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  1. Bunnios

    King of the Sea IX – Finals

    Err, I mean, the information is wrong. The games start 6 hours later than what the web page states. The games start at "18:00 CEST" (which is UTC+2), not "18:00 UTC+8".
  2. Bunnios

    King of the Sea IX – Finals

    Times for the International Finals are incorrect on this page: https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/community/kots-ix-finals/ It says: "International finals begin: 2019/10/20 @ 18:00 (UTC+8)" They actually start at "2019/10/20 @ 18:00 CEST" which is "2019/10/21 @ 00:00 UTC+8", or for example, viewers in Sydney Australia: 2019/10/21 @ 03:00 AEDT
  3. Yep, that's what people are doing. Sitting in spawn and spamming 20km torps into caps.
  4. It's called good game design. The new CVs, when played by COMPETENT players, have made DDs practically obsolete. I watch and chat with top players from NA and EU clans (e.g. KoTS winners). They have all pretty much said the same thing. Here we go again with this asinine argument. CVs and other classes are apples and oranges. A Yamato can not fly across the map in 30 seconds at the start of the game, spot and kill you. BTW, Midway and Hakuryu deck armor bounces Yamato AP. My Kamikaze has a top speed of 37.5 knots. Ranger planes have a top speed of what, 150 knots (?), without speed boost. Tell me again how I can move away from the planes? Because showing player names in score cards is, I believe, against forum rules. You're lucky so far I guess.
  5. Here, I'll help you by showing you what happens when you play against CVs that ACTUALLY have an idea what they are doing. Thankfully the rest of the red team were hopeless, so we scraped a win, but their 2 CVs focused and harassed our DDs from the start. There was no counter-play. Endless rocket spam and spotting.
  6. The Shokaku in that game has "below average" stats and has only played 381 games total.
  7. Please post the scoreboard as you did in your initial post, not the summary screen. Why not talk about unicum players? They exist, and part of the goal of this rework was to "re-balance" CVs so that skill imbalances would not be as pronounced as they were with the RTS CVs. Show us how effective you are in a tech-tree DD against really GOOD CV players.
  8. You cherry-picked a game where you came top of the scoreboard in a PREMIUM DD which is KNOWN for having good AA. Whether it is effective in battle or not, CVs will actively AVOID it. Of the two CVs in your game, one was OK (Shokaku), the other (Hakuryu) has hidden stats, so safe to say that player is pretty terrible. Please play a few games in a tech-tree DD (not Grozovoi) against very good or unicum CV players and post your results. Until then, no one is going to take your opinion seriously.
  9. Bunnios

    Broken game.

    Your stats would argue otherwise. Hakuryu, before the rework: 42 battles, 42.86% winrate, 922 PR, 80,024 average damage Hakuryu, after the rework: 13 battles, 69.23% winrate, 1150 PR, 107,197 average damage
  10. Bunnios

    Broken game.

    Yep, it's pretty broken. DDs are pointless. Every cruiser at T10 except Minotaur is mostly useless against CV planes (too much RNG). My Atlanta couldn't even shoot down 1 spotter plane today. This rework was supposed to address, among other things: 1) skill imbalance 2) power of CVs against other classes. In my first T5-T6 game today, the 2 enemy CVs were both unicums and finished the game with 7 kills between them. Our CVs had 1 kill. So the skill imbalance is still there, and actually worse. CVs have rendered DDs too painful to play, since, as OP said, you spent 90% of the game just dodging CV planes. Streamers I watch from the top clans say the only DD they will play is Grozovoi. Watch the video below and feel disgusted (and he didn't even abuse the F key). The player is Kebobstusov: Hakuryu , 4959 base XP, 443k damage, 7 kills. A new NA CV base XP record: OK, the Hakuryu is being nerfed, but I bet that for a skilled CV player, such as Kebobstuzov, it will be as OP as ever. https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1019310493,Kebobstuzov/
  11. There are words and phrases to describe people like this but unfortunately using them breaks this forum's rules. Actually, in fact, he may have done the forum a service, because now we can safely IGNORE everything this person ever writes.
  12. Bunnios

    Skill-based Matchmaking for CVs

    CV rework was supposed to address: 1) power and 2) skill imbalance. Looks like it is working wonderfully /s Spotted in my DD from start of game to finish, enemy CVs got 7 kills between them. The game is still basically 2 or 4 CVs and 20 or 22 spectators.
  13. Bunnios

    Atlanta needs a serious Buff

    If I tell you "I got 70% in my last exam" and you reply "100% is better", see how stupid that sounds? Same thing.
  14. Bunnios

    Atlanta needs a serious Buff

    Wow, you really think that needed to be said? Thank you Captain Obvious.
  15. Bunnios

    Atlanta needs a serious Buff

    The only problem with Atlanta is that it needs at least a 14-point captain, since you really need IFHE and AFT. Division with a USN DD for maximum effectiveness.