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  1. Sykotik

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    Just another dumb idea, in a long line of dumb ideas...
  2. No, ive played 3 t10 games, haven't got a supercontainer yet, wondering the same thing
  3. Sykotik

    Build our own boat?

    "April Fools Article?" Here I was thinking a forum was where people could share thoughts and ideas. Silly me...
  4. Sykotik

    Build our own boat?

    Sry, I dont know what that is...
  5. Sykotik

    Build our own boat?

    I would pay anything to have a feature like this. Once ship has been created, it automatically matches criteria for a certain tier. Start with being able to choose a Hull type and size, which would have varying weight restrictions, and mobility relative to it's own weight. Then choose Layout, Armor thickness, Gun mounts (size and number), AA capability etc. You want a brawler for a Battleship? Apply more armor to your hull, which would add weight, which would restrict Gun calibre size, number of AA mounts, etc. Glass cannon Battleship? Biggest / Most guns allowable for the hull type, Then armor / AA to top up to your Hulls weight restriction. You want a fast, multi purpose Cruiser? Less armor, Gun mounts to your liking, and AA if you wish? I hope, Wargaming, you could see the amazing possibilities. Would love to hear what you think. Thanks for reading, Syko.
  6. Sykotik

    I think I'm at my limit

    Insult, Post Modified, Sanction Issued ~ADM_dude_SG To the OP, just play the boats you enjoy playing mate, thats what gaming is about.
  7. Sykotik

    deliberate torp blocking

    It was explained clearly the first time.
  8. Sykotik

    deliberate torp blocking

    Tag, Ive had the same thing myself. I was CA, and a DD followed me the entire game within 1km distance and continually "cockblocked" me. Very frustrating, and should be reported. And you forum scum that jump down peoples throats when they post, need to stfu.
  9. Sykotik

    Good premium money maker? (Only BBs and CA/CL)

    Tirpitz earns best credits, has 25 second reload and is great fun to play, especially with upgraded secondaries. Has torps. I play it like a heavy cruiser. Warspite is also good credit earner, but slow turrets can be frustrating. Has even better secondaries... Murmansk should be in everybodys port.
  10. Sykotik

    Cheapest Premium ship to repair...

    I sold the piece of s*)t... And I did this test to get an idea of a premium ships ability to earn credits, COMPARED TO ITS REPAIR COSTS. Not just which one's cheapest to repair. Lower tiers may be cheap to run, but they don't earn as many credits or xp.
  11. Sykotik

    Cheapest Premium ship to repair...

    After playing a few more games, it's my opinion that of the Premium ships I own, the Warspite is the best one for earning credts and XP. It has camo that gives 4% inaccuracy to opponents, and a 50% increase in XP. I usually come away with 200,000 credits gained, and about 2000 XP per battle. And that's without premium account. Not bad for a Tier 6 ship. edit: And for some reason, it hardly ever see's tier 8 games...
  12. I've found the Warspite to be a good investment too. Like Tirpitz, it has great secondaries as well. And have noticed it doesn't see Tier 8 battles very often... But again, if anyone reading this is looking at buying the Atlanta, I would suggest comparing it to the Mikhail Kutuzov first...
  13. If you were only to buy 1 premium ship, No, don't go for the Atlanta. Great for AA, but no CV's ingame lately... For lower tiers, get the Murmansk. But my favourite?? +1 for the Tirpitz. I've got Skills and Mods to upgrade the secondaries, and play it like a heavy cruiser. And it has torps... But again, it's about your personal playstyle, and the role you wish to take.
  14. Sykotik

    Cheapest Premium ship to repair...

    "to see what their FULL repair costs are" That's after being sunk.
  15. Hey guys, First post, great game. I was curious, so I've just sat down and tested MY premium ships to see what their FULL repair costs are, to compare with their potential credit incomes. Purely so I can see which will bring in as much credits and XP, even with a bad game. I shall list them here for reference. Feel free to add ones I haven't listed. As of patch Atago = 63000 Tirpitz = 78500 Mikhail Kutisov = 70000 Atlanta = 45500 Blyskawica = 29900 Warspite = 39000 Murmansk = 14300 Kamikaze = 12870 I think I might start playing my Tier 7 Polish Destroyer a bit more...