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  1. kingarthas

    Japanese Battleships.

    well ive got the following on my yamato's captain at the moment (not a 19 points commander yet): Basic Fire Training Expert Marksmen High Alert Superintendent Advance Firing Training
  2. kingarthas

    Service record question

    That is correct the number in front of your name is your karma meaning you got that many compliments.
  3. kingarthas

    Torpedoes go through ship ?

    Ok i looked at your replay and can confirm that its not a bug but the torps did not arm.
  4. kingarthas

    Torpedoes go through ship ?

    i guess they didnt arm in time from the looks of screenshot attached.
  5. kingarthas


    the commander skill does stack with the consumables so if the reload time is 60 sec on prem consumables with the commander skill of high alert it will be further reduced by 10% to 54 secs.
  6. probably your files got corrupted. either you will need to download patch files again or worst case scenerio you will have to reinstall the whole thing again.
  7. kingarthas

    Premium Ship choices.

    and atlanta ofcourse.
  8. kingarthas

    Torpedo reload time longer than the stats

    correction omaha has 1.4 round/min rate of fire. unless whats stated ingame is incorrect. Also do you have second commander skill? Torpedo armament experties one?
  9. kingarthas

    main battery modification 2 (shout out box)

    its all about priorities. they might do that in future but they have yet to deal with a lot of more important issues such as balancing and introducing new tech trees.
  10. kingarthas

    main battery modification 2 (shout out box)

    actually its the other way around faster traverse and slower reload.
  11. kingarthas

    matchmaking still bad for low tiers

    I thought the patch was suppose to fix only CV matchmaking. I dont think so they said about the whole MM being fixed. correct me if I am wrong.
  12. kingarthas

    What happen to OBT account if this game released

    Nope no more resets. You keep what you have. the only reset was from CBT to OBT transition.
  13. kingarthas

    Team kill in purpose?

    you may wanna cover those names like marvinis said. And tbh im not sure if it is on purpose or not. If u feel it is on purpose i suggest you send a ticket with the replay because just the screenshot does not provide enough proof of intentional tk.