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    Bismarck Also Premium

    Like I wrote the 500 gold are just a placeholder, but it's always an indicator for a premium vehicle for WG games. I also fixed the link, obviously this wanna-be makeshift forum wasn't able to get anything right...
  2. Ermi_Doenitz

    Bismarck Also Premium

    Seriously Wargaming? How can you be so greedy? This is really what we needed, more money scheming nonsense, better make the whole german line P2W, right? What's the problem you might ask? Easily answered! Bismarck already has a wiki page on WG's official wikipedia. And guess what... it's a premium ship that will cost gold to buy! Of course it won't be 500 gold, going by what Tirpitz costs and by how much more legendary Bismarck is I'd say they'll sell it for quite a lot more than Tirpitz is costing right now... seriously... Wargaming is going downhill fast. I guess since they can't fix the issues WoWS currently has they just try to make a quick sale out of it. Get as much money as possible than bail out of the project like with WoWP, ggwp WG. Why not try to use some of that money to fix things like underpowered DDs and OP carriers? Bluelining still not fixed? Do something about the other hundreds of issues currently in-game? Nah, better make more $$$, because $$$ are worth more than the customer, right? Here's the link to the full wiki page, WG should be ashamed to pull off crap like this... seriously wtf... Link