Cruiser tech tree due to their diminutive stature on paper and rather unimpressive armor (my preference being for Heavy Cruisers with emphasis on firepower and gun handling) but oh my my, I have wronged, I feel that perhaps pound for pound, the UK T7 Fiji is the best T7 Cruiser and after Minotaur perhaps the best cruiser in the UK cruiser line overall. This being reinforced by one of the many successful and often satisfying games I had in the Fiji as shown above. So, to get to the point, what's your opinion, which is the best Cruiser for you guys at Tier 7. Regards, Swapnil.
  3. Well looks like I finally had my way. Not in the fullest of sense, but kind of like the way USN Cruiser line is.
  4. swap1997

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Replacements of the line split I guess, We already have a T7 Premium CA for USN.
  5. With the USN Cruiser Line Split, everyone has been talking about the new cruisers. But I am confused on how players who have a Des Moines in their port be recompensed when the line splits, what will I receive if I have a Des Moines in my port?
  6. Got the Missouri yesterday after reading the comments, however due to me having a Premium account or perhaps because it might have been nerfed, I only netted in about 200k-250k credits in each of the 4 games I had in her, so is it necessary for me to have a premium account to harvest 1 million credits for any decent game? @icy_phoenix
  7. Just had a doubt, for existing players who got the Missouri, and those who will rush to "buy" her just before patch 7.2, would she retain her credit making capabilities even after being Replaced by the Musashi? And what of the Musashi then? would she also harvest credits like Missouri?
  8. Hello all, I am your average Joe who has a standard account and who deals decent damage and does the fair amount of necessary teamplay in order to win any battle. This type of playstyle however becomes extremely costly and loss incurring in terms of credits and the experince gained becomes lower at higher tier especially at T9 and T10. So is there any tips or tricks to improve gameplay in order to make T9 games more viable for a guy with a std. account?
  9. After playing my beloved Bismarck for almost 300 games, highest for any Tier 8 I have played, I managed to get the necessary XP and the credits needed for FDG or Friedrich der Grosse. Kinda disappointed with it to say the least as she isnt that mind blowing as Bismarck used to be. Played about 10 games with it to realise that while it is a Hard-hitting BB, compared to other tier 9's she is underwhelming. Any ideas on how to play this double-edged sword? And how to build her in terms of modules?
  10. swap1997

    How to play a Bismarck effectively!

    Yup, I couldnt agree more. I am just a bit behind you in that I still need like a 100K XP to unlock the FDG but I have since decided that I will skip her in favour of the Grosser Kurfurst
  11. swap1997

    USS Alabama on the way?

    This link apparently seems to give a hint that another Premium US BB is on the way : https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2016/12/02/wows-leaked-alabama-stats/
  12. Hello, after a rather brief stint in my Gneisenau, which was rather short for a tier 7 Ship, or any tier 7 BB, I finally unlocked the Bismarck. Fine ship, I would say though I miss them torpedoes. But the Secondaries more than make up for that shortfall as I have had quite a few good games in Bismarck. However, there lies a confusion within me as to how to play her well, because being a non-Premium account holder, I am not able to make much money out of her as I would in the Gneisenau. I also find that many a times, cowardly teammates often become my undoing because while I push any flank or a Cap, I alays find myself in the thick of it. This always pisses me off and I feel it may also be because of my own misreading of the tactical situation. Hence, I request some tips and advices on how to play Bismarck and also how to strategise effectively for various scenarios such as when a Bismarck goes against a Higher tier BB or the same tier BB.
  13. swap1997

    How to play the Bayern?

    Hello, I recently managed to get the Bayern after a brisk research of the Konig class BB. At first the Bayern was a temptation hard to resist with her bigger 380mm guns, 25kts speed and good Tactical radius. However, 10-20 battles down and having the researched the ship to the fullest, I have simply come to the conclusion that I am playing her wrong. I feel she is different from her predecessors in some ways. After pondering a while and trying out some different playstyle methods, I have come out none the wiser. So, can any experienced German BB Captain give me some pointers on how to play and handle this potent German Superdreadnought.
  14. Hi Guys, I just got my North Carolina after a brief but good spell in the Colorado. Although known to many as the Lolorado, the recent updates implemented by WG meant that the Colorado was decent and comfortable enough for my playstyle. But when I got my Nort Carolina, I wasnt sure enough how to use it as unlike the Colorado, which could snipe out stuff, the North Carolina is a bit confusing ship to play. Sure she is a decent ship, but I just felt I was using her to the fullest of her potential. So could anybody give me some pointers and pro tips as to how to use her the best? Any help would be welcome.
  15. swap1997

    What are some keeper battleships?

    On the US Side, the Wyoming, New Mexico and the Iowa( Not the North Carolina as at 27-28kts she is slow), played the Montana but sucked at it. On the IJN Line, the Kongo is a keeper along with Fuso to a certain degree, but things fall of pretty much after that until you reach the Yamato. On the German line, using the available info, I will say the Bayern and Scharnhorst/Gneisenau might be keepers, Bismarck too, though no comment on tier 9,10 German BB.