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  1. and just noticed Winter is coming i finished it 2 days ago and has come back from the begging as well???
  2. Was 100k damage off from finishing HMAS Vampire Mission finished battle in hmas perth went to check status in combat missions and hole mission reset back to beginning but got to keep the damage section i had almost finished ?? defiantly bugged, anything i can do to get it back? sorry not very happy 2 days of grinding
  3. I have to agree im grinding through t5 and t6 on almost all tech trees and its easyer to just play co op then t6 matches poor independenceup up tier to t8/9 god help it, t5 new york vs bismark/terpitz/sharnhorst ya sure fair fight Only good thing about up tier is you can fight pepsi cola, 152mm guns on destroyer can easily citadel at close range
  4. It is a little frustrating when you see other servers on youtube talking about flags and im sitting there gping i only have 6? If that
  5. No only 1 server based in sydney (ANZ)
  6. Cant wait have taken friday off just in case ;)
  7. It is possible i have had battle just me and hole teams of bots vs all bot teams
  8. I just went from AS bouge to independence and got slaught by straifing ryojo, t5 i could leave planes over bb's all match and be lucky to loose 1 or 2, there is a massive jump in aa when getting to t6 cv example last bb on enemy team was a iowa and my planes didnt even get close
  9. Well done Asia/sea well done
  10. Im on NBN and have to admit i have no problem, however i do have graphic settings turned down
  11. When you verse somepne and go i really like that ship makes you want it all that more when it comes around again or if your lucky enough you can win one in super containers
  12. People calling kaga op i dont think so its actully interesting and being t4 planes they dont have alot of health i reacted 2 squads with t5 nicholas useing AA build
  13. Be interesting thow you might find British cv's might show up first or even one for commonwealth navys
  14. Personally i went usa and Germany then moved across to uk and ijn havnt touched Russia yet, looking back i would say ijn and usa as there is move to play they both have Cv's and Bb's where as other nations may only have cl/ca's or dd's
  15. im getting same issue task is in Russian for both task 1 & 2 but change drop down box to random battles changes to English swap drop box to co op goes back to russian screen shots below