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  1. Anti_Metta

    Change your friendly fire colour NOT RED

    OMG wow, I've been away for a while due to other commitments, but I almost shot a friendly because the PINK colour is so Close to Orange, in the heat of a fight, it is dangerously to potentially confusing. So the guy making the comment that to change the colours, this would be very smart. Now reference Blue being a bad colour, ingame blue is rather easy to spot just like white,green even Yellow etc, all ships are easy to see, hint "large health bar above their head denoting ships location types and health. So the comment where pink is easy to confuse, it is. Because the bar itself is the colour reference and a Pink one is close to Orange, ergo the easy confusion. So Stop fail trolling and make useful statements because it appears your hoping to deflect your failings and just throw insults to make yourself feel better. PS Wargamming, where did my aircraft carriers and Battleships go? This premium ship you gave me in their stead isn't them.
  2. Anti_Metta

    Do people enjoy feeling irrelevant?

    Wow that's like saying in WOT, "HE works just as well vs AP".....(Obviously,again tank/gun specific, but you've all seen those E75 players firing nothing but HE at all targets thinking that is what "always damages", considering if they use AP they might actually be useful........and to steal your term, "The be real paint sniffers!!") I'm sorry I offended your frail feelings btw, I just made a observation on the information you provided.(even if it was just 1 game). Ty everyone else for following up with the video I've not seen it yet and it was good to see, ty. (WG kind of has kept the same theme up in their games that way.)
  3. Anti_Metta

    Do people enjoy feeling irrelevant?

    Play arty in Wot....lols
  4. Anti_Metta

    Do people enjoy feeling irrelevant?

    The most obvious thing i noticed between your stats and his (Apart from the score) was you use HE and AP. So you use the correct rounds against the correct targets. Where as Potooro fired pure AP. Unlike WOT, certain rounds of certain calibres work better on certain ships. (WOT, just spam Prem rounds....lol. Jokes, jokes.)
  5. Anti_Metta

    Naval Slang

    Furphies - Is gossip or lies. Pusser - is what us Pongo's called the navy because they needed alot of Oranges/Limes for health reasons back in the old, old prehistoric days... not to mention sores were really easy to fester up on board ship with cramped conditions etc. (Besides the navy guys where festering sores to us PONGO's anyway...lols, jokes btw, jokes....Peace??? ) Don - To put on. KISS - Keep It Simply Stupid. That's just the poor few I can remember from my military days atm.
  6. Anti_Metta

    Introduction thread

    Well as the name says, and yes I know you all hate it, but it may help me here..... Or not, and No I won't play aircraft carriers the new Arty...lols. Well I might if it ticks my mates off...lols Good Luck and Happy Hunting. Arty Spec
  7. Anti_Metta

    Possible mods for WoWs

    My Minions!!!! lol But I think the amount of laughing etc the minions would be doing from all those hits would be hillarious. Hmmmm, sounds like fun.
  8. Anti_Metta

    Alpha Thoughts

    Outstanding, user friendly and alot of fun. I can see the next 4 years being a fun ride bounce between this and WoT... Ty for the opportunity. The most fun part is keeping your guns firing and not running aground or into a friendly ship lols.
  9. Silent Scope Submarine warfare........ I was addicted to it like I fear I might be with WOWS lol.
  10. Anti_Metta

    US Cruiser Tech Tree

    Nice Write up and TY for the Info. I like the game already and having flesh added to it really makes it a better game. Cheers mate.