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  1. FJSteve

    Prime Gaming Rewards: Random Drop

    WOT is there, WOWs is not 😞
  2. FJSteve

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.11.6

    After completing a battle the game freezes as it tries to bring you back to port. Only way to correct this - Ctrl-Alt-Del and start again. I have cleared cache, checked install, done all the repair commands. FRUSTRATING Tried the Bill Gates resolution - restart PC. Fixed
  3. FJSteve


    most of those codes are 3 months (or more) old. Would be surprised if any of them work.
  4. FJSteve

    So, Did You Get Santa's Gift Yet?

    30 days Premium Account. Noice
  5. FJSteve

    Stucked in Logging In screen.

    2 hours now and still nothing. This is ridiculous.
  6. FJSteve

    Stucked in Logging In screen.

    Usual Thursday morning update of SEA server?
  7. FJSteve

    ​📰 Updated "Daily Rewards".

    You can select (from the Daily Rewards 'screen') to "Open the Daily Rewards window on login" Handy tip for absent minded people like myself
  8. FJSteve

    All the TWITCH drops collected recently

    I missed a few, but tried to scoop up as much free stuff as I could
  9. I'm in Perth WA and I consistently get 33 - 35ms Ping.
  10. FJSteve

    Getting obliterated in tier 2 and 3 randoms

    Each time you fire, it resets/starts the detectability counter. Therefore, you will always be 'visible' to the attacker. When trying to escape an onslaught, take your finger off the fire button. Just zig-zag-zag-zig /rinse/repeat. You'll soon go 'dark' if you're sailing away from them.
  11. FJSteve


    BUMP @mademoisail
  12. FJSteve


    When is the next competition please @mademoisail
  13. FJSteve

    Five Epochs of the Navy: DESTROY THEM!

    Keep checking on the thread. Winners are tagged in the post announcing the winner/s 😉
  14. FJSteve

    Five Epochs of the Navy: DESTROY THEM!

    one more Got 2 of the kills with a double strike.
  15. FJSteve

    Five Epochs of the Navy: DESTROY THEM!

    I think this qualifies 😉 I just couldn't stop at 2. Methinks I have found a better DD than the Samson