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  1. MajorRage

    Major Rage Live Streams

    Hey guys tonight ill be live having a quiet birthday in and lots of gifts for you guys stop past and whatch me fail and pick up some free stuff https://www.youtube.com/user/johneyrico
  2. MajorRage

    Major Rage Live Streams

    G'day guys im doing some live streaming, come watch me die n have some fun https://www.youtube.com/c/AdrianRainbow/live
  3. https://twitch.worldofwarships.com/ What you need to do to participate: 1. Create/have a Twitch Prime account (create a standard one, then upgrade it to Prime). 2. Create/have a WoWs account and bind it to your Twitch account. 3. Install WoWs (I hope this step doesn’t concern you guys :blush:) 4. Enjoy the swag after logging into the game! The swag includes: A very skilled commander Kappa, who can be assigned to the US ships Twitch themed port, 5 Twitch containers with a chance of dropping doubloons and an achievement.
  4. learning and testing the new boats
  5. MajorRage

    Team kill Clan Event (warmup)

    No Guns Torps Only Team Kill Training room Duh Should i be sad that i cant team kill???
  6. MajorRage

    The Ultimate Frontier 5 Star

    so is the titanic m8
  7. :cap_like: hi Major thanks for the Halloween code tip :)