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  1. 其實不只雷暴,大多比較老舊的T9/10科技樹船只基本spec根本就不行,急需uodate
  2. the question to ask : is CV vs CV on a CV only game a BRAWL at all , OK its only T8 , but am skeptical about the BB / Cruiser brawl, you will undeniably get into team where there are players who just wish to stay at the back firing at max range , already seen too much of that in Ranked and its only 7 vs 7 , with 12 there will be even more reason ( excuses ) for those camper to camp .. DD though its going to be as @UnderTheRadarAgain had mentioned, it will be utterly insane and chaotic melee , even one who play DD major am not sure I want to play that , and for the par it exclude pretty much most of the hybrid and torpedo boat already making this kind of over loop-sided with all the gunboats Really with the CV vs CV , I can see both team just all bunched up to beef up the AA , and since AA is purely non skill related and way too much RNG , am not sure it really made sense
  3. Mechfori


    只是另一個不為之努力的理由 ; 他們不在乎那麼我們也不在乎
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    問題是 T7 Random +/-2 將與 T9 匹配,即使在 155mm 上使用 IFHE 也幾乎沒用 ,甚至面對那種同行 T8/9 Cruiser 已經是一個挑戰 ; 為什麼現在的高階戰鬥幾乎都是雷達或超級巡洋艦,不就是普通的CA或CL不起作用
  5. Mechfori


    絕對同意,PTS 也是一模一樣,這個改動完全是對休閒玩家的歧視,還有那些只到 T6 / 7 的玩家
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  8. True , indeed , am not sure 12 vs 12 for all the surface ships really made sense , they might as well change the name to Chaos
  9. Mechfori

    Hannover is too darn big

    well wait till we see the Soviet Super BB
  10. Mechfori

    Discord New Ship (Dutch) - 0.11.8

    well 1/6 of 150 is 25 , so its align with everything else , this really is not a DD , they just try to shoehorn a CL into the role and give her concealment that it really should not had with that size ,, HE penetration is getting all over the place .. so we got the default 1/6, German got quarter pen , IJN 100mm got its own, and we got odd ships 1/5 ( and now the IJN CL also ) , the problem with any HE as of today is IFHE practically do not work at all , except at low to low-mid tier DD / CL against Cruisers only but that's because Cruisers at those low to low-mid tier had really not any for real armor to start with WG just trying to sidestep their own ( self induced ) problem , thee really need not be this so long IFHE actually do allow the said ( usually small caliber ) guns able to effective penetrate like peers ( +/-1 at least ) armor and decks but then they keep beefing up the big guns armor and decks so now even if they return IFHE to the original pre rework spec it still won't work , SAP is not the answer ( too slow on reload ) , HE spamming is really out of this undoing of the whole IFHE vs Armor part and WG seems all intent not to deal with it , this 25mm simply show , even taking IFHE , its still only 31mm , and at the said tier this is doing nothing at all , its a CL gun , taking IFHE should allow the gun to challenge and out the BB decks and perimeters but of course it cannot , its similar for pretty much all small caliber guns , you need 203 gun with IFHE to actually break the 40mm threshold which at the said tier is really on the low end of BB deck armor I think WG just had not been thinking about how this should play and play out , they are just copy paste the usual stuff and try to see if it works ..
  11. Mechfori

    Discord New Ship (Dutch) - 0.11.8

    Hmm , do not really get this one , OK so this got Air strike, but hey we already got Elbing and by all account the German looks every bit more consistent and able than the Dutch and not to mention the disparity in HP , do the Airstrike also apply to Depth Charge ( Depth Charge Airstrike ) , or is it still going to be that stupid 2KM depth charge that just got tossed overboard and - Bomb penetration – 20.5 mm , what's the use of bomb that could not even pen any decks other than DD's
  12. Mechfori

    The match maker is biased or what?

    I really think the weak AA surely factor in , enemy CV is not dumb , he will choose targets that can best be exploited and German Cruisers are by nature one of these
  13. Mechfori

    I cannot use Puerto Rico in the PT. WHY?

    I am ok with that so long WG do not keep trying to say the PTS is for the players to test the new contents but in reality most of the time the really new contents are just not there for you to test .. They should just either come out clean and say they are just asking for more human to help clean up the patches and reward more for their time and effort playing the PTS or they should actually allow players to test those real new contents PTS is beta test really they should had done in house
  14. The part with this new Op implementation is what does T7 and T8 brings to the table , T7 on the current T6 scenarios might be ok but T8 can be a bit op especially when we consider how much T8 adds : Radar , slot 5 upgrade , loads of op premium and tech line ships ( they are not quite op in random since they got to meet T10 but this , well ) There is no mention of how bots scales , will we be seeing also T8 or even T9 bot ships in the Scenarios , then it will add another dimension of complexity It might force a lot of ships to be excluded due to the nature of Ops ( always outnumbered , pretty much no stealth , need of DPM / DPS .. and more ) How about CV / SS not a good idea to bring a T6 ships when the game will match against the human with T8 CV / SS It might be giving varieties but I fear it will drive all the mid tier players off and leave it almost always T8 , well unless they made the reward ( strikingly ) more rewarding playing the under tiered