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  1. Mechfori

    What is "Balance"?

    Really tha should not be the case, every ship in the game ( other than CV ) take risk when attacking themselves ; CV is safe and they can ignore lost as plane is now limitless in supply this is not a balance so to speak
  2. Mechfori

    What is "Balance"?

    New CV is not the problem the problem is lousy AA
  3. Mechfori

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    well well well ... just got the ship out for a few spin ( park it and never play ) and to be very frank, a Tier 6 BB that's kind of more like a Tier 4.5 .. OK armor, so so maneuverability, and for a BB its guns are practically useless at any range and if I had to close in to so short a range I might as well play CA, Cl or even DD, an even at close range the dispersion, RNG and so and so made it inconsistent to do any real damage. Even with SE its only 54400 HP and this is suppose to be a German BB !!!! Well I will play it for a while to see if I can gleam something out of it but I am not hopeful I see better BB at this tier and even under tier ( and I am just talking tech tree BB )
  4. Mechfori

    Future Radar Changes

    unfortunately usually that is not the case, and even more so , not equal amount of Soviet Radar ( long range ) vs US Radar ( long duration ). Seen so many games where there is multiple Radar vs might be 1 or even null on the other side
  5. Mechfori

    Getting Gud ... maybe

    there's night when I had long wining streak and then there's night when I had the reverse .. I am not real die hard gaming and do not have the time to do it either and so I mus say I focus on the FUN .. to me it must be fun to play a ship and tha's why rotinely I go back to the like of Tier 2 or 3 on some ship as they are just fun to play .. damage, WR to me is well bonus.
  6. Mechfori

    Future Radar Changes

    Agree wholeheartedly ; the problem with Radar as for now ( and the coming CV and lousy AA change ) means there exist only play for CA and BB as only they can tank it , even CL is off the limit, when such gameplay for a category or two of ships are taken away entirely from the player, that's something wrong tha need to be deal with. DD's main weapon in gameplay is stealth and hide and basically when the mechanism take these away .. what else is a DD to do, stay back, and then its no longer possible for them to spot for the team ... and ambush well you cannot ambush if you cannot remain hidden. So unless the Radar / CV change reflect a balance for Radar / CV to counter surveillance instead of just a no price pay god's eye view to see all regardless it might still be viable but I am not seeing that. Two points need to be addressed ; Radar should not be having this for free, there must be a downside to using the Radar as well as the advantage gain and right now its zero cost. And Radar must not be allowed to take away entire school of gameplay from DD and CL which its doing now. I think one of the best suggestion is the delay reporting of sighting to the Radar team that is the lighted up ship's position will always be 2 or 3 second delayed but the ship being lighted up will get that 2 or 3 second lead time knowing that he/she had been lighted up. This allow both side a fair play to engage or disengage
  7. Mechfori

    Atlanta needs a serious Buff

    No Atlanta do not need buff, Atlanta just need its own play style .. its not mean to gun duel in long range nor even gunning CA / BB, its a CL and its job is to engage other CL and DD. Asking a ship to do what its not designed for is asking for trouble. At best it could be a nice support when facing CA and BB with teammate doing the brawl / fight but on its own its not really there for it.
  8. with this, its even more so that DD will not will not want to leave vicinity of the fleet to go out front to spot and scout, cause there are Radar, there are Hydro, there are enemy DD and now there are new Aerial threat ... if CV is going to have their plane this way then WG should made it so that if ever the plane venture into AA range then they need to suffer , right now the RNG simply is too off for AA .. limitless supply of planes just mean CV can keep throwing wave after wave onto enemies without any REAL price to pay
  9. Mechfori

    Future Radar Changes

    Indeed, and there were multiple instance of Radar or Radio leaking positions of a ship or a fleet since it was used in warfare ; this fact however do not reflect on this game. I always maintain tha the Radar ship should instantly reveal itself to all ships foes when it light up .. when using Radar its just like a beacon telling people " I am here " and in fact that was its first use in maritime operation though not in warfare
  10. Mechfori

    Future Radar Changes

    I know what you mean by those Radar as in real life ( and none of ours and WG's actually anywhere near real anyway ), but if we must be precise then one of the real issue today with Radar in WOWS is its god's eye view and instant reveal all with precision and can see through obstacles ... I still maintain for the part, any other scouting and spotting mean come with risk and price to pay for the ship that perform the task, for Radar, there is zero price to pay, the Radar ship can remain hidden behind island and just light up and then every other ship in the team can simply focus fire on the poor ones who happens to be. I believe for the part, Radar duration and range might need some nerf , slight one, or the mechanics need some revision, but in the end it must be made so that the Radar when used must present the advantage but also the risk and cost to the team using it ( since the consumable benefit the team, not just the single ship ). Unless that balance and check is put into place, no amount of nerfing, buffing others will do because there is recall no price to pa for having an advantage like what the Radar do, and clearly having multiple Radar CA to tag team their Radar will still simply ruin the game play I do agree that one of the solution mentioned, that is only the Radar sip itself can see the lighted up targets, that could made it viable without much change .. with CV rework wit infinite plane and revised AA ( pretty much useless ) the game play is already somewhat skewed for the light force and I am not seeing any way light force will ever want to venture ot if Radar still keep being OP as it is, and in the end the game pla will suffer for lack of up front force projection by any team ( long range gun duel again and everyone stay line 2 or 3 )
  11. Mechfori

    Future Radar Changes

    A step forward but really not enough, the problem start when they try to nullify the old stealth smoke and fire but then they then flood the game with Radar that is just too over powering over anything. IMHO this is no more than a try to see if it work kind of patching up the problem and I do not see it working at all. Unlike other consumable which most are for defensive use, Radar is very much an offensive one and by making it so over powering WG take away all game play possible for CL and / or DD to go up front and even CA and BB so everyone just stay back, and things turn into just long range gun duel. What I see is that the Radar need several change really to made it viable .. it need to be line of sight, it should not be possible to radar through landmass; then the Radar ship should also instantly reveal itself to all enemies within Radar range when it light up. Even better I think WG should made the Radar more like real world, that is when Radar is on it light up everything within its range friend or foe and this info would be visible to everyone friend or foe within the Radar range. Right now this consumable is a piece of having no cost to run other than the limitation of quantity available and the cool down, now if eyeball scouting and spotting require a ship to get in range and in plain sight, and Hydro require ship to be fairly near and thus almost always visible to the enemy. Air spotting take the plane over enemy ad in may cases faces AA. In short all these spotting & scouting come with risk. Radar is the opposite right now , its allowing the team wit the Radar to have no hold barred scouting without paying a price. It's why people are all playing Radar cruiser now. Really it should be made in such a way to had the advantage of Radar coverage, but then also the ship and the team should also face consequence of using it.
  12. Mechfori

    [2019]Best Tier V Ships For Fun

    Kongo is always a ...... " Burning Loooooooooooooove!! "
  13. Mechfori

    Russian DDs - Khaba line - still competitive?

    Well the proposed buff WG saying to be bestowed onto the Soviet DD line pretty much tell you what its like , WOWS used to start with a good balance of DD vs CA vs BB circle of game play, but then they decide DD is too much fun and they all went for the big gun oriented approach and nerf the DD early on, then come CV, CL, more branch, Hydro, Rada and now more Radar and rework Cv. the buff simply acknowledge tha they had neglect the game balancing on most DD for long and made their game play broken. DD are mean to be play stealth and sneak up to scout, spot, and attack, but the whole deal these days is DD cannot stealth with all the Radar, Hydro, Aerial elements, and even stealthy CL / CA , the Soviet gunboat usually suffer the most as the generally had the worst concealment ut this apply to others too and not only that WG had not balance the DD output ... the IJN traditional DD line should really had their guns buffed especially at the mid to top tiers. Soviet gunboats are best play as mid to long range or simply act as convey escort to the CA / BB ; the are just not good at hiding, not good at scouting, and not good at spotting ( some cruiser can bes them in stealth ) No they are not worse than other branch'd DD but the play different .. you are driving a super fast CL with paper thin armor and small guns in these DD so to speak
  14. Mechfori

    Furataka is the worst ship in the game

    Talk to all the DD players .. who had only paper thin armor, sliver of health, if you find it tough to play this ship then might be its about time to tr another ship or another play style for the ship instead
  15. Mechfori

    Up coming buff etc (stolen from NA server)

    The DD buff just re affirm many already knew .. when WF introduce more and more branch and ships and keep nerf to many DD(s) and then introduce first hydro then Radar then make Radar too abundant, they basically destroy the DD game-play by making the hide / stealth capacity inoperable and now they just try to undo the damage not by fixing the issue but patching it here and there to a single ship or two. This is why many ships had pretty much left in the dust after all these years ... There is similar issue with CL , and less but there with the CA. The BB can do with little change because they can always over match others but what I see here is no more than just ad hoc patching.