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  1. oh 1941 armaments less AA more Secondary
  2. I heard Skip with Free exp works very well with her
  3. AA focus Conqueror seems a legit Idea you know, it means, i dont think countering with CV is good for a long practice IJN Torpboat buff when?
  4. dont worry it will be printed and archived in me, euro, and the other one mind forever
  5. Captain Bridge is new citadel?
  6. When you play at tier 7, remember many powerful ship "that shouldnt be too powerful" reside there
  7. number one enemy is clumsy ally
  8. no that is more of "Mortal Kombat" arena
  9. Drakon division, other than drakon
  10. ah you mean 'message logs' I second this problem
  11. been predicting that at least one of our server team will lose 1-2 i guess i am being too kind
  12. Most skilled player will delightful when get at the bottom tier, especially when using something remarkably powerful for that tier i like using my Gneis to go toe to toe with Iowa in Medium Range bad player tho.... regardless the ship, will blame anything for every defeat they gain (teammate, gameplay, lag, ping, server, the ship he sail with, bug, enemy ship being OP, unbalanced Match, map, OR HECK even mosquito)
  13. you could also call it third reich i guess
  14. would be better if you provide something like how to Fight Saipan with anything but Saipan