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  1. cplripley

    What's your credit cow?

  2. cplripley

    Should I sell Miku the kutuzov for doubloons ?

    If you live in Australia/Austria then I assume a full cash refund as per our laws is on offer?, you cannot sell a product then change it and offer a different product in its place, if I want gold I will buy it, not be tricked into it by being told I can have something then it being changed. We have been through this with WOT already and its why prems don't get nerfed. And no, the eula does not override our laws. But I guess in the end it will go ahead no dramas, just means you would have to be pretty optimistic to buy another ship ever again knowing it will be nerfed once it has milked some cash, stupid move WOWS.
  3. cplripley

    Children of the Revolution Bug

    Mine has disappeared completely after completing the first 6, have logged in and out several times but it simply isn't showing, ticket time I guess.
  4. cplripley

    Clan Size Issue

    Whats wrong with straight out 100? My tank Clan has 97 and with 20 on most evenings you still need 7/10/15 to go skirming or Clan battle, OP is 100% correct ,you need big numbers to regularly field small teams
  5. cplripley

    I love Atlanta

    Huh? Atlanta gameplay can be very tense!, you have to get very close with the range on that arc and you know your getting a load fired in return then its your turn to wiggle and hope most of it just splashes around you, at least at 8ks you can shoot off torps and just hope they penetrate. Dont you like the Atlanta?
  6. cplripley

    I love Atlanta

    I love it, find some random late at night, let the tension mount then pour your hot golden shower onto her, spraying from end to end, you can tell they love it too from the way they wiggle.
  7. Both well placed points Kamanah and Icy.
  8. this sums it up very well, there is probably a sensible middle range which means the BBs can escape and repair if needed but actually provide meaningful support and take the majority of incoming fire on the hit points and armour they possess rather than those same hits going at squishy Cruisers and Destroyers that can be one shot and removed by a salvo.
  9. You have 10 times the battles so Im sure your talking from experience, I don't hate Heavies at all in WOT and play them often, I do have a Tirpitz and a Nelson here, I do think the BBs being so timid to move forward is an issue, so often they are sitting at back 100 health as the enemy chews the rest of the team, I am willing to do the DD role as much as possible but am already getting triggered by finding an enemy and lighting him up to discover the big boys behind are leaving because it looks tough. As for lower tiers, I have jumped in at mid tiers and wont be dropping down seeing as I have given WOWS 400 bucks for ships and gold, but if you see me in game and have helpful advice as you carry us I will listen and thank you.
  10. Im at 500 games as a Tank refugee here but always had ships from day one and liked it but considered the other game priority as I have a Clan. I am a DD driver, and I will no longer rush to cap for a team, you just get left out to dry by the bbs, and ca as they cower behind an island waiting for you to win it for them, I will not cover you in smoke, that's my getaway smoke, you have armour and hit points, I have smoke. I will stay up and spot as long as you are moving forward, the minute you turn to snipe leaving me 3 layers to deal with while you engage 1 im history. I will risk myself mid to late game for torp runs if you get in as well and help keep him busy, I wont do run after run to leave you the last salvo, I will run back to base to defend, I know you are slow, If you make no effort to arrive I will abandon the defense. This game doesn't have a team work problem, it has an idiot camper BB problem. 52 % green with 27k battles on Tanks, 43 % with 500 games here, I reckon my new and nooobness is worth a current 46ish and expecting teams to actually fight is the rest. BBs are the heavy tank equal, they should be first in battle, if your secondarys are not in use then you are too far back and wasting firepower, DDs and CA can help you from flanks and help encircle. I prob shouldn't have bought tier 8s and stayed at the low tiers for a while, but I wanted to try the big ones so I wear that noob decision. TLDR, no matter what I drive, if the BBs camp back so do I.
  11. cplripley

    Premium shop anniversary ??

    some different ships and a discount on existing maybe, not a tub of paint.
  12. cplripley

    Premium shop anniversary ??

    worst sale ever, it manages to suck and blow. ftfy wows Asia, I wanted something new.
  13. cplripley

    Asians, what ships do you really want to see?

    its a famous boat and something fast and nippy would be a good add to the camp [Content Removed] game mechanics Insults / Derogatory Comments , Post Edited , User Sanctioned ~Ephys
  14. cplripley

    Premium shop anniversary ??

    Ok same as tanks, fingers crossed for something good, it would be nice if they fixed the shop though, can never tell whats happening without logging in through different methods.
  15. I mentioned the other day that the prem shop is pretty glitchy and its up on the portal as well, so are WOWS seriously not having a single ship on sale for the birthday, not a rare ship? not a sale at all? or am I not seeing it because of whatever the issue is? if not thats pretty terrible, I really want a Russky prem dd and was hoping for the Gremlin to be up.