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  1. So does Missouri really that special , well it was special then for its economic value and at the time the only BB with Radar , but meta had change, time's different .. the re-introduced Missouri now will only return earning align with like tier Premium ships , and Radar .. well in old days its consider a big plus but that is old days , today with BB pretty much staying 15 to 20KM , what's the use of a 10KM Radar and no less there are far more Radar Cruiser around which pretty much exclude the enemy vanguard even further ( and of course CV ) , and we had up coming subs , which likely further complicate matters. No Missouri is not bad, its a solid performing BB , but what made it special then no longer applies
  2. Mechfori

    Advice: Dutch Cruiser missions.

    well you do not had to pay for them , they are tech tree ship, if you do whale for them you are paying for the " EARLY ACCESS " you know , its only EARLY ACCESS , there is no saying that it need to be always anything special .. and this is not love for free player, its love for anyone who play , whether paying or not .. so that , IMHO , is an argument that do not hold Yes , this is Pay to Advance and for many OP Premium ships its Pay to Win and that is part of WOWS today , which of course is why you would think those T8/T9 sheep, no they are not , they are just not OP nor exactly superlative, but sheep they are not, at best they are AVERAGE Why the anguish, its only 2 patch away from release for grind , use the time to play that T7 , and simply enjoy all those " port slot, signal, camo, premium time.... even tech tree ship at T7 "
  3. Considering her guns , she's not quite a SC, more a hybrid of Graf Spee style battle Cruiser / Panzerschiff with a dash of other type of cruiser thrown in , a more logical 3X3 but smaller caliber main guns with reasonable amount of secondaries ( if this is in real world those 152 would be mighty useful in Raid operation ) put her more a Cruiser than the over matching Super Cruiser , actually that is quite a Coal Heavy Cruiser I see worth picking up ( but I also like Salem , so my POV might be biased ). Overall look like a decently balanced package too but likely require some skill to play well, considering its shortcomings vs its advantages
  4. Mechfori

    New Player Account always hated

    Cause they do not care how much damage you can deal, its about how much damage they can deal and they expect you to sacrifice all to spot for them, screen for them, cover the flank for them , safe guard the front for them etc etc etc etc ........................ its not how you perform, its about how they get their farming, and theirs only
  5. Mechfori

    RANKED Battles nowadays SIGH

    unfortunately that logic do not old , even unicum had the right to grunts the coop games to enjoy peacefully , certainly I do agree Random and now even Ranked get worse and worse meta, and yes Coop is where you can enjoy a little bit of peace but the reality is even Coop is fast becoming infested with all the bad things that Random and Ranked hold, camping , using light force forward teammates as fire bait , decoy, intentionally stalling and not sailing forward , until teammates fully engaged ( then the one individual can safely snip from back lane ) if you run into a coop game that end VERY FAST and getting no damage , then count yourself lucky cause its still better than going into Coop and see all the lazy , passive random play so polluting Random and Ranked on display , and sadly been seeing more and more of that , yes , even in co-op
  6. Mechfori

    New Player Account always hated

    - One for ALL , and ALL for One - That is the famous quote from Dumas The Three Musketeers " , and no its not because you are new payers , its because you pilot a DD and when you play DD ( and to a lesser extent CV ) all the guns expect you to be the ONE on the former , and they be the ONE on the latter sentence , but of course when they are required to be the ONE on the former they will flatly ignore it , and when you are the ONE on the latter , well you are on your own just learn to ignore such background NOISE and POLLUTION of the game , and learn when to not bother. If they would only farm, then do so too yourself , if they would not forward to bite it out , then learn not to risk yourself too !!
  7. you know what, with the imminent intro of subs I would think there would be something more appropriate for a Colab say - Tide Line Blue -
  8. Yes WG had the willingness to made it work, that is so too with the CV rework but at the same time their method of doing so is to screw everybody else of their play. And no you do not even need a game model to explain the whole, you just need to look at the reward system which only ever reward damage dealing which means it's really tailored for BB and at best some Cruisers. If always efforts and incurred danger are associated with zero or minimal or even unjust reward then players will shy away from doing the part and instead focus on play that returns, aka farming damage and kills. Willingness is one thing , but whether the type suited for live server deployment is another and we already know that , with CV rework .. so thanks let's had no more such fiasco once more .. yeah sub can be introduced but not until every other type of ship got their proper ASW sand proven balanced and working
  9. Mechfori

    Mycard 垃圾, 詐騙玩意

  10. yeah but those depth charge border on useless if they require the launching platform to speeding into that range when its ALL VISIBLE TO everyone on the enemy team .. well for a start no DD and CL , any sane player playing those will do that . the key issue still is ASW gear as in curent implementation just do not quite function ..
  11. You know its like CV rework all again, care none about all the other type of ships so long the one on hand WG pampered will be made to work .. no this ASW change will simply force even more camping, even more passive game play and even less inclination for anyone even ever going to go and hunt the sub cause now it no only put the sub with more capacity and capability to hunt , but lessen the ASW capacity and capability of all others and require them practically to go into suicidal close range to be even able to had a chance to get the sub ( and nobody is betting on chance only ) So long the spec is to allow Sub to be able to effectively hunt others from range but not the others hunting sub from range in equal measure .. well then .. like Radar the pretense of such just create an exclusion zone equating to Radar Range / Torp and/or detection Range + a little for buffer , OK so WG want to made all tier games just as bad as high tier games today
  12. You know the industry can build power efficient components and PC , but that require change and better manufacturing , components, which in short term that means more R&D, investment, less PRFOIT MARGIN , guess what's keeping them from doing it ( especially when Wall Street require quarter report of earning )
  13. Mechfori

    Right Flags for Ships of Respective Nations

    the problem with flags , well nobody else actually able to see them in game properly when everyone are speeding all along .. for all the identities , even camouflage is hard to visualize if not for the colours
  14. Mechfori

    Battle of the Java Sea Operation

    2023, I thought it would be more like 2032
  15. Mechfori

    The difference between BB and DD players.

    NO, it is not the air strike and it is not new , it just develop over long time over patches and patches and introduction of yet over excessive long range capable BB , its not just DD , every type of ship need to balance their risk vs effort that can be deal towards enemy. But the uptake of this , now BB can do it with placing themselves in almost zero risk position ( aka camping at the back ) and still return a reasonably good return , so they will do it , and in turn without the heavy concentrated fire power , the Cruiser will had to step back and worse many Cruiser are now given equal prowess in ranged combat .. that leave the little guys, the real CL, DD left only wandering at the front without for real support , and yet they are fashioned now with mean not able to equally effective deal their part , IFHE is nerfed to be useless on CL and DD, Torpedoes are way too inconsistent and too many Hydro around , and well people might think its OK they can support the team and do their part , spotting, screening, etc etc .. except those task not only put them in dire danger, require them to go into harm's way , but also give them zero reward for doing their part and actually delivering. Say Denying enemy entry into an area by torpedoes, pretty much you can expect 100% the torp will hit no one but yet it do works, but the flip side of that is the DD / CL now left with a long reload time they can do nothing even if they presented a great broadside of a BB , that, is a hugh opportunity cost on hand and such similar sample is not rare in all those so call support work .. and when the vanguard light force are simply asked to do all these when the heavy fire power will only but camp then the indifference and difference between the 2 group fast blooms ... Light force today exhibit an indifference to their so call support work and many simply choose not to do it ; cause they know its zero return ; with great risk and with the team pretty much will NOT SUPPORT , well if support not forth coming then support will not be rendered , a simply bilateral relationship thus fostered .. The difference between BB and DD player in these cases are no different , they are making sure they face the absolute minimal risk , except BB can do that when still can expect to get some ( simply by all the time sniping from the range ) , where DD must choose either survival or return of effort , those choose survival over result live longer and usually are presented chance later in game , those who choose to go for result might or might net get it but often enough that also result in early ticket back to port , and that is t be expected , any light force going alone or even in duo or trio without the proper heavy fire cover, fire suppression, close support from GUNS will inevitably and by nature handicapped and result shows . Most DD players are not unicum, and they know it, and so they choose to stay back , might be a bit, might be a distance but for sure they will not risk it knowing they do not had the play nor the skill. But also many will try and thus many early DD death. Most BB players are not unicum either and they know it so they choose the safe path of keeping the distance and thus they inevitably camp ( even if they themselves not seeing that being the case ) and thus they make the meta. Cruiser player are left in between literally , if they forward, they risk themselves even worse cause they are visible so to speak, they do not forward then they risk worsening the vanguard position and likely will lose more of the forward light force quick.Most just choose to ignore the longer term and simply try to stay safe as per current and that further aggravate the guns camping meta and the divide between the camping guns and the forward light force .. I've stated before this game now is not a team vs another team , its more like in any team there is 2 all not working together group, those at the back and those at the front , those at the front complain about those at the back not forwarding ( or forward enough ) to give proper support, and those at the back complain about the those at the front not creating the tactical advantage that they can be forward but of course this again goes to that round statement ..