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  1. hell no these new Torp boat player need target practice ya know!
  2. is this your first time seeing someone like this other than sharkbait?
  3. flammu held no credibility in SEA server his opinion on a ship may has different relevance on this server due very different playstyle between NA and SEA player
  4. I would go and find some popcorn and watch the rioting I'm dead
  5. legit
  6. ty Number of post will change the rank of the title BUT there are times where some mods or WG staff (i miss that guy) make an event where you can suggest your own title name
  7. easier said than done, you need to master it first above everything else it is not the same as lorrent 40T that has amazing firepower in sacrifice of no armor feel free to buy it but you have been warned
  8. 9 × 12-inch (305 mm)/50 caliber Mark 8guns (3 × 3) 12 × 5-inch (127 mm)/38 caliber dual-purpose guns (6 × 2) 56 × 40 mm (1.57 in) Bofors (14 × 4) 34 × 20mm Oerlikon (34 × 1) that's a lot of AA firepower
  9. Belfastis considered as one of the OP ships, so of course they wont be on sale anymore actually Saipan too then my best bet is Sims, most agile ships in the game
  10. you will find the same problem when you using tier 8 premium ships as most tier 9 ships in this game fall apart in compassion with tier 10 ships, with few exception. so, yeah 90% bottom tiered in tier 8 ships is more likely to happen than in tier 5 and FAR WORSE (in 1 match, 20 tier 10 ships, 2 tier 9 ships, another 2 tier 8 ships which one of them would be you) tier 8-10 in all WG games are not for money grinder, they are competitive killing machine, destined to win the battle with best equipment possible but in WoWs you can pay for Permanent camoflage that does not only give all possible camo value but also cut repair cost by 50%. but it still wont let you get money from decent battle tier 7 battle is good a good choice, but most ships is equally good, so no recommendation, except Belfast and Saipan
  11. 1600 exp is reasonably easy, unless you are not even a good player to begin with, Mr. Swearsalot
  12. will she get 50-100% boost when retreating or moving backwards?