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  1. Mechfori

    Anchors away tour. Sydney Australia Jan 30-31 2021.

    Hang in there , we are all in this and better safe than late
  2. It seems again the bug never got taken care of , I was wanting to buy some premium time as gift to someone and enter payment option Alipay but it always direct my payment to the wrong Alipay server, the China Alipay site instead of the correct Alipay HK site my Alipay account are despite the web page knowing where I am ( it remind me of the language options ) . End up unable to pay, , pls config the payment to either manually able to select or a further option to choose which online Alipay server to be directed to
  3. Mechfori

    US Battleships Event

    Just go play mid and low tier game with a fast reload CL , remember not to shoot the enemy continues , you need to allow the said ship to gain some capture points then shoot it again to get the ribbon. CL salvo that hit usually grand several hits and that mean several defend ribbon.
  4. Mechfori

    Anchors away tour. Sydney Australia Jan 30-31 2021.

    Let's hope so , I still cannot logic how people can be so irrational at these time. Refusing mask amount to inviting the spread and this not only endanger the said individual.
  5. Mechfori

    What could have saved this match?

    Domination mode and people keep just wanting not to contest the area and yet not to deny the enemy ... nothing anyone can help if the team only care about damage , farming and not actually doing the part of DOMINATION. Its a very classic case of such
  6. WG really need to made changes to their so call early access ... instead of keep dishing out the T7 to T10 ships, they should really made early access to give REAL early access to low tier ships when they launch a full line like this Italian BB , easier grind ( its low tier ) , everybody happier , and getting more involved
  7. Mechfori

    Wargaming, Why did you do this to me?

    seen far worse, how about a T8 game with 2 T8 CV per team but only 2 Cruiser and 2 under-tier DD per team, just got one of these this evening , its like everyone either had to huddle together just to be ale to simply survive the on-slaughter of the planes. Its actually not uncommon today to see high tier games with under tier DDs cause the top T10 or even T9 DD are hard countered all theirs and the economy side of it is dismal and simply pay against playing DD of those 2 tier , so T8 DD are kept drawn into these high tier games cause simply of lack of T9/T10 DD around
  8. That is what WG get themselves into, too many Event , too much grind altogether and on and on and on .. and concurrent .. remember we had US BB and Dockyard both now, we will have Halloween , and then its new Ranked ( and will be kept on ) and then this , 2 time limited Campaign, a dockyard build and then the snowflakes ... you know you can really had too much of a good thing ( provided they are good from the first instance !! )
  9. Mechfori


    Humbly I disagree , both CV and sub in short benefit from a one sided offensive / defensive advantage Vs other class and there is the lack of a balance , not the damage / damage mitigation part. CV / Sub should face the same danger and consequences when choose to engage enemy that is if enemy retaliate with counter fire they equally could be damaged , have battle and survival potential reduced and clearly that is not the case. It's a game so each and every player should be treated with same degree of play and fair play and it's not , the mechanics made it so that certain class grossly out weight others in a confrontation by ability to inflict while having immunity against taking damage , I doubt it could be called fair
  10. Mechfori

    English speaking tab

    Well that's just going to create more problem ... I usually just type into the chat telling them I cannot read just white blocks and most would be willing to switch to typing ( even if less than perfectly communicating ) English or if they truly unable to use the language they still would gives basic "cannot " of sort It's Asian Server , just as EU server sees a lot of non English too. Using the I build chat and clicking the minimal is usually effective enough
  11. Both DD sound interesting but only a slight bit , I just do not see enough of a difference of them against their respective IJN / RN peer in game , we'll wait and see
  12. Dockyard events are fast becoming a meme among WOWS community , really ! But wait they already are. .
  13. Mechfori


  14. I kind of liked London it's not a bad ship just not exactly one would call performing but then other than the typical Royal Navy CA faults there really is nothing that's really bad about the ship, same can apply to Bayern
  15. They cannot properly balance SAP even on the Cruisers , so am not surprised they simply do not had a clue on how to do it on a BB , and speaking of that SAP on DD seems a questionable idea for now too