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  1. WazDog_Wallet_WarrioR

    Sabaton Pays Tribute to Bismarck

    Single or from new album coming soon? Waiting for it on I-tunes.
  2. WazDog_Wallet_WarrioR

    Update 0.8.2: From Britain to the Moon [Updated]

    Containers in the shop : WHEN ?? Want to try for a GRAF
  3. WazDog_Wallet_WarrioR

    I think the Yamato guns needs a few nerf.

    Just wait for the tier 10 Russian BB to appear, the guns off Yamato, 4 instead of 3 thou, the speed and maneuverability of Montana and of course the Grosser Kurfurst's armour. And more HP than all of them. The Sovetsky SerB shall defeat all
  4. WazDog_Wallet_WarrioR

    Naval Legends - Daring Class Destroyers

    I wanted the HMAS Sydney I - so we can sink the Emden. Since the battle's anniversary is coming up on the 9th November 1914, I don't think WG will bother thou Maybe for next year.
  5. WazDog_Wallet_WarrioR

    How to get emden?

    Hope this means we will be able to get HMAS SYDNEY when Royal Navy finally appears.