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  1. poppin_d

    any aussies playing?

    perth here,been on since alpha,hope to see yas in game some time
  2. poppin_d

    HMS Warspite : Is it worth it?

    i have the warspite,she can hit real hard and be a good credit earner
  3. poppin_d

    100% hate Carrier and torpedo

    no popcorn for u
  4. poppin_d

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 2

    i would like to volunteer my services as a super tester
  5. poppin_d

    Premuim account

    it will say under your name in game the amount of premium time left,
  6. poppin_d

    Forum ranks and titles

    ^ thats right
  7. poppin_d

    Reasons why I am quitting the game

    so you are throwing your toys out of the cot over a game that is still in beta dont let the door hit you on the way out
  8. poppin_d


    may i ask why we are not allowed but N.A are allowed to?
  9. poppin_d


    just wondering if we are going to get a separate section for clan recruiting like the na forums has?
  10. poppin_d

    High tier premium ships linked to captains level

    lets just be honest.....that figure covers most ships
  11. poppin_d

    RNG vs Warsprite

    still moaning i see
  12. poppin_d


    people just want that 1 shot i win ship
  13. poppin_d

    Cleveland - Grossley Overpowered - Free to Win Indeed!

    ahhh this old chestnut agin......
  14. poppin_d

    Kill Assist System

    kill stealing in a team based game,how about stop been so selfish and be happy ya own team is helping