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  1. sharkboi

    Co-op expansion plans?

    Personally I've been using Scenario as one of the main ways to farm xp for those free xp ships. It's super efficient if you got high dpm premium like an Atlanta. You easily get tons of xp plus a great chunk of credits even with a meh game. I've grinded through a bunch of tier 7s solely by playing tier 7 scenario, so it is a very very profitable way to play the game and is actually fun.
  2. sharkboi

    What was your first Premium Ship?

    Mine was the Atago. Needless to say she has stand the test of time and is still regarded as a strong cruiser even now. From then I got myself a ton of other premium ships, including my darling Mighty Mo which I love to bits. But Atago is still one of the go to ships that I play when I just want to chill and have some fun. A very lovely ship.
  3. sharkboi

    A Case for Pearl Harbour

    I like the idea. But it should be made carefully so that all participants can profit from the experience. CV focus is awesome but there must be a balancing factor that benefits the non-CV escorts too. Other than that, it's a great idea.
  4. I have a GTX 1050Ti and my FPS has been dropping as well. Good to know that it's the driver. Gonna revert back as soon as I get off work.
  5. sharkboi

    Any BB newbie friendly line?

    I'm assuming that by newbie friendly you mean the line that is least punishing when you make mistakes and also that you are aiming for higher tiers. If that is indeed the case then I could not recommend any line more than the Royal Navy battleships. They mostly have underwater Citadels so they are very forgiving even when you flash you broadsides, the chances of you suffering devastating citadel hits are pretty much non-existent. They have fast firing guns albeit small in caliber, but they make up for that by having god tier HE alpha damage and absurdly high fire chance, so you don't have to worry about your AP not strong enough to pen the enemy when you can just replicate purgatory on their deck and superstructure. On top of that, the high tier literally allows you to print a new ship when your HP is low (only apply to HE damage but I digress, the heal can get back a lot of damage overall). It's like they have a whole dry dock's worth of repair capabilities on board their ships so you can get back a lot of health even after you've made a big mistake. All in all, in the words of Flamu, the tier 10 RN BB HMS Conqueror is dumb, in that it allows you to punish pretty much anything afloat while suffering very little in return if you have a slight idea of what you are doing. So if your ultimate goal is to get a top tier, easy to play and forgiving BB then this is the line for you. (I'm mostly talking about the higher tier here though, lower tier is a bit different)
  6. sharkboi

    Musashi help

    Whether or not she's worth it is really dependent on your situation. If you have a ton of other premium ships, or if you have a Mighty Mo sitting in your port already then Musashi really isn't necessary. For training you can always get a Kii with the fugly Kobayashi skin and be done with it. If you want to experience the power of the 18.1 inch monstrous guns then I'd highly recommend going for the Yamato and slap the premium camo on her if you can. She has better accuracy, faster gun traverse, more AA, more secondary, better amour profile since she sits lower in the water and if you have the premium camo, she's free to play. Why go for a lesser version of a Yamato when you can have fun with the real deal right? Anyway this is just my 2 cents since I found myself pondering the very same question that you are asking a while back, and I'm now 25k xp away from the Yamato. So short answer is if you have lots of prem ships or a Missouri: go for a Yamato. If you don't have that many prem ships or in need of a tier 9 credit earner then Musashi could do you just fine.
  7. sharkboi

    USS Helena (CL-50)

    One of my favorite ships. Her gun crew were excellent. So much so that the Japanese actually reported that apparently USN cruisers were armed with a new "6-inch machine gun" main battery. Absolutely amazing crew on board a doubtlessly great ship.