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  1. i havent got tier 9 until i got old frits recently and that ship is literally just bigger bismarck with plus firepower minus agility
  2. well, depends on what ship we we using, but i mostly used bismarck, Kagerou and atago, which not very good at fighting them at range (both outrange Atago , Bismarck is vulnerable to firestorm, and Kagerou has no hope)
  3. ah, kind of remember what happen to project R event
  4. need focused feasting firing to take that thing down
  5. nah you good, i rather shoot good Des Moines or revealed Minotaur anyday compare to noob moskva or zao seriously, those 2 are rather hard to kill
  6. hah? someone decent who argue about anything about BB "one sidedly" all the time is getting roasted by simple fact (or rather, mistake) that he does not want to admit?
  7. Fixed for you
  8. with bunch of rules attached to it dont talk to me, you, someone who call unicum, a camper
  9. there no such thing such as cliche word at new millennium (with 2 "n", please) you made that up
  10. i think getting 16 straight losses in a row is more applause-able than the one you are talking about i mean the best DD at tier 9
  11. very toxic person, GTFO from the forum right after you GTFO from the game, Please!
  12. It is called high level bombing where even missiles have some problem chasing something that move at speed of sound at the edge of atmosphere
  13. until they add AP bomb, those all are trash!
  14. the kind of MM that you get is based on the number of player at certain tier since most player jump to tier 10 and sold their tier 9 ship when you use tier 8 ship, you will mostly see 8/9/10 tier match and rarely 7/8/9
  15. necroing thread is your 4th post, shameful