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  1. There is more than enough content to make a limited RAN Tech Tree, or combine it with other Commonwealth countries to form a full tech tree (with a few gaps). They did it with the Chinese and Japanese tech trees in WoT so there is no reason why they shouldn't do it in WoWS
  2. Eddywils

    The Curse of Arkansas

    Too slow, hits like a little girl, main battery range too short and has no AA. I Kill these things with my St Louis, they are a joke. If you don't have a good CV player in your team to cover you then you may as well rage quit and go play another ship, it will be less stressful. Only thing it does is trains up my BB Commander, and it's not very good at that.
  3. Eddywils


    The helmsman is usually just a sailor unless you are going in or out of port and then the Senior Coxswain takes over. It was a bit different when I was in Submarines, the Petty Officers (they all took turns) at the helm dived and the Junior Sailors were at the helm on the surface except when going in or out of Harbor or at action stations when the Chief Coxswain took the Helm. But I don't think we should expand the crew past 5 as it will make the skill sets too complicated. And at the end of the day all the NCOs are just following orders given to them by the officers. The helm is not a complicated job, your just turning a wheel.
  4. Eddywils


    I think if we added extra crew we should just stick to the Ward room. I think 5 officers would be a good balance. Captain : Skills that effect the over all operating ability of the ship. Executive : Damage Control. Gunnery : Main and secondary armament and possibly AA. Navigation : Maneuverability and spotting distance. Engineering : Propulsion and Repair. It would be normal for some of these Officers to have over lapping skills. I may come back to this and add some skills later.
  5. Eddywils

    Great Naval Battles

    One thing you forget in all this is that most people played GNB as a solo game, player vs the AI ( I don't even remember if it had a PvP option ) and you had time settings so you didn't have to fight in real time, you could also pause the game. This made it possible to click through all the stations during the battle and not get overwhelmed by the level of multitasking required to do all that in a WoWS style of game. GNB also allowed you to lock your forward and aft main batteries (guns) on different targets and assign secondary (and all DD guns) individually. There was also spotting mode for guns to improve accuracy quicker. Now I would love to be able to aim my aft and forward main guns at different targets, but other than that there is little GNB can offer to WoWS as it is a battle simulation not an arcade game. Have thought about it a bit more, I think I would like to see weather conditions effecting battles. Heavy sea state would reduce the fighting effectiveness of all ships, nerf torps and aircraft and reduce vis, hehe BTW GNB still one of my all time favorite games
  6. Are these ships going to be available for purchase in the open Beta or are they just for closed beta purchase? And when are they going to give us gold like they did in the WoT close beta test?
  7. I have thought some more on this and I think we need a similar system to the team damage auto ban system. If your BB spends too long on the blue line you get a nice little time out, lol
  8. Eddywils

    Locked out for team killing

    Hmmm I think I did TK one player who stabbed me in the back, but banning me for team killing is a bit of an over reaction when there is no complaint system in place to report unfair conduct by other players. Any way how does this ban system work in WoWS is it automatic like in WOT or do you have to lodge a ticket when someone TKs you. I've been TKed a few times my self but didn't bother reporting it.
  9. Eddywils

    player base is going bad really quick

    The MM seems to be getting as bad as the standard of play. My win rate dropped from 54% after the first 100 battles to 48% after 200 battle. The standard of play has really dropped off in the past 2 weeks. I've stopped playing in randoms as it's easier to carry bad players against bots than against other good players. The Alpha was a lot better, it seemed that only good players ever played randoms and you always had a few good players on your team.
  10. Was this in a co-op or random battle. I've seen plenty of BOTs blue line since the AI is not that good yet, but the only blue line BBs I see in Random battles is when they are dodging torps. Having said that I have noticed a big drop off in the competency of players since the end of Alpha. It's a sad reflection of the standard of players in our community, but unfortunately we can't kick them from the server for incompetency. And they will never improve, because let's face it, most of these people would ring up IT help desk to complain their computer doesn't operate during a power black out. ROFL. I have stopped playing Random battle because it is too hard to carry bad players against good players and I have had an exceptionally high occurrence of bad teams. But I can carry most bad teams against Bots so it's more fun for me to play this mode. And in the long run I earn more exp. So to answer your question, the only real way of stopping blue line fever is to have the AI collision avoidance take over and steer them away from the blue line, of course this will just mean they will die quicker to torps. It's a lose lose situation.
  11. Eddywils


    I think that considering Australia operated more warships in WW2 than the Russians it would be an injustice not to give the RAN it's own Tech tree or at least a combined Commonwealth/Allied tech tree. The Russian WoWS Tech tree, like the Russian WoT tech tree will be full of concept ships that never made it off the back of a beer coaster. After all they never had much of a navy after the japs destroyed it in 1905. And some of the ships they did have were designed and built in other countries.
  12. Eddywils


    i would say they will get done at a later date or they will be included with the royal navy.i also think they would of had the older ships of the royal navy and i think that afew were in alantic and mediterrain sea,you know fighting for king and country. You need to redo your research, Australia had a lot more ships than that, abet mostly Corvette Class ships. But you also need to go back to WW1 as the tech tree goes back that far for existing ships and that gives most of these so called smaller nations a much larger list to choose from.
  13. Eddywils

    New Beta Codes ?

    What's the difference between the Alpha Testers and us weekend Beta testers, I've been able to play every night since the weekend beta event
  14. Deleted ... I cut and posted into the wrong thread, sorry
  15. Was so busy last week and over the weekend (mostly with WoT campaign lol) that I didn't check my WoWS email until today and have missed the weekend event The code was still accepted to activate my account, but of course the download no longer works My biggest disappointment though is that I never got to participate in the Alpha Test I wish they had advertised the event on the WoT news feed, or if they did I missed that too, lol