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  1. Mechfori

    📰 ST, Axis vs Allies

    this is going to be mighty difficult to balance, what about CV, there is practically no AA ship that's even remotely be said to be capable on Axis roster, then the gimmicks, how do you balance Royal Navy CL ( AP only ) vs Italian CA ( SAP which can wreck havoc on any light armored ship ) per say a Mediterranean setting. Even if we talk mixed fleet , simply put the Allied side are provided with too many when the Axis side is solely lacking ... And Class by Class , its even more acute a difference made .
  2. Mechfori

    Stop this CV madness FFS

    I humbly counter, yes the spotting need to be deal with but so do AA , which effectively do not AA at all. BUT and very much so, when engaging both side should be faced equal possibility and capacity and provide with the mean to deal damage to the others and effect a reduction towards the enemy to continue fighting in full and the capacity to take further ( survival ). Now it's all one side affair, CV can consistently effectively and in efficient do all that with absolute close to zero cost and the other side deny the mean, deny that possibility. What's on the table, a few planes down which the CV can regen and with multiple squad and pre drop there really is no I'll effect per capability of CV to keep on attacking. If infinite regen are not to be taken away, then the mechanism should reflect on the regen rate in the form of each and every plane down the regen rate should take a unrecoverable penalty of 1/total number of planes * 100% with regen rate bottom out at 20% of original And that still would already be grace for CV cause they still cannot be harmed during any aerial surface encounter. While this is factual in real world it's a big in balance per gaming. You just do not made PVP where only one side can take damage and be killed but not the other.
  3. Mechfori

    Too COSTLY to play Tier 10 ships

    As others had mentioned it's in the end still a business for WeeGee so you really could not expect free for everything. That stated there was indeed in the past event reward in the form of T10 perma camou ( for Yamato per HSF Cross over ). Am not aware of any others. Well technically there were event granted / exchange T10 Perma Camou say the Space event for T10 for USS & MN heavy Cruisers but in practice you need to pay for the tokens or ...
  4. 主要走過份的單向性問題,只要是對抗,理應双方皆有同等机會及給予等對的能力對對方作出傷害,減損其持續存活能力戰力。現在是CV可以水面船無任何。只要是這般那就只是不公平的 game play 。
  5. Deadeye should be like -8% dispersion when enemy shot at are within standard detection distance and enemy incoming shots take +8% dispersion.
  6. Mechfori

    📰 ST 0.10.2, New ships 🐯

    Those big guns deserve their bad names cause it's how they are and how they are played which basically just another CV meta of ranging out all others when allowed unlimited, unchecked damage dealing and farming. And in a fashion many Cruisers guilty of such against their own kind and light force too
  7. Mechfori


    LoL .... 13km in font of the BB is irrelevant , what matters is if there is any other , Cruisers , in between and more up front and if the BB ready to give immediate fire cover, close support and when needed AA. And I mean immediate If the team place their DD far out front but would not support, then just do not expect much and playing DD most myself am get fed up with these indifference shown by BB, CRUISER and CV players ... well no support from the team, fine , then no service will be rendered this side too.
  8. Mechfori


    Its not just that, its over expectation on big guns part , I've personally experience big guns all sitting and cruising back lane but keep shouting for DD to go cap, go scout, go .. well you know, and when the DD or CL refuse to go suicide , they just rage on them ... at least I myself keep seeing such ... wit Deadeye BB and Lighthouse Cruiser I am seeing a lot of back lance cruising guns who all just, well back lane cruising
  9. Mechfori

    When "No" becomes "Maybe"

    It's only believable if it surface as facts .. else talk is always cheap.
  10. Mechfori

    Anyone Got The Stream Codes?

    Figure not worth it , the stream most of them are kind of boring. It's time I can as well spend somewhat else.
  11. 大數據是沒問題,問題是數據不可能反映沒紀錄的正是這把不平衡越推越嚴重。
  12. Mechfori

    The right way to play BB

    Well it all depend on how one term a PUSH. Standard Battle is all about whoever can kill faster and kill more. Domination and Epic Center though, is about priority, Cap, Defend and Deny enemy , in no particular order. However PUSH does not mean chasing for that damage farming or kill and that is where people get overjoyed about the PUSH . Really if a PUSH is to establish and attain the goal of capping, defending and denying enemy .. then it's a good push. What I see today though is a total lack of such awareness. Team either do not push for these goal and simply hand the areas to enemy cause of the only back lane camping or people are too hot about getting the numbers and over extend. Sure making kill would go towards advancing more towards a victory but no one can guarantee always able to eliminate all of the enemy team. PUSH towards the said goal still the best bet to secure a win
  13. Mechfori


  14. 分房固然是問題,更大的問題是極度的不平衡做成的。
  15. Mechfori

    The right way to play BB

    That I humbly disagree, if all the BB care is pumping damage numbers , yes there is but only that one meta but if we talk team play , ok I know this is fruitless , but in the end still to win the game, you need your teammate to be able to perform and BB is the one who need to do way more than just pumping numbers. It's proven time and again it's the team who push , that will be the one who likely win and no one can push if without heavy fire tagging along. And speaking as a DD main I shall put it this way , if my team's BB , Cruisers all just wanting to camp and pump the numbers, then do not expect me to force the front, am in no interest to fight the war for others and just be fire bait and meat shield so they can casual and be safe about it.