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  1. https://twitch.worldofwarships.com/ What you need to do to participate: 1. Create/have a Twitch Prime account (create a standard one, then upgrade it to Prime). 2. Create/have a WoWs account and bind it to your Twitch account. 3. Install WoWs (I hope this step doesn’t concern you guys :blush:) 4. Enjoy the swag after logging into the game! The swag includes: A very skilled commander Kappa, who can be assigned to the US ships Twitch themed port, 5 Twitch containers with a chance of dropping doubloons and an achievement.
  2. learning and testing the new boats
  3. Team kill Clan Event (warmup)

    No Guns Torps Only Team Kill Training room Duh Should i be sad that i cant team kill???
  4. The Ultimate Frontier 5 Star

    so is the titanic m8
  5. :cap_like: hi Major thanks for the Halloween code tip :)