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  1. Deathcharge

    6.3.2 unable to select ship

    Same here, have to reload the game every time i finish a match
  2. Deathcharge

    Type93 mod.2 torpedoes

    I have encountered a possible bug that I have researched the type93 mod.2 torpedoes on the Ibuki, but when i unlocked the Kagero they are not unlocked. I have checked and they are exactly the same torpedoes. In wot if you researched a module from another vehicle you dont have to research it again. Why is this not the case for the kagero?
  3. My game used to be running fast and smooth, on very high graphics. I also used multiple mods including skins and the game runs totally fine. However, after the new update of the two new tech trees the game starts to become very slow. I was stuck at the loading screen for 10 minutes before being able to log in. I restarted my computer already but it doesn't fix the issue. When I finally loaded in, it took another 5 minutes for the ship to load in, and I can't even load the ship icons in the tech tree. I haven't even put in any mods yet. I have no idea why this is happening because the game is completely fine before the update. Has someone faced the same issue as I did? because I really hope that its the game's problem and not my pc.
  4. The one on top of my head is the PBY Catalina maritime patrol aircraft, its just one of the examples and all nations have these patrol aircraft. Btw its just a suggestion and by no means can implemented at all
  5. my idea is for some specialised consumables that can only be earned by doing damage, like in World of Tanks domination mode, if you know what it is
  6. lol, btw World of Tanks Domination mode has these combat consumables, not just call of duty (do they have those?)
  7. A thought came to my mind one day. As world of tanks players will know, in the 'Domination' game mode players can save up points by doing damage and accessing 'combat consumables', which is the artillery barrage and airstrike, to maximise their damage. I wonder if the same thing can be implemented into World of Warships. Would that enhance gameplay, make it more interesting? These things can be prevented from spam by making players need to do a lot of damage to earn them I think. Some examples of these consumables came to my mind: direct a squadron of Dive Bombers to enemy ship Direct AI submarine to launch a spread of Torps out of map border(to kill border huggers) Activating radar to increase accuracy There can also be defensive consumables such as: Flying boats to spot incoming torpedoes Land based fighters flying over for air cover for a few minutes Using advanced fuel to boost speed (useful for battleships for example) These are my thoughts, and I would like to hear more from what you guys think.
  8. Deathcharge

    Chat server is unavailable?

    I have cleared TCP and UDP ports but its still not working
  9. Deathcharge

    Heavy frame rate drops since pre-0.3.1

    For me only the new map Hotspot is giving me FPS drops, others are fine though. I wonder if the new map is less optimised or it has better graphics than the other ones
  10. Deathcharge

    Chat server is unavailable?

    I have got some friends that I like to add in the game but for some reason the bottom left chat icon pops up and says 'Chat server is unavailable, we are working on it'. I have been told by my friends that the chat is working, so whats going on?
  11. Deathcharge

    Cleveland AA too weak?

    So I had a game where two enemy torpedo plane squadrons fly almost directly over my Cleveland, about 1km out. So, I activate my AA capability, and for some reason not a single plane was shot down. Is it just a bug or just some crazy RNG? Because at that range all my AA guns can fire and I got the special ability activated.
  12. I don't know if anyone has this issue but every time I get a game on the new map I just get massive frame rate drops. Using the same graphic settings on other maps are totally fine so it is the problem of the map. Anyone has this problem as well?
  13. Deathcharge

    0.3.1. Review, (Carrier)

    and they removed the air superiority set up... Oh well I think they are just testing the balance between the two nations carriers. I hope they will change it soon. The best thing will be for the players themselves to choose the aircraft loadout.
  14. Deathcharge

    0.3.1. Review, (Carrier)

    Overall I am really disappointed about the US CVs in this patch. The fact that there is only one TB squadron on most of the carriers in all flight control options just made them more or less useless against other ships, since Bombers are just too RNG and sometimes simply miss everything. I don't see an advantage of US fighters over IJN fighters so in my opinion the two nations CVs are pretty unbalanced