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  1. Mechfori

    Official Forum will be closed permanently

    So goodbye , good fun , it's been a happy time and may Poseidon smile on you for all the cruise you are about to embark on this game or others
  2. Mechfori

    Official Forum will be closed permanently

    They just literally wanting to do forum the real old time Roman Empire fashion,which if one know the history know that it's not really intended for discussion,just a venue for the power to be to push theirs instead of them listening to the mass public Yeah , all those social media WeeGee so wanting us to goto , just so they no longer need to listen to nor face questions, criticism and then some and yet at the same time push their sung cost fallancy A chat platform is the easiest way for them to say they had a platform for players to communicate but of course it's the easiest to get communique lost in the sea of chat messages , or in plain English - easiest to just swap the dirt under the rug
  3. Mechfori

    Official Forum will be closed permanently

    This is what Discord themselves described what Discord is " Discord is the easiest way to talk over voice, video, and text. Talk, chat, hang out " No where do the brand ever say anything about discussion of any sort nor trying to say it can serve such - is WeeGee so desperate for a social media presence , Twitch , Facebook , now Discord Call me conspiracy skeptic but this kind of move is not inline with the saying of " listening to customers " more like trying simply to off load the voice in a fashion they can simply ignore and still say they are having the platform for players to voice theirs
  4. Mechfori

    Official Forum will be closed permanently

    well well WG as what WeeGee are , always doing things that can only be said being negative to the game and the gaming community So really they think doing things the old Roman way is the way to go , just a bunch of players all shouting at each other , can hardly see any positive gain over something proven working
  5. Mechfori

    World of Warship is beyond helpless....

    Let's be honest , players stay on this game simply because there is no viable alternative, and that's a fact and WG knows it , they can afford to abuse the players cause they know they had nowhere else to turn to Serious though I look around and most other games are not actually better in providing , last evening I was watching my friend play Diablo IV and just cannot believe how bad it's broken And that recent stuff War Thunder sholveling towards the players ...
  6. Mechfori

    Mission Requirements

    You just had to read through the patch note , under the appropriate section individually the text would inform which part of the switch can be turned on for completing what certain part of the mission
  7. Mechfori

    Missions and accomplishments

    Well credit where credits due , this time WG do give some useful stuff with the silver token / economy package and all one had to do is playing the game ..
  8. Mechfori

    Finally an ARP camo that works!

    Am ok with all the ARP Camou , way better than those Waterworld / Mad Max themed or those monster ( Scorpion etc ) and still way better than some of the recent ones ,( yes looking at that recent Independence Day event ) actually quite fond of ARP Kongo and her sisters
  9. Mechfori

    ​📰 Closed test 12.7 - Trade-In

    The list is pretty dismal , hey but if all I want is a T5 or even lower tier ( and there are indeed some I want there ) Just a casual glance of list of ships that can be traded for tells you that WG really not up to it
  10. Mechfori

    Asymmetrical Battles 12.5

    This mode is almost universally praised , a scarce success from WG , really they should port it to be open to more tier spreads though I wager T8 could very well be included , am not so sure about T5 to T7 , on the other hand this mode likely simply will not work on low tiers it will just be massacare upon the bots by human players I really think some slight changes could made it better 1 - balance bot team without too many BB 2 - limit bot team's SS and DD appropriate , had seen 2/3 SS when already 4 DD on bot team and with Radar and CV also on the roster , this is placing the Human players DD / CL / CA in primary handicapped position , the total of Radar CV SS and DD on bots team should not be more than 1/2 on the bots team 3 - restructure the domination area locations , right now it's just taking it straight from Random and some are just favouring the bots and some the humans 4 - Epic Center could made for a very challenging but yet fun and engaging alternative on this mode , pending which map though
  11. Mechfori

    Finally an ARP camo that works!

    Ha ha ha .. had not log in yet today but got to take my ARP TAKAO out for some ( screenshot ) photos
  12. Mechfori

    12.5 regarding Jäger

    well well , look like the developer miss putting the DD on the recording log , I reconfigure the consumables to fit my habit and put on the Austro Hungarian flag instead of the generic Euro flag , but each and every time I exit the game , next time I start the game the consumable and the flag revert to the default , so its not keeping the changes
  13. Mechfori

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Not Super Container but one of those Wings of Freedom container I got free ( playing the mission ) from the Independence Day event
  14. Mechfori

    AFKs and Pink Players

    well guess what this is from a few days ago