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  1. Mechfori

    Best tier for fun?

    T5 to T7 really is a sweet spot for many, and that depend on what you play and how you play ... I suppose most would agree playing T5 Kongo is a joy , it can held itself even against up tier enemy ships if play right. And that can be said to a number of BBs that's per your play style. Personally I like almost all the T7 DD except for German Maass & Asian G Mada .. not that they are bad, they are to me just not fun to play. There are so many interesting takes that the T5 to T7 cruisers are like there is certainly one for anyone. I do not play CV so I would refrain from commenting on that. So I guess if its stress free just casual having a good time I would probably pick a T5 , there is possibility both to up tier and low tier game matching, the tier offer many variation of ships to play and not too involved as in high tier games. And most of all one can enjoy and have fun mos of the time.
  2. Mechfori

    IJN CA/DD buff... for reals?

    I say this is long overdue ... but I am not sure if the gun buff on the IJN DD really the right idea, on these mid to high tier DD rank, the problem with the IJN line had been that Wargaming pretty much do not give them what they are suppose to be good at ... concealment and torp ( in particular torp range except for Shima but that is 2.5km detection range ). The principle character Wargaming set for IJN DD line is their torp and their concealment and at these mid to high tier both are just so so. So while the gun buff is fine, I think the guns buff could better be shortened reload instead of increased damage as in DD fight the reload time is often more important than the damage ( witness how the Akizuki and Kitakaze could pretty much gun duel even when they have lower damage 100mm gun and also much less maneuverable hull. ) So instead of just the gun buff , to return the IJN back to able to perform the buff or buffs should be ( slightly ) better concealment, shorter reload of their guns ( not needed for Akizuki line ), and (slightly might be roughly 10 to 12,5 % ) longer torp range .. and might be on the top end T8 to T10 increased damage to the torp. Right now the issue is there simply because these IJN DD are forced to play like other DD, where their suppose to be superior concealment and Torp range both are actually non existent against their other countries counterpart, and even more so with the advance of more CL, Radar etc ... Wargaming game balance had been pretty lousy IMHO when introducing new element into the game. On the other hand I am not sure if the CA change really could do the effect WG wants
  3. Mechfori

    Why tier 8 often involved in tier 10 matches?

    The fact is very often , more often than not T8 will be bottom tier as they are the only low tier sips that can be pooled with T10 ships , and of course when a T10 ships get into queue , it instantly activate game matching which looks for T10, 9 an T8 ships .. and unless its a very very crowd popular moment, the T8 will be drafted into the game. I do agree there should be a Game Matching mechanism that balance the number of top, mid and low tier ships s that each and ever tier can be of contribution. I've been in game where my T8 DD is the only T8 ships on my team and the enemy got a T8 Cruiser and I was left just tagging along most of the time. If one play in a game where one is the only top tier ship on the team this usually is OK, but not the other way round, and the only exception is on mid to low tier game and you are playing the low tier DD cause then you use your concealment to do the scout and spotting. his though do not work on high tier game.
  4. Mechfori

    Best use of dubloons?

    In a sense I do not disagree , after all, coverting Xp-FXP is no more different than pay to progress/ pay to win, as which what those FXP are used for . That is also why I think foremost things like port slot and premium ships made more sense. Premium ships among to paid DLC, and port slot is certainly something that do nothing to actual benefit or affect game play.
  5. Mechfori

    Best use of dubloons?

    Save them for sales , port slot, high tier permanent camou, and Exp convert .. the typical that benefit
  6. Mechfori

    Why tier 8 often involved in tier 10 matches?

    There's just not enough T10 player online simultaneously to fill the slot I guess and especially T10 DD, CL are lacking compare to CA and BB, yeah when I play T8 , and I play DD, and see a bunch of T9 / T10 cruiser on the other side I am saying ... this is it again
  7. Mechfori

    How 2 Russian DD?

    Keep moving, be prepared for a torp snipe when knife fight but hold on till you really sure for a it ( reload is slow ), maximize your gun , the torp boat branch may be allowed a different approach to play more like German / UK aka hybrid ..
  8. I was sailing in my Furutaka through a channel of islands with 2 fellow DD tagging along , we were just trying to scout the other end and might be do some sneak attack and turn back and hide with concealment and smoke, then round the island there it is a full health BB right in front of us broadside and I can see his guns turning to shoot, I just instinctively shoot the Torp off and 2 it with a " Detonantion " and all 3 of us just speed into their base with every other of them unable to back track to defend and we cap for the win .. That battle had only a total of 3 ships sunk ( both side counted ) , actually that's the first time I ever seen a " detonation " on a BB with a torp
  9. Mechfori

    When Destroyer says SCREW YOU + 3v3???

    well been on 3 vs 3, and even 2 vs 2 and 1 on 1 .. when the number of ships is down to that slim quantity, one had to take decision ... and gamble that the enemy take worse decision than yours ...
  10. Mechfori


    Well T8 cruisers hate T10 BB in a T10 game, but then so do the DD hating all the Radar, the BB hating the HE spamming CL/CA and so on so forth there's so many of such. When I play my Akizuki T8 IJN DD, in a T10 game I can feel the world against me. But then when you check the roster, the other team usually had an equally pathetic person. So its not just you alone. Yes its a sad case for all the T8 payers, not just CA or CL , think about all the T8 BB getting drafted into a T10 game, they cannot even hide, or a T8 DD where everyone else outgun, & out range them and not with any armor to help. Like others had put it this is not just T8 in a T10 game how about all those T5 in a T7 game or T7 in a T9 game.
  11. Mechfori

    Concealment Expert

    indeed ...I am all for tis, it do not made sense a large BB can be even more stealthy than cruiser and no less able to sneak up on a CL ; however this change only in very minor term address some in game in-balance, the big in-balance is with the Radar and especially in Domination mode. That is when concealment really does not matter once any one side start activating Radar. Right now the ability to penetrate landmass as well as over the board detection range of the Radar is simply making i so that BB stay back, and DD not even going to cap , pretty much ruined the game. Radar should really not penetrate landmass and their detetcion range should also scale to class ( just like line of sight ).
  12. What I would like to see SMS Tegetthoff ( 1912 ) Imperial Russian Navy Potemkin ( 1906 ) Ottoman Empire Yavûz Sultân Selîm ( aka SMS Goeben ) IJN Ise ( in its planned Aerial BB configuration as well as its BB configuration ) IJN Hibeki ( also as USSR Верный ) RM Andrea Doria RM Zara ROCN Ping Hai
  13. It should have in build camouflage that made enemy shell dispersion 20% more , reduced fire and flooding chance 25%, and had slot to equip Radar ( as in real history ), it should have 2 totally different armament configuration , its IJN state, and its ROCN state ( which arm American auto dual purpose 127mm and excessive AA but no torp )
  14. I do not believe the mechanism right now would give an over pen if a BB AP hit a DD stern or bow , it will just do citadel since now its likely have enough armor depth to arm and enough length for the shell to move along and still arm and explode inside. So that really is not a issue, but even with this change all it does is addressing the BB side of in-balance it does nothing to the DD side.
  15. I do not see the change able to address the balance issue ... I believe the more realistic solution is making AP shell above certain caliber ( I will set it at 210mm ) auto over pen and deal only minimal damage ( same as a 203 over pen ) on DD cause that is what really happen in real life the shell will not even explode since the fuse do not have enough depth of armor to arm and will simply over pen, hit the water then arm and explode in water usually not close enough to do anything more. I do agree the real issue is in the Radars and the guns mechanics .. for real BB guns had not taken the elevation issue into consideration. And that applied to all guns in game DD, CA, CL also .. in real life there is a minimal range that any guns can fire upon because of gun elevation and this should apply and only the smallest of caliber like the 90mm and below could actually fire upon something real close. Radar should not be ale to penetrate landmass , and Radar ship should also instantly reveal itself to enemy whenever it activate Radar and there is enemy ship in range. WG want the game to have a class of workhorse in the CA and that work out OK, then the big guns in BB and the DD suppose to be able to hot scout, spot, & snipe. And oh capping. And basically the mechanism right now made DD practically unable to effectively doing all these. The constant debuff to DD capability and trying to satisfy all too often big guns as regard AA, DD, CV etc made the other class basically unplayable. Just like the CV, the DD class also need in itself mechanism overhaul. Say for spotting , there should be a total revamp of the scoring. it should not be a flat certain score for everything, spotting an enemy DD is far more dangerous and tougher than a BB, just as destroying a BB score more, spotting a DD should score more. Radar spotting should be excluded in scoring considering its over long reach and duration right now. Another thing is about the Torp. On low tier this is not a problem but with the game now the mid and high tier post a issue .. just like guns having HE and AP all DD should be allowed to switch between IMHO 3 type of torp hot , Low speed / long range, Std speed / default range , & high speed / short range. Torp should also automatically made flooding but the flooding time should also scale to the damage deal on the original hit ( this is also more to real world situation ) Another issue is fire, the mechanism is strongly biased towards BB player ( Tanking ) and the other class really suffer from the mechanism. it need to be addressed.