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  1. MajorRage

    Roast me!!!

  2. MajorRage

    Roast me!!!

    Stats mean alot to some people comments will be used in a video
  3. MajorRage

    The APAC All-Star Is Coming

    cant wait to see u guys out there
  4. MajorRage

    10k Steel Cammo

    Just a quick look at the Steel Camo on all 3 ships would u buy them?
  5. MajorRage

    Birthday Giveaway!!

    Live now join the fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6vyNIiWr8k
  6. MajorRage

    Birthday Giveaway!!

    im thinking a lunchtime start, if im awake lol will post here before it starts and on FB or join the discord https://discord.gg/KaPuwUD
  7. MajorRage

    Birthday Giveaway!!

    Bday give away from the only English Community Contributor for the Asia server Prinz Eugen Sharnhorst Prinz Eitel Friedrich T61 Tachibana Lima German condainers (if they show up) Cammo codes by the tonn maybe some CC codes to (ill see what i got) Streaming Sunday 19th july 2020 during the day, no time set yet its my birthday ill do it when i want to but you seen it here first kids!!!! http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkOFQyaYESIrrmo0Kayz3wg?sub_confirmation=1
  8. MajorRage

    Warships Streamer - based in Australia!

    thanks m8, always good to be here 😁
  9. MajorRage

    Warships Streamer - based in Australia!

    ill be there m8
  10. MajorRage

    Major Streams

    I dont know what happend to the orignal post, if u dont know me im Major Rage the only English Asia server Community Contributor. Im definatly not the best player, not even close. But i do get the test ships to show off and sometimes some free Codes to give out. Stop past n say hi, never know u might win something. Streaming Mon Wed Fri (weekends when i can)
  11. MajorRage

    Test Ships and Free codes with Major

    thats ok one day ull get there and guess what im live again lol