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  1. Vocaloid_IA

    Looking for Singapore Captains

    Oh yippie!I'm also from Singapore,glad to see there's a channel for us
  2. Vocaloid_IA

    how about change this

    What if the shell overpenetrates the other side of the ship which is below the waterline?
  3. Vocaloid_IA

    AniManga Chat :E

    Maybe Ash found the Fountain of Youth during his adventures?
  4. Vocaloid_IA

    Kantai Collection ~ Kancolle

    The Navy's Idol is here~
  5. Vocaloid_IA

    Introduction thread

    Vocaloid_IA reporting for duty! I main the BB, but I also play all the ship types(getting used to the close ranged torpedo attacks of US DDs).Decent player at best so don't expect much!Hope we all get along during the test. IGN:Vocaloid_IA Action Stations!
  6. i like cats.Cats are good

    1. Ratdoto


      I love cats too

  7. Vocaloid_IA

    Anime: Kantai Collection: KanColle

    Haha i remember how people would say 'panzer vor' when the game starts~