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  1. LurkingDeath

    Final Battle of North Cape Mission

    Totally expected from what you would be saying, focusing on minute details while giving a blind eye to all the other major arguments. I wanted to make the description for minorities clear and simple so to help people who are ignorant enough to ask who the hell are they, maybe the example got a bit too extreme but hey it is history, I’m sure it gives a profound impression otherwise they won’t bother to censor it. And finally they done it, repairing elemental issues which they would’ve fixed easily a month ago, not bad for such big company.
  2. LurkingDeath

    Final Battle of North Cape Mission

    An announcement posted 2 hours ago? You do know this bug has been trolling with us since the mission went live, for a 7-day limited mission we have now got 6 days left, thanks to WG's FAST and SWIFT reply. And guess what, the problem still wasn't solved at the time I posted this. Seems it's too hard for them to refine and debug a campaign within a 1 month+ period. If there's no time limit then it sure wouldn't be that much of a fuss, but when you set deadline to something rather challenging then that's a different story. Content Removed, Social / Religious / Political Content, User Sanctioned ~tc1259
  3. LurkingDeath

    Final Battle of North Cape Mission

    WG staffs just can't take insult even though they knew they deserve to be insulted from any angle of view, rather than acknowledging their mistakes they tend to stay silent and stubborn until figuring out the mass is against them To me this is totalitarianism, bashing minorities they do not like, only kneels when they know they can't handle the tide.
  4. Disputing a Moderator / GM / Admin Decision, User Warned If you wish for this to be reviewed, please contact support, the forums are not the place for this, additionally locking this thread and moving it to the appropriate section. ~tc1259
  5. LurkingDeath

    why dont we have server equality

    Those anime events and missions were also implemented in other regional servers iirc, it's the server's homepage which made the difference. Asia server uses more anime related materials to propagate its product compared to other regional servers.
  6. LurkingDeath

    why dont we have server equality

    I'm here only to talk about the Kamikaze event. From the surface it seems we do get sightly better odds at getting the ship reward, but anyone who actually do know what happened during the event will counter something otherwise. To start with, we were the first server to implement the event, which sounds nice. But by then devs obviously didn't know HOW to design their missions, the milestone requirements were simply absurd compared to how many pearls players can actually collect throughout the event. Someone actually did the math, even with all players in server clearing every daily missions each and everyday throughout the event, none will ever get the reward ship due to public milestone goals. There were other multiple minor nuisances sprinkled across daily missions, and it wasn't after many fixes and tweaks when we finally had an acceptable event to accomplish, all of these happened DURING the event. Srsly WG staffs, was it that hard to test out your products prior to release rather having the entire server population to become human guinea pigs? Other servers had their Kamikaze event primed and polished many thanks to the carnage the asia server had endured, after all those suffering you call this a privilege? I'm sorry but I'm afraid I can't backup your arguments regarding the Kamikaze event.
  7. LurkingDeath

    For the producer(losing fun with torps)

    This is what idiots in WG do when facing turmoils, they ban you for speaking bad stuffs about their game, regardless ingame or in the forums. Rather than facing the [content removed] problem, they choose to do these small pesky moves to keep the community "clean". Srsly dudes I once thought this game as a replacement for the disastrous bloody tank game, bought the trios, the tirpitz, and even the warspite, let alone the prem accounts and dubloons, now i'm feeling like this game is going the same direction where the tanks have gone. Selling reskins, promoting bundles yeah? Well done WG, well done. We really need another competitive naval game rival, or else these guys would never learn Profanity. Warning issued. Twisted0ne