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  1. Alspug

    Unable to start WOWS

    I run AVG pro and i have a nighthawk r8000 router and a belkin telstra supplied cable modem . running windows 10 (yes i know it is crap but hey i've dealt with microsoft virus operating systems for 2 decades . I have all the exceptions in the AVG to allow communications , my router has no ports blocked that i can tell and i even tried connecting with the on router firewall disabled . Literally last time i had this issue it was a problem with my video driver not having application controlled in every aspect of the driver and that is not the case anymore . I have tried every fix under the sun and a few that i figured i may as well try . Windows 10 hates my system and i hate it so i'm even their . Tried running it in compatibility mode for win 7 and no luck might try XP just for giggles .
  2. Alspug

    Unable to start WOWS

    My modem and router are unchanged yet I have the same problem it seems . I have not had support even read my ticket yet and it was put in 4 days ago . I have done everything in my power that the various forums suggest and the only time I have logged into a game server successfully has been when I installed alsains mod that allowed me to log into other servers besides Asia . Managed to log into NA so my computer is likely not the problem .
  3. Alspug

    Unable to start WOWS

    I can not log into WOWS Asia at all but I installed the mod that allows logging in to the other servers as well and guess what NA works fine , can't get near WOWS Asia . sounds like it's not my computer to me .
  4. Alspug

    Unable to start WOWS

    Having the exact same problem . I have tried everything including removing programs that have never caused a conflict before but updated since sunday .
  5. I love how wargaming makes their own decisions on how to decide the stats of a new vessel . Now truthfully they can mention that the Tashkent achieved 43 knots on trials . Now those trials were organised by the Italians and where run in a very light condition , their was not a single round of ammunition or even weapons on board . I bet their was enough fuel for the days steaming only and nothing else . For those who don't understand what i'm saying it is normal for the Italians and French in this era to run trials in special light ship conditions but to have no weapons on board is well even stretching it for the Italians . Removing the three 130 mm twin gun mounts saves 49 tons per mount . that's 150 tons . removing the ammunition for the same is another 50 tons . (150 rounds per gun) The engines produce 130,000 hp , that's as much as a King George the Fifth class battleship . At that power level fuel supply is counted in hours not miles or days for a destroyer . Service speed is more likely to be 40 to 41 knots but the installed power is insane . The ship is more of a Cruiser then a destroyer but so long as the French get the Mogador and the Royal Navy the Manxman class it's ok .
  6. I should have mentioned I am on a Telstra cable with the extra dollars paid for a smoother priority connection 100 mbps , just another way that Telstra extorts customers when it provides less then adequate connection . I tried testing my connection , testing the ping speed to the server and my packet loss with no sign of help their . I have a 105 to 110 ping to the server according to the WG in game counter but a 160 ping according to a trace . I must admit I tried all sorts of fixes and nothing worked until I went from win 7 to win 10 and also did my tessellation to application controlled .
  7. I spent my first month or so of playing WOWS loving the detail of the ships but hating my game experience due to an inconsistent desync of the game . I loved it when a destroyer would sneak up on my battleship ( YES WG thanks for making a ship invisible in clam seas at 5000 metres , seriously are my lookouts that bad in the eyesight department or off drinking anti-freeze) anyway i'd traverse my guns wait the 30 seconds for them to reload ( Yes it was fun watching a destroyer reload his torpedo's faster then my main guns ) and then fire a salvo at pointblank and get told on ts that I had fired an entire salvo only for it to miss 2 or 3 ship lengths behind the destroyer . I ended up shooting up to 15 degrees ahead of destroyers at 5 km just to get one hit . anyway that would be the experience one day , the next the aim off had changed again . I eventually resigned myself to carriers only and auto everything as well due to this . Then I decided to download and install windows 10 . As soon as I downloaded and installed it I made sure my games worked . first game desync again . I then went through every single setting I could think of and came to one setting that was different to normal . I had the same setting cause problems in WOT and that's when it hit me . same platform probably same issues . anyway I had Tessellation mode set to AMD modified by the last graphics card driver update and had not changed it . This I changed and suddenly I have no desync issues . I am running an ATI R200 series card that is more then powerful enough to do the job . if anyone else is having these same problems and finds this solution to work for them please comment . if not comment also . This is a possible solution , if it fails for a few of you ask for this entire thread to be binned
  8. Alspug

    Massive Ping dramas

    ok without broadcasting my I.p who do I send it too . Support????
  9. Alspug

    Massive Ping dramas

    Ok first to placate the "oh no another whinge thread" people . I am loving the game , I like the graphics and the attention to detail . My problem is I am playing on a 100 to 110 ping link and my first thoughts were this is fantastic much better then the 160 ping I get in WOT Now the issue is that at 100 ping I am seeing torpedos launched from 2 or 3 ship lengths ahead of where I see the Destroyer I am being torpedo by . Of course when they shoot their guns it always comes from ahead of the ship model I am seeing . I have also noticed a disconcerting aspect to these torpedo's as well , I think I've avoided them and they explode again about a ship length ahead of my ship . what does this mean , well pure and simple I am being shot by ghosts and can't even predict where to shoot as by the time I do shoot their already several hundred metres away from my aim point . All I want is the equivalent ability to actually shoot someone as they have on me . This is like playing WOT on 600 ping or more . Their is clearly a major issue with the way the server displays data if I am so far behind my opponents . By learning to guess where my opponents are I can shoot BB's so long as their slow ones but I can't shoot cruisers or destroyers if their over 22 knots . I am guessing I'm not the only person in this boat but for a game you want to release to the general public this is not good enough .