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    I waited and waited for WOW to start, I was happy that at last a game involving historical warships.Low an behold there is not a British ship to be seen. The Worlds largest and most powerful navy for 300 years. The British made some of the worlds all time greatest battle ships they invented the cruiser and most other types of war ships as well, but not one British ship Ive played for a couple of months and I'm sadly disappointed. I can tell before the game even starts who will be the winning side just by the way the game program has loaded the opponents. If your on the losing side you just know either your ship or two or three other ships on your side will be destroyed by one salvo. If your on the losing side you will also notice suddenly your accuracy of fire is poor, your torpedoes seem to be off course suddenly. I have experienced this as loser and winner as a winner, a fast wild shot at an opponent and, I think only two shells hit him. He had full life, and boom poor bugger blew up. The game is slow and choppy I play WOT as well and I have no problems with chop so its not my end its the WOW server its crap. All I can say is thank god I never purchased gold or any thing. I played my last game not two minutes ago. I will return in 6 months and see if things have changed but I could lay money it will still be RUBBISH.