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  1. Just been playing this since closed beta found a few things that could be tweaked to make the game more enjoyable for every class. ( Some seem a bit OP atm that is why people choose to use them). Firstly the Captain skill - Advance firing training in the secondary armament. +20% firing range of guns up to 155mm. So currently players using the atlanta or Cleveland equip this skill and can give them firing range up to 17km. Larger guns on the next tiers or even other cruisers of its tiers can not even come close to matching it. I'm not exactly sure on the mechanics of this but how can a smaller guns with longer range, Another would be the manual torp drop. Either make it an auto drop which you can not cancel. or remove the whole manual drop make it more like arty in WOT where you pick the shot but a low % it will hit. Well another would be the blue line which you can slow yourself down or fasten it depending how you turn. ( everyone knows how to manipulate it atm). There is a few others but i will leave it for a later topic, please try say i am wrong.
  2. I do not play CV as it is not my style of gameplay. But was a good arty player in WOT. I think personally to make it fair for all ships that the manual torp drop to be removed or pushed back further to where they can be released, as atm good players can launch their torps from such a close range they become active 50m from the ship and from all angles. Also Xp is so high for a ship sitting in the back corner doing most of the damage without the chance of getting shot back at. ( Same as arty in Wot but they made it harder to hit targets and less xp then everyone else). Just my own opinion but the aa is not that effective even with the cruiser bonus when some higher tier Carriers have 70 or more planes. I'm not sure what the cost price are but making plane losses more costly might make CV players pick there targets more harder. Something needs to be done i think.
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    I believe it is more fun to play with since the patch, not sure what they have done but i can deal out some decent damage and not get 2 shot by a BB
  4. I don't think BB are OP they are slow moving, slow turning (guns aswell) Slow reload, in saying that it attracts zombies as most BB players sit way back at the spawn - just remember what server we are playing?? I'm a Beta tester from WOT on the Na Server then switched to Sea Server total different players and game play i could only guess this is the same on WOWS. Destroyers are fun but the spotting mechanics are currently a bit broken atm for both factions. Love being 4k out then it vanishes lol while still firing at me, like WTF ... And smoke the reload time is fine, that is why the captains have perks too reduce it if selected. I do dislike the smoke feature that they can still see me through the smoke and fire while they are in the smoke, wouldn't it blind the ship in the smoke aswell? Also the tier 7 US cruiser needs to be switched with the Cleveland tier 6.. Joys of being in Closed beta the game isn't perfect..