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  1. chipmunk007

    WG staff have no Balls

    Like most asian server players i cannot name 1 staff member from the asian server, yet i can name dozens of CIS,EU and the US staff, asian server staff need to step up and show they exists and prove we are not just not a clone server,
  2. chipmunk007

    Assign Commander Bug

    When trying to assign my commander off USS Gearing to USS Sims there is an error and commander cannot move (error right botton corner) i have tried on the main screen with assign commander and then also clicking on commander and then assigning from another boat, have run repair client and still no luck, after running repair all my commanders will not move Eg from USS Ranger to USS Saipan i dont want to say re install client but i think ill give it a go
  3. chipmunk007

    HMAS Vampire

    I have to admit even with only 3 torpedoes it still a very fun ship to play, Be interesting if the commonwealth as a tech tree line could have the single fire torps and and individual reload timer eg like Italian auto loaders in world of tanks
  4. chipmunk007

    Can someone teach me how damage saturation works?

    Try out the new how it works series from War gaming on Youtube https://youtu.be/1jAaPu_FNLg
  5. chipmunk007

    Free signals code

  6. link broken, Perth is by far my favorite ship to play, if i had to change anything after smoke changes would be the smoke reload, if you run smoke mod you can have 2 minuets of moving smoke together with twin fighters and hydro its great. which is its selling point but if you are caught in the open or targeted by multiple ships your in trouble, its best offense is also its best defense. otherwise when its on cool down you are a Leander with worse AA, Worse Citadel, and the ability to fire HE. on a side note spotter plane is useless the AP doesn't have the penetration potential past 8km's and with out a heal like Leander BB shells hurt and any fire and flooding damage will stick, With smoke consumable II cool down is 160 sec, would like to see 120 or 130?? so 2 mins up 2 mins cool down
  7. chipmunk007

    T6/7 vs Musashi

    With the recent Buff to Musashi Reload and Spotting Aircraft how are T6/7 going to be able to be cope with just a monster of a t9, i'm sorry if i sound like i'm venting but seriously already been up against t9 Missouri and F.der Grobe this week in my t6 Nurnberg will Musashi get Restricted Match Making those are very Big Guns for t6??
  8. chipmunk007

    Vampire Mission Reset

    and just noticed Winter is coming i finished it 2 days ago and has come back from the begging as well???
  9. chipmunk007

    Vampire Mission Reset

    Was 100k damage off from finishing HMAS Vampire Mission finished battle in hmas perth went to check status in combat missions and hole mission reset back to beginning but got to keep the damage section i had almost finished ?? defiantly bugged, anything i can do to get it back? sorry not very happy 2 days of grinding
  10. chipmunk007

    WG have made T6 PVP unplayable

    I have to agree im grinding through t5 and t6 on almost all tech trees and its easyer to just play co op then t6 matches poor independenceup up tier to t8/9 god help it, t5 new york vs bismark/terpitz/sharnhorst ya sure fair fight Only good thing about up tier is you can fight pepsi cola, 152mm guns on destroyer can easily citadel at close range
  11. It is a little frustrating when you see other servers on youtube talking about flags and im sitting there gping i only have 6? If that
  12. chipmunk007

    Australian based server.

    No only 1 server based in sydney (ANZ)
  13. chipmunk007

    PAX Aus Player Gathering

    Cant wait have taken friday off just in case ;)
  14. chipmunk007

    Team Killer status in Coop

    It is possible i have had battle just me and hole teams of bots vs all bot teams