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  1. ShuffleCapz

    Going over 0.3.1

    3 triple turrets
  2. ShuffleCapz

    What Ship Used Most?

    St. Louis and the amount of guns she has, downside: her speed
  3. ShuffleCapz

    whats everyone win rate

    PvP is on 50% PvE is on 83% (Since i only played about 17 matches against AI)
  4. ShuffleCapz

    Your Questions to Developers #1

    Which is why alot of players are looking forward for this patch, including the new USN BBs, and IJN CVs
  5. ShuffleCapz

    Your Questions to Developers #1

    Until we get to 3.1
  6. ShuffleCapz

    New Game Modes?

    Or they can fill the remaining slots with bots, after all they are pretty good
  7. ShuffleCapz

    Torpedo Aiming Advice Please

    Nope, AA and Secondaries are all AI controlled
  8. ShuffleCapz

    some questions

    I accidentally read the WoWP forum my bad (But it would be great if it happened in WoWS too)
  9. ShuffleCapz

    some questions

    All CB Testers will recieve premium status once OBT starts (as thats what i read in the EU forums)
  10. ShuffleCapz

    new orleans , any good ?

    It's a improved version of the Pensacola with much better armor but not that strong, it lacks one gun to the Pensacola but it makes up with its high ROF and has a faster turret turn time, it's concealment is ok
  11. ShuffleCapz

    NA or Asia server?

    True Dat
  12. ShuffleCapz

    Full release Spec Requirement

    Try going to this site: Click Here
  13. ShuffleCapz


    Keep checking the FB Page until they hold another contest, or if you really want to play and you got money in your pocket buy any of the Ship packages in the Premium Shop
  14. ShuffleCapz

    [MOD] specialist mod pack (replease)

    ^^ the wallpaper looks great!