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  1. unicornpr

    HMAS Ships and the White Ensign / HMAS Vampire

    Or Aslains ;-)
  2. unicornpr

    HMAS Ships and the White Ensign / HMAS Vampire

    She's a bit of a light weight, but as an Australian player, a must have for me. Now if we could only get the 'Commonwealth' tech tree listing working, they have a one ship Polish tech tree, but no Commonwealth despite now having both a cruiser and destroyer.
  3. unicornpr

    Commonwealth Tech Tree

    And this is actually germain...how?
  4. unicornpr

    Commonwealth Tech Tree

    Don't know what version of the game you were playing mate, but it was regularly available as a featured item in the premium shop.
  5. unicornpr

    Commonwealth Tech Tree

    Still was available for almost a year, but no tech tree. WG need to extract their collective digits from their nether regions and fix it.
  6. unicornpr

    Commonwealth Tech Tree

    Perth could, and could be for many months, but didn't get a tech tree
  7. unicornpr

    Commonwealth Tech Tree

    OK thanks :) Will do so
  8. unicornpr

    Commonwealth Tech Tree

    And what exactly are you asking me to load onto my computer? I'd prefer some details before opening potential malware. Not accusing, just careful. Thanks
  9. unicornpr

    Commonwealth Tech Tree

    A question for the Devs. Why is there a Polish Tech Tree with one ship, the ORP Blyskawica, and not one for the Commonwealth, with one ship, the HMAS Perth, soon to be joined by HMAS Vampire? Can we please have one? Thanks Unicornpr
  10. unicornpr

    Update 0.6.3 General Feedback

    Unable to select premium ships in port, unable to click on them.
  11. Cannot select any of my premium ships This is one frakked up patch.
  12. unicornpr

    Commonwealth ships

    Commonwealth ships, if all premiums, allow some interesting options. Australia could have the Majestic class light CV Sydney (Tier 8 or 9) with slow speed but an air group of Fireflys and Sea Furys, circa 1950 off Korea. She had a reputation as one of the fastest flight decks in the Paciific, launching an aircraft every 6-7 seconds. The Heavy cruisers Australia, Canberra or Shropshire are also likely when WG gets around to the RNs heavy cruisers, as are the Tribal class, N Class and V&W Class destroyers. The Kiwi's would get, as OP suggested, a reskinned Leander, almost certainly Achillies herself, appropriate as she fought Graf Spee. The fortmer RN cruiser Gambia could also be included, like Perth, as Premiums Achillies and Gambia would get HE instead of the AP only RN ships to differentiate her. A longer shot would be the Dido class cruiser Black Prince that was transferred to the RN. As an AA cruiser with 5.25 inch guns you could imagine her as a variant that plays like the Atlanta. The Canadians would get access to Crown Colony class cruisers Uganda (later Quebec) and Ontario, plus the Tribal Class, Cr, E, F and G Class destroyers plus the Majestic class light carrier Magnificent, operating Sea Fires and Fireflies. The Commonwealth will never be a fully worked up tech tree, but there are opportunities for a varied selection of ships.
  13. unicornpr

    Premium Shop Fiasco

    Well, here we are, browsing the Asian Premium shop looking for new and interesting ships and what do we discover? Buggar all actually. The Ship tab in the Premium Shops looking pretty bloody bare, a grand total of six ships; Perth, Atago, Atlanta, Murmansk, Ishizuchi and Aurora. That's right, a three light cruisers, one heavy cruiser, one ancient battleship and one protected cruiser. Pretty poor selection wouldn't you agree? If we go and look at the other servers, well it's a far different story, a way, way way different story. The NA server currently offers 19 ships, including Warspite, Texas, Tirpitz and Belfast. In fact they offer five battleships, one carrier, four destroyers, and nine cruisers. The EU server goes even further, offering a total of 25 ships, including rarities such as Marblehead, Diana, Dunkerque, Prinz Eugan and Indianapolis. EU players can choose from seven battleships, one carrier, three destroyers and 14 cruisers. Come on Wargaming EU, get with the program, why do we always end up with the worst end of the stick? Why do we always have the least number of sales, the weakest selection of ships, the slowest updates and the least helpful customer service? I watch Jingles YouTube channel and he openly mocks WoWS Asia for not being able to get their stuff together so he can offer his viewers the same prizes as he can his NA and EU viewers. Apparently game codes and such on Asia is 'too hard' for Wargaming Asia to do. Which kind of sums up the whole system we are stuck with out here. Not good enough guys, you can do better.
  14. unicornpr

    RN Cruisers aircraft

    Quick question, many of the RN cruisers have catapults, easily seen on the ships. Wondering if fitting them with a spotter plane might help offset some of the limitations of the Light Cruiser line (AP only, fragility, limited smokescreen, etc.) Or would a spotter plus smokescreen plus enhanced range be OP?
  15. unicornpr

    HMAS Perth seen in action

    It does come with both AP and HE according to WoWS Wiki