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  1. Wyvernslayer

    Problem with the forum

    Mobile phone
  2. Wyvernslayer

    Problem with the forum

    I’ve been trying to read up on the forum but I keep getting this error message. Is there a problem with the forum or is it just my computer?
  3. Wyvernslayer


    Dear War gaming If its possible, (and why it wouldn't be I don't know) but in the "Honorable Service" and the "Yamamoto Isoroku" Campaigns can you please add in some Co-Op available missions, there don't necessarily have to be a lot I'm not asking for every mission to be made co-op available, but maybe at least 2 tasks per mission would be nice. I've noticed that in the "Hit Hard! Hit Fast! Hit Often!" Campaign there are at least 2 in every stage (with 5 in the 5th mission). I've just started doing the first 2 tasks of stage one for the 3rd time and sure its going to take a really long time to get all the way to mission 5, but it is possible, these other 2 Campaigns are, well to me, a waste of space as I'm not going to do ranked or random battles and if you removed them from the game along with all rewards I wouldn't miss them.
  4. Wyvernslayer

    Delete mission button

    Can we get a Delete mission button or maybe a hide mission button? Even a filter, show all .... missions I'm never going to do Random or Ranked battles, So every time i go though the mission list and even the Campaigns i have to look for the missions I'm actually going to do. Having the ability to hide all Random and Ranked battles, or show all Co-Op battles would be very useful.
  5. Wyvernslayer

    Steam + games + mods

    I play WoWS though steam, i'm not sure if its good or not but it works really well. Does WG plan on adding WoTs or even WoWPs to Steam? I've noticed that they now have an official modding policy for WoWS and i say that's awesome but if i go and download Aslains mod pack will it work on the steam version and is there any chance that steam will get a workshop for WoWS?
  6. Wyvernslayer


    I see nothing for co-op for this week, guess I'll check back next week. Or if anybody knows when the next event for co-op players is going to happen that would be good to know so i can stop wasting my time logging into the game
  7. Wyvernslayer

    Nelson VS Missouri

    I have the duke of york pretty good ship though i dont actually like the 4 barrel they seem to spread the shot too much
  8. Wyvernslayer

    Nelson VS Missouri

    I'm close to hitting 375k free xp and i was wondering should i get the Nelson or so i continue on and get the Missouri any suggestions?
  9. Wyvernslayer

    Eastern Dragon WT actual F

    i bought the package i didnt have any of the ships. but when i went looking for the E. Dragon i cant find it in my list of ships. notification says i received it though. Am i missing something?
  10. Wyvernslayer

    Collecting Oil mission and premium shop

    I know they are going to expire on the 5th, so to a certain extent i agree so what. I'm more thinking for the future, and while having the ability to do both the Campaign and the mission would be great just one available to co-op players would be good. Something else that's just occurred to me as something that would be good. The ability to turn off the ability to see anything that requires to be completed in Random or ranked, just a little check box or something that hides . I'm probable never going to do any of the Campaigns, Honorable Service or Yamamoto Isoroku because they are all Random requirements (I've completed Science of Victory) so it would be good not to have to see them.
  11. I wish the collecting oil missions were available to co-op players or if not that mission can we have the Daily Mission? Co-Op players are involved in clans as well and we'd like to contribute to our clans. As for the premium shop aspect of this thread. I'd like to see 30 day premium packages come with ships, like WoTs does. you can get a tank some gold some silver and a 30 day premium in 1 buy. I'd certainly think more about buying premium ships if they came with 30 days premium and some doubloons
  12. Wyvernslayer

    2nd Anniversary Achievements

    ok so I'm up to 2 collections and 2 Campaigns i'll never complete, it would be good if wows had a tick box "not going to random?" which could then clear out all the crap that can only be completed in random battles