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  1. the use of radar now announced in chat? oh god having away or spotted for 20-60 seconds in battle is already bad, you make them able to prolong it by coperation
  2. Harpoon01

    Why did I get reported in this match?

    have you ever thought that enemy can also report you and vice versa
  3. Russian DD: "who need stealth when you can burn enemies to oblivion and make radar irrelevant"
  4. Harpoon01

    Azur Lane Captain Voice Demo

    so they also collaborating with the Voice Actresses as well
  5. Me: Use Battleship Face several HE spamming Cruisers "I will be fine"
  6. Harpoon01

    Missouri's revenge

    i love the video, but the thumbnail is pretty misleading
  7. Harpoon01

    Log in as invisible

    i dont see any reason of it other than preventing div invites and dock chats
  8. Harpoon01

    Improve Blacklist Function

    if you dont mind the increase of waiting time for MM, sure, go ahead, BL anybody you find
  9. still wondering whether those "Erect..." players still exist
  10. Harpoon01

    Manual Drop in Aircraft Carriers

    23 april 2017 are. you. blind?
  11. Harpoon01

    Shimakaze buff in new update

    yeah, better than having planes perma spot me but also perma spot every single torp i launch
  12. Harpoon01

    Fire Prevention Skill for BB Commander - Worth it?

    it is definitely useful for camping fellows, i dont know much about being brawler and somewhere between 2
  13. Harpoon01

    Shimakaze buff in new update

    it is kinda nice, but it wont change the fact that her torp can be detected from the farthest among other torpedoes in the game while geraing and fletcher get even more stealthy torpedoes (air recon wise)