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  1. I just need the email with the login to the new account ... till then no warships.
  2. LittleMusket

    Bot CV in Training Room?

    Yeah, you are right. Cheers guys Well programming the AI for new carrier, don't envy that guy. How long as the carrier rework been in for? (I'm feel new since I last played regularly back in v6)
  3. LittleMusket

    Bot CV in Training Room?

    Is it possible to add Bot CVs to training rooms? Dropdown for each nation only have every other ship type except the CV? If not, why would they not allow this?
  4. LittleMusket

    Belfast or Fiji? OR BOTH?

    'Por qué no los dos?' (Why not both? Sorry) Non-English. User Warned. ~ADM_dude
  5. LittleMusket

    Shocking Revelation about the Game

    I watched Flamu talk about ratings, then I though: 'Wait we can view our ranking for world of warships?' - I was gonna put my put them in my signature but nah ... I'd would start to care about them - rather not Turns out I play well good anyway - there have been many memorable​ matches
  6. LittleMusket

    People are quitting

    I can't turn back - I'm too deep in the US/IJN CA/CL line, plus the ping is pretty decent (well it was at 70ms then it went to 110ms here in Melbourne, still better than the 250ms in World of Tanks)
  7. LittleMusket

    Balancing CV's

    This is a familar tale of a torpedo bomber squadron: Launch Goes around to avoid detection Reaches Battleship, prepares for run Atlanta *dead* nah but srsly, don't remove manual drops, its what makes carrier plays great and DDs who underestimate CVs just get taught a lesson. Will never get an accurate shot if they keep using WASD hacks but Dive Bombers is another story. kids. One of the suggestion I would make to improving CVs would be survivability of the aircraft particularly the bombers - maybe as some kind of defensive consumable or speed boost. it can be struggle to get planes through the AA of just one ship like North Carolina or Iowa
  8. LittleMusket

    How survivability expert works ?

    It should add the HP to your ship's maximum HP pool, This means Total Health pool available is: (Max HP of the Ship + 400 * T) if T= 5 and Max HP is 35,000 then it adds 2000 - The ship's HP is now 39 000 when the Commader's skill is accounted for. This new HP value is now the max HP of the ship, meaning that repair party will repair up to this HP value if allowed AND you start off each game with that amount of HP It doesn't matter what part of the ship is hit, HP is HP its not divided for different parts of the ships - any damage will taken off the HP the ship has. This extra HP is added to the Max HP, so there is no difference between the original value of HP and the added HP - they merge to form the new total HP of the ship (Question 3) Hope that helps References: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Crew_(WoWS)#Survivability_Expert
  9. LittleMusket

    Here we go...US Cruisers needs Change

    I'm at the New Orleans right now with 120 000 XP saved up, so I would say my experience with it is kinda alright but it wasn't the same after Pensacola - I could feel the grind. With most higher tier ships I could forget that I was playing for XP this one was one of the hardest grinds. Entering Tier VIII - X, the armour is much more weaker (I don't think it improved after Pensacola), even with the bow forward it could get citadel-ed. Her style isn't really aggressive because you are back in port the next minute, but it makes harder to use her radar one of the most important aspect of the cruiser in nailing destroyers - you'd always want some kind of back up or approach. But not say that it was all bad, firing her (AP) 203mm on broadsides makes you feel like got a battleship instead, HE does can stack quite a bit of damage and can be annoying - particular when you are setting ships on fire. There nothing really defining the New Orleans for me compared to the Pensacola except the rate of fire improvements - so it has a solid attack, better AA, ... not much to say I can understand why that would feel underwhelming - but Changes for US Cruiser line, I'm not really sure US Cruiser have great firepower I think that what defines them. So in terms of improvements it would be just the firepower and rate of fire really. I still really liked the Omaha, Cleveland and Pensacola, they are my favourite ships. But from the New Orleans I've learned not to attack carelessly becauese my armour is SHIT
  10. ​Steven Segal with his Missouri ;)
  11. LittleMusket

    Skill point compensation for "Situational Awareness"

    I haven't found myself in need of SA with CA ships. So far I've got to T8 and I don't have it on any of CA captains nor the BB. BB I don't bother because the concealment is not that great in general so I'm likely spotted anyway. It's a similar story with the CVs because I'm constantly firing the guns (which extend the detectability greatly). Plus the HUD now displays your detectability range which I use to find out if I got enough distance from the enemy that I'm no longer detected. It be interesting to know what commander skills CA players have though.
  12. LittleMusket

    Skill point compensation for "Situational Awareness"

    SA is only needed on DD really, for me personally. Then again I never take 'long range fire indication' ... just why? I'm gonna be shot at anyway, really -- wiggle that rudder -- they should replace that skill with something more interesting. o7
  13. I believe I have solved the problem. It after testing, the problem is caused by one the mods I installed from aslain, not sure which one for certain though, but now it doesn't crash after opening and exiting the game several times then. I'll see if can find out which one it is and post my findings. o7
  14. Yeah, I did. I had the 368.22 NVIDIA driver and updated 368.81, its still 368.xx so I could classify it both are the latest drivers. Currently, the problem still remains after updating the driver ... so the driver may not be the cause. What I might to is uninstall mods and see if it changes things. Will let you Know, ty
  15. I'm posting this on the behalf of anyone else who might run into this problem. Description: It Basically as the problem states, I can normally exit the game with no effect on my computer. But there are sometimes when I exit the game you get the usual black screen but it stays a bit and then puts a grey screen. That happens really quickly then I get my desktop again and but all the programs and files I had open with my game are gone - like I had shut down and restarted. Current Status: I've had this for about 1 week I'd say from now (25th July 2016), I have updated my graphics card with a clean install and the problem hasn't occurred yet. What happens afterwards is that your graphics card will no longer function properly, even though the screen is rendering in my native resolution (1080p). So you need to restart the graphics card (restarting the computer, disabling graphics card/the service for the graphics card - I just restart computer then check if is working though 'Device Manager' - if its not then restart again or disable/enable the graphics card in device manager, it should be functioning again. I've only had this problem only with world of warships so far and that why I am posting here. Issue: 'As described above'Screenshots: None, see descriptionShip: -Map: -Occurrences: On Occasion. Reopen the game 2nd or 3rd time, or even for the first time.Tested: Have a couple of Google Chrome Tabs up, some Office programs, and Text Editors or Spotify and run the game.Severity: Since it occurs when I close the game it has minimal effect the actual gameplay, but is really annoying to occur at random.Details: 'As described above' ​System: Windows 10, Intel i5-4760, NVIDIA GTX 970, 8GB RAM o7