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  1. Currently, the Asia server "resets" (for first win bonuses) at 09:00 (UTC+11 - AEDT - Australian Eastern Daylight Time) The Daily Mission chains however do not become available until 17:00 (8 hours later). Why is this? On the NA server the Daily Missions start at the same time as the server reset. Can we please have the Daily Missions start at the same time as the daily reset on the Asia server? Thanks.
  2. Bunnios

    Skill-based Matchmaking for CVs

    Our CV has 143 games in the Essex, with 19% win rate. Why would you even bother to keep playing? Though in this case one might suspect the enemy CV was controlling both. It's pretty much guaranteed you will lose when you have this CV player on your team:
  3. Bunnios

    Skill-based Matchmaking for CVs

    Another game, another reason WG should just remove CVs from random battles until the rework is done: The first thing our Lexington did was send all his planes to attack the Salem, which promptly shot all of them down.
  4. Bunnios

    A question about anti-abuse system

    Then they need to do something specifically about BOTs and SUICIDING players then. Had player "CTM21" on my team again tonight. Drives straight towards enemy team and dies. I assume every game. I checked his stats for the past 7 days - he has played (so far) 966 games. So either definitely a bot or spamming games and making no attempt to play the game properly. You'd think any reasonable anti-abuse system would detect a player playing hundreds of games every day for less then 3-4 mins per game.
  5. Bunnios

    Skill-based Matchmaking for CVs

    4 from 5 games tonight (so far) had CVs 3 of those 4 were a waste of time because of the CV imbalance. This was the last game. Our CV player went from Bogue to Enterprise and knows nothing about high tier CV play. Enemy Shokaku shot down 50 of his planes.
  6. Bunnios

    Skill-based Matchmaking for CVs

    And today's <censored> players/division award goes to these 3 players in the Saipan/Kutuzov/Kidd division. WG wonders why they don't grow this game more? Because they have no idea how to fix the glaring problems in their game design and game balance and people are tired of wasting 20 minutes in a game which was over before it began. The irony about one of these players is that he was once perma-banned because he AFKed EVERY game, until he begged to be unbanned, which WG did, and now the rest of the player base is rewarded with him in fishing divisions like this. Simple fixes: e.g. CVs can't division, CVs can only division with ships of their own tier. Not so hard, is it?
  7. Bunnios

    Skill-based Matchmaking for CVs

    I think the enemy CV-division queue-synced and got their dog to control our CV.
  8. Bunnios

    Skill-based Matchmaking for CVs

    When one player out of 24 decides who wins. Our CV has played 16000+ games and over 2500 in CVs - yet has never learned how to strafe. He has played every CV in the game but doesn't have a win rate over 50% in any of them - mostly 30-40%.
  9. Bunnios

    Skill-based Matchmaking for CVs

    Another prime example of how stupid the imbalance in CVs make this game, and how to make the actions of 22 other players pretty much irrelevant to the outcome.
  10. Bunnios

    Skill-based Matchmaking for CVs

    Despite our team being better overall, our CV had absolutely no idea - at T9 - so of course we lost quite convincingly. In chat after the game, when I asked him why he flew all his planes over the Atlanta (which shot down 27), he asked me "Does your computer tell you what kind of ship you are looking at in the battle?" and "You said i flew my planes over the Atlanta, can you tell what ship you are hitting in battle?". So this person has reached tier 9 without learning anything. I don't even know how he can't see what ships he is attacking.
  11. Bunnios

    Skill-based Matchmaking for CVs

    Sailed next to Montana the whole game. Didn't matter. Midway dropped AP bombs on Montana to almost delete it and then torped me after I had used DFAA. Our CV was so bad, he actually drove towards where the enemy was strongest and was the 2nd ship sunk.
  12. Bunnios

    Update, How do you like it so far?

    Frame rates are worse. There's now a new lag as the match starts. Port UI is as slow as ever, if not slower. Especially the contacts list. Bug which kicks you to login screen when you get put in a game from queue is still there. Bug which causes islands to disappear is still there.
  13. Bunnios

    Skill-based Matchmaking for CVs

    Seal-clubbing in CVs is turning this game into a joke.
  14. Bunnios

    Option to disable badge

    Aslain's mod pack has a mod to disable them. I use it and it works without issues.