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    You know you spent too much time in WoWs than WoT when....

    40: When you play as a carrier and press 2,3,4,etc to summon planes, only you realize there's no planes 41: When you press (whatever button you set. Mine's B) to tell your team to focus fire on the particular enemy tank, only that it does nothing. 42: Play as a multi-turreted tank like O-I or M3 Lee and fruitlessly going control-click on a tank you want the other guns to fire at, not realizing that the other guns were just decorations
  2. lastfight5

    How to increase the winrate?

    1. Unless you're scouting, you're a lone IJN destroyer in the area or if the situation needed it, always sail in a group. It won't end well if you sail alone head on against 6 BBs, unless if you're an IJN Destroyer. 2. Pick which ammo is right for whichever class you're facing or using. In a destroyer, always HE. Your AP is useless at that calibre. In a Light Cruiser, mostly HE unless facing other Light Cruiser, then maybe use some AP. In Heavy Cruiser, AP at other cruisers and battleships at long range, otherwise HE. In a battleship, AP against Heavy Cruisers and other Battleships, otherwise HE. 3. Watch your surrounding. This is important as there are many reasons why: a. NEVER EVER FIRE TORPEDOES AHEAD OF YOUR TEAMMATES UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES!!! It won't end well. b. Watch where you going. If you hit the border, collide with teammates or worse ran aground, in front of hundred of guns with aircraft coming, better say your prayers and hope that you can barely survive. c. Watch for aircraft. Ctrl-click the aircraft you want to shoot down, but your main priority is Torp Bombers, before Dive Bombers. This will help much more if you're in a cruiser with fighter and/or anti-aircraft ability When facing Torp Bombers, turn towards them. When facing Dive Bombers, turn broadside on them. The same is true for destroyers. 4. In a destroyer, if you activate smoke screen, slow down to maximise the smoke ability. Preferably if you turn as much as you can or go at 3/4 speed. 5. If you're in a BB, never go through narrow gaps alone. If a destroyer or a Japanese cruiser popped into the narrow gap, get the lifeboats ready. 6. Present yourself as narrow as possible and only turn a bit to get all your guns on your enemy. If you're in a BB, this can bounce a lot of shots. 7. In a CV, never ever stand there from the spawn point. Follow the team, but not too far, as going too close meant you'll be fired upon. 8. Don't rage at your teammates. They will go against you. 9. Do all mission objectives as early and fast as possible. The faster you can do it, the more chance you will win. I don't encourage cap all, but in domination, capturing one point faster than the enemy meant you got the edge and took the advantage 10. On the other hand, never ever stay in the cap circle in standard or encounter the entire time. You'll be sitting ducks and giving the enemy free damage.
  3. lastfight5


    Yeah, I think the Albany should at least get the same range and maybe camo range as St Louis, plus as far as my knowledge goes some torpedo tubes (with pitiful performance) because of historical whatever.
  4. lastfight5

    Problems connecting with the server

    Ok there we go. Had to overcome my stubbornness and deleted Norton. It works now. Thanks Syanda. Sorry for the trouble
  5. lastfight5

    Problems connecting with the server

    Norton's pre-downloaded when I had this computer. If I reinstall it, I can't get it back as I don't have the account number and stuff. EDIT: Not even Norton wants to help me. I tried opening it or even reinstall it, it refuses
  6. lastfight5

    Problems connecting with the server

    I can't risk deleting my anti-virus, especially since it's Norton. Besides, I find some antivirus unreliable and more of an annoyance. Also, I don't think the anti-virus was the problem. The antivirus detected World of Warships and declared it was fine. So I don't get why I'm constantly barred from playing the game. This is the second day and I still can't get in. All the solutions I find and you guys offered went nought. I'm still waiting on the ticket
  7. lastfight5

    Problems connecting with the server

    Wouldn't that work? After all, my anti-virus doesn't have much long as you think. If I attempt to reinstall it, I might succeed in deleting it only
  8. lastfight5

    Problems connecting with the server

    I checked everything, my antivirus, router, anything, nothing wrong. And yet, it still says "Failed to Connect". I restarted everything, "Failed to Connect". Basically, I've done everything you said, everything I've searched, they all don't work and still says "Failed to Connect". I even sent a ticket for this. But does that mean I had to reinstall everything
  9. lastfight5

    Problems connecting with the server

    Already done all that, guess what: Failed to Connect. Also I came back after one whole day and it still presented me with that. Is this a server problem or something EDIT: I've done it again, still says "Failed to Connect"
  10. lastfight5

    Problems connecting with the server

    No problem with that.
  11. lastfight5

    Problems connecting with the server

    Not really. Checked Firewall, nothing wrong with World of Warships. Also, I'm very aware that the server is up, hence I said, "...said that the server is available with over 10,000 players playing."
  12. So lately I've been trying to play World of Warships and whenever I attempt to log in, it says "Failed to Connect to the Server." I looked at the latest news and it said that there was a maintenance done not long ago. I thought "maybe there's still maintenance", so I waited out, came back and it still says "Failed to Connect". Then I checked for answers. They said that it maybe the server is offline or something. I checked the main page and it said that the server is available with over 10,000 players playing. I went back, "Failed to Connect." Finally, I just said [content removed], restarted my computer, came back and guess what: "Failed to Connect." I really need help what's going on. Profanity. Content removed, user warned. ~Noppers