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  1. The_DropBear

    Premium Shop FAQ

    Just a question regarding the premium ships that have been removed since Open Beta, (Atago? - sorry cannot recall name), Atlanta and now the Warspite. Are these ships going to be made available for purchase via the Tech Tree at a later date or has Wargaming decided to make these available from the shop only at a later date? I understand the logic behind removing the tier 7 and 8 ships for the present, but now with the removal of the Warspite I am concerned that my reimbursed Gold will become useless as far as ship purchases via the Tech Tree. I got on too late to purchase the Atlanta or tier 8 Japanese cruiser and decided not to purchase the Warspite for the present, as I decided to wait for the Atlanta to come back so I had a means to train U.S. Cruiser captains. I have no desire to purchase the Russian premium ships until the Russian Tech tree is introduced. With the removal of the Warspite, I am concerned that these ships are to be permanently removed from the Tech tree and placed as in store purchases only. My apologies but I will not be spending any more dosh on ships (or Wargaming) when I have over 16k gold desperately hoping for a later return to the Tech Tree for purchase.
  2. The_DropBear


    First of all, I LOVE submarine games, but I prefer the simulator genres where it can take hours to properly set up your sub into the optimum attack position and such efforts are more intensely rewarding than an arcade game. This is why I suggested the other games, because to be honest I cannot see how a submerged WWI or WWII submarine could make a difference in a game after it has finished maneuvering around islands etc., in fact currently the only map I can think of where they would be useful is Ocean. Otherwise, the only sub that springs to mind is the type XXI for speed, mobility and different torpedo types (including wake homing). So let's think about the alternative for a minute; the subs start surfaced - use their deck guns then submerge. Typical submergence time (as I understand it), was 1 minute minimum; time to flood the forward tanks, shut-down the diesel engines and shut the exhaust ports and switch over to electric propulsion. In such a scenario the real risk is more likely to be from carrier aircraft, unless a destroyer gets lucky (and providing depth charges become available). Following the simulator models, it then takes approximately 3 minutes to reach a decent 'steerage' speed, further eating into your battle time. Should you then have to avoid depth charges you may have to go deep, more time consumed before coming to periscope depth to acquire a target, turn to expose your tubes enough to permit enough target lead then launch, more time consumed. So before you go accusing me of [content removed] or whatever it is you think you are insulting me about, perhaps you should have understood that I was simply stating that I doubt subs where a suitable addition to WoWs. Would I play them if they where introduced into this game? Hell yes! But the sim fan in me just cannot envisage how wargaming could make them feasible without making them too unrealistic, hence the reason for my recommendations. Oh and if this is not a Troll thread then I take your [content removed] insult seriously and will report this to the moderators ASAP. Quote updated. ~amade
  3. The_DropBear

    graphics issues

    I noticed a graphical artifact also when viewing some US BB Turrets from certain angles... (Notice Rifle tubing is not hollow but solid). I have included both DXDiags fyi. DxDiag.txt DxDiag64.txt
  4. The_DropBear


    Didn't Wargaming come up with something similar in World of Tanks (escorting tanks)? If memory serves it only ever took off on the Russian Server as the devs believed it would not be received well elsewhere.
  5. The_DropBear


    Aside from the obvious trolling that this thread has fostered, I will repeat what has been stated before in a previous post. If you want to play WW2 Era Subs with some Technical challenge, go buy Silent Hunter 3 & 4. If you want a more 'arcade' approach go buy Silent Hunter 5. If you want a modern Submarine 'simulator' type of game, complete with wire-guided torpedoes, FFG's and Orion Anti-submarine aircraft (all playable), Dangerous Waters is an older game but out on Steam; it has a more 'cerebral' appeal and less eye Candy, but you will not find a more challenging sub game anywhere. So there you go, you want Subs; go get them - just not in this game okay?
  6. The_DropBear

    Gun Fire Control Module (Unquantifiable)

    If you compare the 'spread' of a normal BB salvo, you will find that your shots are more tightly grouped - even at the extremity of range when using this module. This does not guarantee a hit, that boils down to many factors of the individual, however I believe what it does guarantee is the greater probability of a few shells hitting if the range and lead are correct. So to be a tad more technical I believe this module tightens the 'spread' or C.E.P. (Circular Error Probability: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Circular_error_probable) for all guns fired. Apart from that, I agree that some kind of quantifier on the module would assist people to make a better 'informed decision'. Perhaps the Devs are still toying with the numbers here?
  7. The_DropBear

    Introduction thread

    Just dropped in to say hi, decided to buy my way into CBT. As my missus always says; "Better late than never!"