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  1. Mechfori

    Too much to carry... with 7 achievements

    well it happens ... you got a team who would not fight .. well they would not FIGHT .. no matter what
  2. Mechfori

    Random thoughts, leave your AA off on DD

    pretty much every DD player know to do this, but yet not all DD can do AA , in fact few can actually do , and smoke while useful is too few for most DD and cool down too long in between , and RN smoke well the planes can wait them out ( which is one of the key grip I had wit planes, unlimited loiter time )
  3. Mechfori

    CVs made DDs extinct they said

    On the flip side, its the team that usually fail the DD in the team these days , seen too many team that just will not push, will not fight, will not deny enemy CAP, will not defend , run as far off and as quick as possible as soon as any enemy fire incoming .. so even if you, playing the DD do the job and do the play you still end up getting a defeat
  4. Mechfori

    CVs made DDs extinct they said

    DD , are not " not playable " but the CV inject a form of in-balance into the game especially when the MM task the teams with only 1 or 2 DD , especially 1 DD in smaller team, then the CV can take a look at where their own DD spawn and basically already had a fair idea where the enemy DD spawn and no matter how fast that DD might be , the planes are faster and can cover areas much faster , so even if it do not spot the DD it basically made an exclusion zone to DD by simply the flying and of course the situation do not improve when team start to fight cause DD are pretty much either area locked to certain particular area or they would be forced out and about unable to do anything , or forced to sit back with the strong AA cover teammates , which then they got complained by their own teams .. This of course do not take into account also the damage planes can deal to a DD in no time at all , a single run can easily take 1/3 1/2 or even 3/4 off and basically DD got no counter measure, both the spotting and the damages .. smoke is scarce and cool down is too long in between and while any DD likely can dodge a single attack it cannot continuous dodging all so in the end still just offering on the plate to the planes , not usually help by teammates that will not give AA cover What in the end mean is DD player are put into a situation that they had to work way harder to just stay viable, with lessen possibility to do their part and to excel and put into a game with mechanism that unjustifiably handicap them .. but DD can be play and play to effect , its just that for now its the hardest class to do that and every game mechanism there to made their life miserable while asking them to do things that reward none , its this kind of gross in game in balance and neglect that force DD player to not play
  5. Mechfori

    Upcoming German Carrier Tech Tree

    well OOK so WG are saying more CV, more aerial spotting more Soviet Cruiser with armor that even fellow Cruiser find challenging more absurd soviet guns more 12KM radar FINE, just telling all DD not to play and not to play the game .. the game , game mechanics, ship spec, game meta, and fellow players are already driving DD players away from the game and driving hem not to play he play in the game , so they are saying its not enough, DD must not allow to be able to be play, never to be able to excel .. cool
  6. 個人倒是覺 Salem 很不錯,沒有 OP 削了雷達但給予英規回血用起來也很好就是不要把她當英巡也不能把她當美巡。雷神有點不上不下,Yoshino 跟 Azuma 一樣欠揍,大巡但太弱防不如 Alaska 其實銀幣船上個永久迷彩 T8 -T10 甚至更低階的還是有很多很好玩的但是要追求 win rate / damage stat 等就未必適合。
  7. Z-39 is not bad but its not exactly good either or OP as stated .. and it can easily get MM against T8 or T9 boats and when you get into close range gunfight , that 7.5 sec reload can kill you real quick
  8. Mechfori

    My hopes for this game is now all time low...

    I had zero confidence in WG but I had down right negative in fellow players ... there is a great divide between the guns, the CV , and the light force. Evreyone want others to support them but not the other way it seems ; start of game light force need to push forth , but seldom seen guns ever get up front to give real close support and fire cover , and in turn in mid to late game when guns need support, light force would likely turn a blind eye to the need ; and in between CV is busy just its own farming. I've run into too many games right from start the team is not proactively fighting, instead they are proactively avoid fighting
  9. Mechfori


    很正常,這個只保證箱子内有代幣,從最小10 個到最多 250 個。Event 也只保證完成全四個 directive + daily shipment + mission 會至少有足夠代幣給買 Visby 。 如果你是完了全四個加 daily shippment 加 mission 還未夠就找客服,如果是不夠T6及以上的就只能說 bad luck !
  10. and more to that, too many big guns players are in the mentality that staying back, sitting sniping is all that OK and that everyone else should service them , scout for them go spot, go screen the flank etc etc ... and without them actually providing the proper UP FRONT tanking, fire cover, close support, AA , this is one major divide between players who can and always will only stay far back, sit, snipe and fram and those who would want to push, and force enemy ( and in most cases needed to since they do not had the range to do anything at something like 18/20KM+ ) Argument between DD / Cl players against BB/CA/CB players regarding is so common and as a DD main , all I can say is - if these guns are not willing to put themselves in range of enemy guns to force a fight, then they do not had any right to ask others to ; if any of these guns wanting always to stay hidden and behind rocks, then they should not expect others not to ; if they are not willing to go into harm's way to fight a battle, then they had no rights to demand others to either ...
  11. BB who ran off right from start, that's not uncommon, these days I keep seeing Cruisers who willfully stay way way back and run away as far from the front as possible by all means ,, I mean what's the use of a 10/12KM Radar when they put themselves 15 / 18 KM away from the other end and sit and stay there .. the worst is the inability and unwillingness to actually fight, BB who do not push and do not tank and keep commanding others to go and fight the battle ( so they can sit back and farm ) ... worse breed worse, when such appear, inevitably other who are willing to fight and push will had to reel back, or flatly ignore and neglect the flank cause the players know there is no hope of anything from a team, a group who would not team play, would not push, would not fight, and in most cases would not even defend.
  12. Mechfori

    2020 April fools is a letdown

    Hmm Hmm .... well well .. we shall see, space battle is OK, but its about time for something else , I say let's made the event only playable on T2 and T3 ships with a T5 map
  13. Mechfori

    为什么还有人 这么喜欢骂人

    玩 DD CV 的基本無人權。 BB CB CA CL 玩家只看你能為他做了些什麼從不會計算他們自己又為了隊及隊友做了什麼。 事實上因為游戲本身幾乎只會 reward 傷害,那各人只看農了多少,不會去真正 tesmplay PUSH TANK 但就要求其他人去做 DD CV 正好就是被点名。這就是現在的狀況。