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  1. YoumuKonpaku

    WoWS background music - download

    okay, thanks a lot, mate. the guide you gave me works smoothly and I got the music that I wanted
  2. YoumuKonpaku

    WoWS background music - download

    I know this post is actually old. but new version of WoWs also comes with new music, and I've searching the whole playlist at Youtube, it's not there. Also I've searching at other places, up until now. So, please, if you can extract the latest BGM, I'll be reaaaaaly appreciate it. Thx before
  3. YoumuKonpaku

    The aPOIcalypse is Here! Limited Titles!

    Thank you very much for the title
  4. YoumuKonpaku

    The aPOIcalypse is Here! Limited Titles!

    Okay then can I change my title to "Half-Human Half-Phantom Swordmaster"?
  5. yep, finally got my codes. thx to shar who gives me the message
  6. did you got replied from the support team?
  7. I think it's because they're from PH. we're from ID, so maybe we will receive one later. I got a bunch of info from this thread, so I reply here to find out if any of ID winner got their codes yet. or maybe we really only have to wait
  8. I think I came too late here. I won the contest, but I didn't get any invite code. Am I only have to wait or anyone got their codes yet from this session? My name is on the TTK_Yunus' picture btw Thx before