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  1. >not asking for the same >want WG to make everything accessible every level of player pick one route mate. There are plenty of thing you can get with Coal that you can earn in non-competitive game. And it not like all the reward ship are only going to be obtainable by reaching rank and play CW. you could get it from collecting steel through SC. It not like you can't earn Coal from playing solo by collecting Coal from Container do you?
  2. For solo player. The Coal is already for you for the time you play this game, and it can even get the salem aka Stalingard of non competitive player. You don't know what it take to become a decent competitive player. How much I changed from one year ago by the introduction of Clan battle. You don't know the pain of having to play over 100 battles In a serious environment and over 1000 battle to improve myself so that I can be of help to my team and my clan.
  3. eee7112542

    Emblem damage calculation bug

    1. Description Destroyer elite commander emblem(Highest tier for average damage catalog for) account all the battle you played, not just the last 100 battle. 2. Reproduction steps 1)play 66 game as DD tier 10, have an average damage lower from what require for the emblem 2)play another 100 game as DD tier 10, have an average damage which exceeded the amount needed for the emblem 3. Result Emblem aren't credited even when the last 100 battle have a required average damage and display an average damage different from what the statistic page in-game displayed. In my case it display only 61000 damage while my last 100 battle have 99 match with 72000 average damage as Yue Yang and 1 match with 140000 damage as Shimakaze. 4. Expected result Emblem credited with average damage shown as 72000+
  4. By not getting serious about it? It not like these average damage requirement can be easily achieve unless you have a proper skill and ship and be prepared to farm the damage for 100 game straight .
  5. It probably a flaw in their system. Just wait for them to fix it first.
  6. The average dmg emblem need you to achieve a certain amount of average damage from your last 100 battle. It supposed to count only your last 100 battle but as of now I found that it will take all the match you played into account. Meaning if you started to grind the emblem at your 51th game and finish it at your 150th game. The system supposed to only count the average damage from your 51th-150th match into account, but I found out there is a problem that make it count your 1st-50th game too. I notified WG through their player support and should be investigating this as of now. So anyone who want to grind the emblem should finish it in your first 100 game or stay put until WG fix this problem first.
  7. eee7112542

    CV player letter to non CV player

    I'm stop advancing in CV line since they decide to buff IJN BB AA. It good that they have some mean to defend themselve but that make CV don't have anything to pray on anymore.
  8. eee7112542

    AP vs Tripitz?

    Unless they heading their bow to you, AP alway the better choice against BB. Yes it difficult to hit German's citadel. But they can suffer like 10-30K damage if your salvo fully hit their belly.