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  1. Micko_

    Request for information

    Sounds like a good solution to me! That way if we like we can keep on sailing late into the night. It also would work for thew Asian continent to start earlier if they want to. Modified quote ~tc1259
  2. I probably speak for all AU eastern coast and NZ players here when it comes to clan wars. GIVE US TIMES THAT WE CAN PLAY! This game seems to have become ASIA friendly when it comes to the time Clan wars are on. Racism comes to mind! I keep getting complaints from my clan members about the starting time! 11.00 pm is not fair! WG, Do something or give the AU/NZ their own server!!!!
  3. Micko_

    In Port Messaging/Chat

    Yes sorry message logs :)
  4. Many times I have come out of battle to see a chat message from another player / clan member / Friend. When clicking on the bar below to read the message I find the message is not there! Why can't Warships messaging work like Tanks where the message stays until deleted?? Very frustrating!
  5. Micko_


    Shankman is right. The messages need to stay there unless you close the window. WOT works that way..
  6. Micko_

    Stats bug

    never mind.. didn't look hard enough.
  7. Micko_

    Stats bug

    I have a question though.. All my stats are at 0. Victories, losses, destroyed, etc etc... I have played quite a few games and there is no change. Is there a reason?
  8. Micko_

    World Of Warships CBT Ships to OBT

    10 mil creds? nope. I have gruond my way to where I am without any assistance except an Alpha ship. I can see where you new guys are coming from though with the worries of seal clubbing. Sad to say WOT is full of them(not naming but a player in a LOL traktor with 22k gamesand a 75%ish WR) and so will WOWS be with them too. If WG gave all the XP, gold, creds and per-bought ships back fair enough. What has been earnt should be kept.
  9. Micko_

    World Of Warships CBT Ships to OBT

    Shouldn't be a wipe. We worked hard to get these ships and should keep them! Like a few above mentioned, time spent on this will be a total waste if it gets wiped. To re-grind them again will be a kick in the guts and possibly cause a move back to tanks. Poor form guys!!!
  10. Micko_

    Alpha tester need verification?

    Still don't like the idea! Has to be better ways of doing it. Ever heard of identity theft? All those details + different photo and bingo! Such a shame... I was looking forward to this but sadly I'll have to wait now.
  11. Micko_

    Alpha tester need verification?

    I get the message it wants all my passport details and photo.. Too bad I don't hold a passport.That sounds like identity theft to me! If that is what it takes to be Alpha tester, NO THANKS!