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  1. FJSteve

    BLUF - Episode 6 - Goliath

    I have watched a number of your videos, and I really do like your narrative and your informed opinion. I am a subscriber to your Youtube channel. Keep up the great work, I really enjoy and learn from them. Steve
  2. FJSteve

    PSA: Operations will be temporarily disabled

    So...the Public Test server doesn't "test" all aspects of the new version? *asking for a friend.
  3. FJSteve

    any aussies playing?

    Hi all, Steve (Perth WA) here. Been an active player for a number of years, various tiered ships in the inventory. I'd like to join an Australian clan, but I see that TF44 has a 50% WB as a minimum. I have 44% from just over 3000 battles...so I guess I will have to grind it out a bit more?
  4. FJSteve

    Taskforce44 - Sign Up Here!

    just joined the Taskforce44 group (FJSteve). Home port is Mindarie WA