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  1. why am I keep getting these funny bugs PS: Wrong title, couldn't reedit the topic title
  2. wilsonjj

    "Critical Error" after 0.4.1

    after removing the post effect dlls, same thing still occurs
  3. wilsonjj

    "Critical Error" after 0.4.1

    sorry guys, "I think" I might made a mistake in reporting this, it seems it's a unclean removal of the SweetFX (forgot to remove the dxgi.dll too) I'll test it tomorrow and see if the problem goes away, thank you for those who read it and replied my question =)
  4. wilsonjj

    "Critical Error" after 0.4.1

    Hi teysano, there is a folder, with Readme.txt in it. and there's the paths.xml, and about the python.log, it hasn't be modified since 9/3, wired paths.xml
  5. wilsonjj

    "Critical Error" after 0.4.1

    an other :\...why
  6. wilsonjj

    "Critical Error" after 0.4.1

    an other just occurred
  7. wilsonjj

    Ships dipping and dancing into the water (0.4.1)

    3rd time actually, all the ships in my sight dips lol
  8. Kinda hard to describe it in words, easier to just watch the video Happened after the game crashed with Critical Error and resumed the battle after logging An other match with bouncing ships
  9. wilsonjj

    "Critical Error" after 0.4.1

    sure thing DxDiag.txt
  10. wilsonjj

    "Critical Error" after 0.4.1

    as titled, after the 0.4.1 update I get this error messages so often that puts me off .. sometimes it happens during the game, sometimes when the round ends, rather random any ideas?
  11. No, never had that before, and the network were perfectly fine when that happened, I should have kept a copy of the python.log after that happened =( notice the UI frozen, also as the HP of my ship
  12. Hi everyone and the Devs I don't really know how to describe this, lucky I have a replay to highlight the problem.. I forced the game to close using ALT+F4, after login resume the game yeah..I am dead of course
  13. wilsonjj

    FPS sudden drops and aiming problem

    Hi again LiquidSnake I managed to highlighted a footage on my live stream past videos regarding to the "returning from 3rd person perspective to scope view height problem"