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  1. Mechfori

    Single player senario idea

    There's already training room, which you can somehow manage , but of course specially tailored training session would be great , tough for single player type it might be hard to made an OP all fitting ( after all if you got to run that op in your BB vs your DD it would be 2 totally different need )
  2. Mechfori

    Another reason why MAKRA GUD

    Oh yeah sometime we got that , just today I was in 2 game both T8-T10 playing my T9 DD , and guess what , both had 1 CV and both time we got a noob CV who would not spot for the team, then even worse both time we got multiple players who are just noob , run backward to last line of map and stay here all the game and I mean multiple, 3 to be exact on one game and another 4 .. we were like MM to be failed with these guys ... I am so tempted to just go and made myself a TK
  3. Mechfori

    you see ivan...

    Actually I am proud of the time I ram down a DD in my BB , its kind of fun out maneuvering a DD that way
  4. Mechfori

    ST, new mechanics and consumables

    sorry do not see the point here, right now the main issue with any stealth is there is no stealth courtesy of over saturated Aerial elements and Radar, and first smoke & reduced concealment around shores cannot do anything to Radar, and 2nd the said changes do not allow ships that rely on speed and stealth to get into close range where they can effectively utilize their weapons ( aka most DD and CL ) all it does is create yet more " hide around terrain " opportunity for CA and BB and allow them to smoke up for likewsie ( smoke shells ) ; Radar should be made as it is , not able to penetrate landmass and range reduced , on the other hand Hydro should all get their range buffed the issue remain, game balance mean each and every ship type must be allowed their play same effectiveness, CA can do it, BB can do it, CV can do it , now CL and DD must be given that too , and tha mean they can remain stealth in their weapons effective range ( especially for mid tier where their torp range can be as low as 6KM ) and launch with enough leeway for speeding in and out .. stealth and speed, snipe and run that's how you WG spec out the DD and CL , and you had to give them that in game , this is not so now Semi Armor Piercing shell, this is really only used in big guns in BB caliber .. could they be useful .. yes are they really needed, questionable , wha's needed is to give surface torpedo what the really had in real life historical setup, all torp equipped ships should had 3 torp setup choice , default speed, default speed, default detection range ; but on top add increased speed + reduced range + increased detection range & decreased speed + increased range + decreased detection range .. real life Torp are adjustable before launch to maximize their effectiveness just as guns had and can choose different type of shells, torp can be launched with adjusted setting ( on ships, not on aerial torp which is optimized for aerial drop )
  5. Mechfori

    Robert H. Smith-class No torpedo Destroyer

    the question is .. why no torp .. my take, WG simply unable ( and likely unwilling ) to made DD ( as it is now ) to actually perform with torp, when one spec and made the game play at range that simply out-range almost all DD and take away the stealth so they cannot push to effective range undetected , torp is simply a luxury that sit on the boat doing nothing ; Really Wg do know it , thys us choose to ignore it as they are after the money of selling more Super Cruiser, more BB, more big guns, and more CV ... Cruisers plead for proper AA, CL plead for better protection, DD - well we all know what - No game balance is nothing when compared to cold hard cash
  6. How about a Soviet T1 river fishing boat, named " Quiet flows the Don " and with special captain Grigori Melekhov ( special skill to EM and BOS ), it would have specialty in having very shallow draft so that its immune to all type of torpedos and with concealment that's best the best in game , its armament would include grafted on Katyusha 1X16 132mm rocket launcher ( damage equate 152mm guns ) HE only with a 90% chance of starting fire and 8.5KM range with a dispersion of 1.25KM , reload will take very long time of 110 sec.
  7. Mechfori


    AA ... oh where's it I heard there's something called AA, but it seems like nobody seen it anywhere .. is it a legend, is it a myth or might be its just endangered species .. really .. we need a documentation film done on AA .. really
  8. Mechfori

    Remove Newport from Scenario Rotation

    I just find the current roster of op really nothing of a challenge ; yes you can still face a defeat but that's more likely a case of stupid mistakes on the player side.
  9. Mechfori

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    Likely so ... the current meta is that DD had been made and spec to fail .. It only take casual effort for all other class to work if not perform but DD is like you need a certain level of skill to even survive let alone making it work or excel ... A DD only mode just further highlight how WG been unable to balance and respec the class to actually work in the overall game as it is
  10. Mechfori

    Remove Newport from Scenario Rotation

    I don't think this OP really a hard one but its less predictable vs the others especially the first half with the 3 waves spawning in relatively randomized manner. I have no trouble working it in DD , Cruiser or BB provided the others in the team not real noobs
  11. Mechfori

    Remove Newport from Scenario Rotation

    The one key factor always is people simply fail to move at all, those guys were all like, stationary batteries .... I mean I was in my CL ( Nuremberg ) and already lost more than half my HP doing the out front spotting and yet I had been able to made it to the end and finish a victory when almost all these camper with more HP than me end up dead in the last half or even the first half .. I mean camping is OK if you know how to , but most of them just don't
  12. Mechfori

    Matchmaking Rewarding System

    Actually I go back and read the Op's post yet again and I think both of us are wrong ... what OP might mean is for a game, anyone who is under tiered will automatically got that said % bonus and the specific % depend on whether the said played ships is 1 tier under ( which really mean its the mid tier in that game ) or 2 ( which mean the said ship is the bottom tier ) .. I personally do not agree with that , I think it should be more consistent and applied just by tier difference in all game mode ( might be excluding OPs ) and it should be a bonus ( or penalty ) just for tier difference between the 2 said ships ( the one that deal damage and the one that receive damage ) In practice this ( if both bonus and penalty is enforced ) is a compensation for being placed into under tier situation and also encouragement / discouragement to not just farming the weaker under tier enemy
  13. Mechfori

    Ate 5 torps from friendly Shima renter

    I am Ok with the overall rental , the concept, what I am not really particularly agree is how its implemented as far as what get rented .. in previous season its like any T8 ship played and you got all the rental ships, this season its actually for Dd you had to plat T8 DD to get the rental DD, and T8 cruiser for rental cruiser and like for BB .. what it did not take into account is that does not mean the player can easily adopt in such short time frame to a new T10 ship which might not be of the same tech line .. instead I think the rental system should include all T10 ships ( OK I am not sure if CV should be, I would say no but let's be fair for now ) and the condition should be a T8 victory ( and only victory ) in any ships, which will get the rental of that Tech line's ( nation, and class ) T10 ship , so one who play say T8 IJN Kagero and sail it to victory will reward rental of T10 Shima .. and if one want to get the T10 Grozovoi, one need to had a victory in the T8 Ognevoi and applied likewise ... this will ensure anyone intending to play a rental at the very least had a proven experienced lineage in that rental ship's line As far as camou goes, I think they should be allowed the 3 basic Type 1, Type 2 and Type 5 but not others , and as for signals, they should be restricted to the Combat category and disallowed the economy and specials
  14. Mechfori

    Matchmaking Rewarding System

    No its not, what WG refer to is the inherent higher reward rewarded to higher tiers ships damage being dealed and ultimately killed, what OP stated is a bonus or penalty reward bestowed to when any ship score damage / kill on under tier or up tier enemies, which in itself is a very common PvP and PvE reward system , basically the system does not care whether its PvP or PvE, or anything .... what it look for is if the said ship ( character ) are scoring damage / kill on same tier enemies ( or a range of tier limit ) then the score will be the default 100% , if it score the same on up tiered enemies, then the said ship / character get a bonus on top of that 100% an if the said ship / character score the same on an under tier enemy, then its got a penalty of certain % , some games , especially ARPG when the tier difference can be very great , that penalty can go almost all the way to -95% or even more , and usually the up tier bonus would be capped something like 150% to 200% ( some game I know of had more but that's rare ) with a fairly narrow bracket of tier difference the penalty on dealing damage to under tier enemies should be minimal but bonus to reward when dealing damage to up tier enemies should be significantly higher, the OP stated 15 / 30% sounds alright , and I would add likely 10/20% penalty to dealing damage to under tier enemies
  15. Mechfori

    Post From NA (Continuous AA DPS Explained)

    those are guns, made them work consistently , main guns reload , fired, and they reload, now shouldn't that be the same for AA and secondaries ... and the need for first load up only after any potential target enter range is absurd ... in the end , Sector control is no targeting and while Plane had mean, measure and control to target the specific surface ships and surface ships had no such mean and measure to target their specific aerial target ( squadron ) then its clearly already a bug ... you are in a PvP scenario ( or even PvE ) you are attacked by a foe, you return fire to that specific foe to counter / deter his/her attack or to eliminate that foe , now tell me, convince me this is the mechanism here. No its a broad AOE ( Ok this side, that side ) and its so broad and so random that its practically not working, and especially not working after this fact as uncovered .. And why should it not that boats that are good at defending itself not also good at defending teammates, its same aerial targets, within the AA range, and its the same boat, same guns right .. and vice versa ... YES, YES, YES, AA should overlap , all AA guns should had not this short / mid / long range but their active range instead, reload and preloaded as other guns and fire on anything that intrude , and keep firing when its inside the range and reload as the should be and keep reloading as battle rages on ... most DD's AA capable main guns do not stop working at 1.9KM , their effective AA range is limited to their elevation angle ( typically more than 85 degree ) and how high a plane flies and even dive bomber do not get into like 150 or 200m above the ships ... and not to speak most 37mm, 40mm, and no less those machine guns would function right down to zero distance ... That guns range overlap should not only be that of different ships but also of guns and there should not be a nerf of Damage deal .. surface ships do not enjoy damage reduction automatically from aerial drops, nor surface fire, nor .... anything ... a plane that choose to made an attack run should be made to know its choosing to enter more intensive and more accurate fire as it close in just as any DD, CA, CL, and BB players know when they choose to charge .. not this ever coming close, ever less damage and pure RNG Let's be honest with us, WG, this whole arbitrary is just so to made CV work at ease , not to made AA work at ease ( nor even working at all )