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  1. How about Op Dynamo, only Royal Navy and Marine Nationale DD allowed Op Easter Firework, IJN DD only , to escort all 4 Kongo class BB & 2 IJN CA to bombard enemy shore base Op Channel Sprint , German DD only , to escort Prinz Eugen , Scharnhorst, & Gneisenau out of danger Op Everlasting Glory , Defense of the Leningrad port , Russian DD only, special cameo by Cruiser Aurora ( which cannot be damaged by enemy fire and constitute a shore friendly fire support ), also special cameo by BB Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya which can be damaged and killed by enemy Op Taffies , US Navy DD only, to speed to the help of escort squadron Taffy 3 who are now under attack by overwhelming force Op ABDA, Pan EU and Commonwealth DD only with bot US / RN DD added, to force into enemy port and destroy their supply convoy Op Christmas Exit , Pan Asian & Commonwealth DD only , to escort fleeing MTB from enemy pursuing force
  2. Are they running out of anime / ACG co-op partner and now trying to create their own !!! Ok let's see a WOWS anime series , might be ..
  3. am not seeing these Op coming back soon especially not Dynamo .. tell me they can balance those planes vs those mid tier DD ; and consider this should we include French DD as allowable in the lineup. Actually for historical sake, ban USS DD ( they were not at war then ) .. now that's going to be interesting right
  4. well thank you guys for all the suggestion < I will try to see if I can locate that replay though I had play quite a number of games after that .. anyway I am not too concern with this one game, I am more concern if this is a bug or not and that's why I ask if anyone encountered similar , and look like ( fortunately ) only 1 so I put it down to might be some situational happening ; its nothing new I had seen de-sync on game that lead to all kind of weird thing. Once I got my ships teleported to somewhere I did not intend it to be. If I hear more of this or if I can surely made some proof I will put in a ticket. But for now its rather assuring to know that this is not something people encounter.
  5. I was thinking about that too, even the first instance but there were like only 2 Radar ship a DM and a Mino and I can see both of them and sure they are more than 10 KM away from me, no Soviet Cruiser, no Asian DD in their team and I double check the first instance .. OK I just put it as might be something about the display not displaying the right info first instance but 2nd instance I notice its the same .. and that time the Mino was on the other side of the Map , I was like supporting our Kremlin to take down one of their BB and suddenly its like Radar spotted again .. I was like what the .... moment its in the evening but I did not made any screen grab in the heat of it nor after the game , its on Ranked so 8 vs 8 ; well never happen to me before , just this 1 game , so I had to ask if its some freak bug or just some freak game running amok on this particular game
  6. is it me being unlucky or is there something wrong ; twice in the same game today I encounter situation where I spot a Des Moines and made sure I stay out of range , one time its 10.7KM one time its 10.9KM and only other ship around is their Daring and BB ( Montana ) , but yet then I still got Radar spotted and I was like running way out to something like 12KM before its off me , hey but its Des Moines not Soviet Cruiser .. something wrong .. anyone of you ever got something like this ; hey its already too hard to play DD its just unfair this happens
  7. Mechfori

    Ranked experience : Gearing

    well the math also work the other way round , this season its even more apparent to me that too many game are lose by non team play players but also too many games win by not being having a good team play but because enemy are even worse. Talk about the rank having competitive nature its more like in negative order
  8. Are they not then suppose to had a plan to made it a CV ; I remitely recall reading so somewhere. May be we can had that
  9. Mechfori

    enhanced Low tier CV Matchmaker

    Its long overdue and still AA need to be buffed for many many T3 to T5/6 ships
  10. Mechfori

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    I think Kitakami should get Yudachi's 15KM torp but adjusted with faster speed and a lower detection ( torp ) , then it would be well balanced with optional upgrade to Shima's 20KM torp
  11. Mechfori

    Dev Blog (European Destroyers)

    Might be we can have Finnish DD , after all the Finns never build any during the period so we should really give them a slot on the paper ship roster, right.
  12. Mechfori

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    they should had just made it SM all , or they should include a bunch of other nation's DD , say Dutch , Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, there's many
  13. Mechfori

    ST, European destroyers

    Please inform how are you suppose to play torpedo boats nowadays when you introduce so many spotting measure into the mechanism without buffing the torpedo boat DD's spec, you aim for them to stealth and torp, then give them the torp and the stealth, neither now ; it does not have the range, it does not have the speed, it does not have the range and that goes for its torp also ... the adoption of such as this here simply acknowledge by its implementation you nee the torp to had both the speed and the range and still need good guns ( at least decent guns ) and so many old tech tree DD simply lack them all
  14. Mechfori

    We want to block Chinese access!!!

    try this : proclaim Chinese do not equate PRC ( people republic of China ) especially citing Hong Kong and Taiwan, sure way to fire up the discussion shall I say
  15. Mechfori


    guys can we be more civilized in the talking pls , people all complain when they are up against something they find annoying ; distracting ; and generally hassling a hassle to them .. does not made the other guy any best or any worse than yourself .. you can be equally as bad towards others in their own POV ... you play the big gun BB , sorry to a CA you are just as much annoying , you play your RN CL yo are just as annoying to enemy DD, you play that Super Cruiser you are just as annoying to the enemy CL / CA .. we can keep this list on and on ... Playign DD main for certain I do hate CV but more to that I hate CV game mechanism and its interplay, and how WG over do the MM to the point of breaking the game .. I do not hate CV the class of ship, the individual ship or the players. And I do not think its polite or even civilized to name people by the naming you guys conjure up .. do know respecting others is a sign of respecting yourself and the reverse is true too