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  1. Thanks for the informative set of posts. I've been hating the South Carolina in particular ( I find the Kawachi not as frustrating for some reason). Hopefully your advice will make me do a lot better in the big battlewagons.
  2. Which line is easier for beginners to start with? I guess I'm only asking about the low tiers. The extra squadrons the Japaneses carriers get looks attractive, but does the smaller number of planes per squadron mean they tend to get chewed up by the US fighters? Should a new carrier driver go for air superiority or just try to sink ships?
  3. lisiate

    Your Commanders

    Take all my plus ones. Thanks for the guides, although I'm dubious about the efficacy of fire prevention, and am cursing myself for taking it on my US Battleship commander...
  4. lisiate


    World of Tanks closed beta started on 20 January 2010, and the RU server went open on 24 June 2010. World of Warplanes was in closed beta for more than a year - 30 May 2012 to 2 July 2013. I'm guessing World of Warships will be somewhere in between, so maybe open beta by the end of the year?