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  1. adnadi

    Let us share all we've got about Kantai Collection!

    New theory, Warspite is holding two pieces of Eden
  2. adnadi

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    Ah you know. The one who always trashtalk the Asia server cuz "netcafe accounts" and "developing economies". I'm back from lurking in the WoLS forum. That shit was strong there but it's getting old real fast. I surely don want the damn thing to develop in WoWS forums. That's racist
  3. adnadi

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    A way of Generation Kill characters to hide swears is to hide it in NATO phonetics. I'm sure you'll know if you watched the series Anyway, this "netcafe players sux hard" thing is getting old real fast in WoLS. Do people really think so?
  4. adnadi

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    Where is the "rebelling" and the anti-netcafe [content removed]? Derogatory. Post edited, user sanctioned. ~amade
  5. adnadi

    Eurobeat(da music)

    Last holiday season me and my family goin on a road trip. All my family were asleep and I'm on the wheels. I decided "why not turn up the tune?" And lo and behold, everytime I was caught in hevy traffic, Eurobeat came up in my playlist. So much for added gasoline bills
  6. adnadi

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    And here I thought 1.5 times win xp multiplier was a big deal...... (Just came in from the overhyped new WWI shooters discussion. They act like 1.5 times win xp multiplier is a huge deal) So what could WG do? Let's hear suggestions. Should we increase the win xp multiplier? They already said they're working on a spotting assist xp bonus (not sure about earnings tho)
  7. Cuz a lot of "what-ifs" that can only be seen in video games. In example What if Tigers/Panthers didn't break down all the time and "fought an equal number of M4/Cromwells/T-34/what-have-you" in the war? What if Kriegsmarine suddenly decided it was fitting to sortie Bismarck and Tirpitz out in one task group to decisively destroy the Royal Navy? What if RAF lost the Battle of Britain? (Did I cover all the uniformed service of Nazi Germany during WWII?)
  8. adnadi

    German BB Immune to Citadel Hits?

    Very insightful. +1. Another thing, I always feel like Germany is a strong land power since the times of Prussian Empire, but always seem to lack significant coastline to protect. Perhaps that contributes to their lack of naval tradition
  9. adnadi

    Matchmaking: WG trolling T8 players?

    How bout me in muh Fuso got uptiered to tier 8? It has happened a lot of times recently. Is that not trolling? To be fair, this is just before the patch hit so I may have to try again and see the player to tier distribution
  10. adnadi

    German BB Immune to Citadel Hits?

    This got hot real fast...not like we have not this kind of discussion before.... EhemTIGGERBESTLANDSHEEPehem But in all seriousness, maybe we need the equivalent of Nick Moran in the pixelnavy to settle this out
  11. adnadi

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    And this is why some BB captains got pissed when captains from other class of ships got cocky and proclaim they can "sunk BB ez". Hell, BB's role in this game is basically dirty work. Tanking for the team, being a huge metal pile of distraction, and sometimes being an offering to allow your armored cruiser to escape an unwinnable situation. Rarely a BB captain gets a reward for doing it (unless Random Number God blessed your shots with citpens). Holy shit. BBs are like infantry in the army
  12. adnadi

    Everyone on this goddamn server is such a coward

    That's why. Hell, I even vent often times too so, fair game folks
  13. adnadi

    Is detonation more common recently?

    Someone's not cocky on their DD anymore