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  1. Communist_Potato

    I got deliberately blown by a green team ship

    I know its about as useful as tits on a fish to send a report in, but i do it anyway as there is always that lottery chance that something might happen. Anyway, if something does happen the WG employee isn't allowed to tell you anyway, so if it's significant or IF they keep records of reports something might eventually happen. Call me a glass half full kinda guy. Anyway, you dont wanna get suspended by the TK bot for retaliating so there's no point in firing back. Kinda wish it was like WoT (not sure if still the case) where if someone goes blue in the battle, you could shoot back at them without penalty, at least you could get rid of someone who deserves it.
  2. Communist_Potato

    I got deliberately blown by a green team ship

    unfortunately, all you can can do to my knowledge is to submit a ticket to WG support and hope they do something about it. I had a game once where a guy killed me just to end the battle about a minute quicker which sucked as i just needed to survive that battle in order to complete a Yamamoto mission.
  3. Communist_Potato

    CV should be given seperate game mode

    I think one way to balance CV vs all classes is to implement a 1 tier gap in matchmaking for all ships, this would reduce the chances of bottom tier ships from being overwhelmed by planes they can't shoot down and carriers being wrecked by higher tier AA, this could also be easier for WG to balance as they wouldn't have to consider the differences in two tiers of AA.
  4. Communist_Potato

    Crashing while loading game

    i just checked the Python text document after it crashed and it was empty, when the game crashes it has the windows crash notification rather than the games crash notification that has a crash log
  5. Communist_Potato

    Crashing while loading game

    Sorry if this already exists as a topic, I recently had to reinstall WoWS as it stopped working on my computer (something about the graphics card not working) and after reinstalling it the game refuses to load, (I hit play in the launcher, the load screen comes up and the game crashes). I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and if they knew how to solve it, failing that if there was a client repair type thing for WOWS as I'm not in the mood to reinstall the game for a third time as my max download speed is around 200 kb per second and its a really big game.
  6. Communist_Potato

    0.5.3 Cleveland

    i'm probably not the best judge of this since its been a while since I've been in the Cleveland and I'm not the best cruiser player, but i haven't noticed much of a difference in my ability to play the Nuremberg (my closest Cleveland analog), i can still play the ship to about the same level of my previous ability and even though its different to before without the skills to boost turret rotation and increase the range, I still manage to play the ship. what I've started to do is to slow to 3/4 or half speed when making tight maneuvers and firing as it decreases the turning circle and allows the turrets to track a bit better, and in any case at least its faster than the 203mm IJN turrets of the same tier. I think if you just give it some time and do some experimentation with your equipment you'll find a way to deal with the changes. i think WG would need to do a lot to the Cleveland inorder to make it unplayable and in my experiences with the patch they are still as annoying as ever to deal with in a wolf pack or after repairing a module so i think that the ship is in a good spot right now.
  7. Communist_Potato

    North map load time issues

    For several versions of the game (since 5.0 ish) I've had issues in loading the North map with load times sometimes getting as bad as 19 minutes (usually 10 though). I have reinstalled the game twice and i have submitted a ticket to wargaming and i am waiting for a response. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and if so how have they dealt with it. thanks.
  8. Communist_Potato

    Game hacks

    the RNG in this game is drunk, i had a weird game a while ago where i was in my Omaha firing HE at a Myogi, constant citadels as soon as i swap to AP, bounces, and i repeated that for about a minute till i got nuked
  9. Communist_Potato


    when i couldn't update client i reinstalled the launcher, not sure if that will help you though
  10. Communist_Potato

    soo why bother with Battleships?

    I main BB's (IJN) and yeah BB's get better after T3/4 depending on preferences my favorite BB being either Kongo or Fuso. i found that the key to dealing with torpedoes is to keep sailing at a half turn in either direction and to choose where your going to be hit if your caught off guard ie, two torpedoes could hit you, one hitting the bow or one hitting the Armour belt, you can only dodge one. You should attempt to be hit in the Armour belt to reduce the chance of flooding as the Armour value of the section hit changes the likenesses of flooding. also i think BB's are fun as a good 1 shot kill on a full HP CL is hilarious
  11. i might have missed this earlier in the topic, but yesterday i had 15 pearls and now it shows that i don't have them even though the mission shows i've completed it, anyone else have this problem?
  12. Since the release of patch or whatever it is now i have been getting interested in ranked battles, i have had some fun games but i would like to apologize to anyone who has played with me on their team, as since the patch i have about a 1 in 15 chance of not loading while waiting for battle (only noticed this in ranked queue). i realize that i should have stopped playing ranked due to this but i was hoping that it could be fixed, i have tried to fix it but nothing i can think of helped, so, I apologize to anyone who might have been playing with me and was frustrated at me for being AFK, i wish you luck in future battles.
  13. Communist_Potato

    Ranked Battles rank

    I like 7v7 game mode, its good for ego stroking by saying to people i killed half the team, however the simple win lose system i don't think works since a few times ive been killed in the first 2 minutes of battle without doing anything and then being congratulated for winning after waiting for the match to end, i think the system should have been based on XP earn't so that people who die before doing anything don't get a free rank and that the guy who gets 3 kills and high caliber but loses doesn't lose a rank. I'm not sure on the numbers needed but i think it would be better. the Win Lose system works in MOBA's like LoL since the players can respawn and consistently contribute to the final result while in WoWS after you die you don't really do much more than give advice if you stay.
  14. Communist_Potato

    Gunnery bits and adjustment

    i just learnt how my shells fire and use the targeting screen to act as a basis of how to line up my shells so for example, in my Nagato at 17+ km range at another BB i will aim at the 10 degrees point in the closest zoom, and adjust accordingly depending on the shell paths
  15. Communist_Potato

    Concealment OP?

    not sure if anyone else has this, but i find it hard to tell if i'm inside a smoke screen except for the loss of vision on other ships. Is there a graphics option to make smokescreens more noticeable in game?