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  1. hitman2actual

    [Update 0.6.1] Release Feedback

    Yep, I was gonna say, chat filter appears non functional. Sometimes it was very difficult to load into a game taking 3 1/2 + minutes to get into a game
  2. Could someone explain something to me please.... I had 35 pearls, now I have only 15 pearls and none available.. am I missing something here or is this a bug issue or....
  3. hitman2actual


    That was pretty creative. Well done, that was just like totally awesome.
  4. hitman2actual

    PAX Wargaming Booth Feedback - In depth.

    Totally concur TovarichCookie, you put it into a good perspective. I was a little disheartened as compared with other booths and events..
  5. Greetings fellow WoWs Gamers.. I thought I would conduct an experiment, and send out an invitation to anyone within the WoWs Community who would be interested in designing a .gif for my signature banner . I know that there are lots of gamers out there with an artistic flare , so I figured.. 'Hey here is an idea, what if, so lets see if it can be done !'.. So if your game and up to it, please send me your #signature banner.gif designs - Some points of interest for my .gif signature banner: I like the German line, and their naval flags/Insignias , and perhaps a quote to go with (if possible). I also like the WoWs logo that you see on theirs but not fussed if it looks good, or cant do it. So here goes an experiment and to who ever grabs my attention I will post up their name in recognition for their efforts . I don't know if this venture will go pear shaped or not and for whatever reason, but.. 'Eh' .. so lets see how this plays out. Lol As they say, 'you never never know, if you never never go'...
  6. hitman2actual

    Aim Bot cheat

    Hey Bundy... I feel also that I have been experiencing the same sorts of issues you face. I have noticed that in the last week or thereabouts I have been getting 'detonated' and receiving increased accuracy from extreme ranges.
  7. hitman2actual

    Super Testers Recruitment Round 3

    I would like to happily volunteer my services as a upcoming Super Tester. Please sign me up Aye Hitman2actual
  8. hitman2actual

    Blue Line abuse replay collection thread

    Hi dead_man_walking, Just wanted to drop you a line wrt the blue line abuse. I clicked on the link for instruction on how to enable replay if we see blue line cheating occurring, and to upload the link to WG as proof. Is this still happening ?, as it was not allowing me to access the thread. In my opinion mate, this blue line abuse is just rife, and people just don't care when you tell them to stop it. This is very frustrating to say the least and is very hard not to be curtious to such players. Is there any action we can take against such players we encounter, or do we just have to suffer in silence until WG come out with a new update. Aye hitman2actual
  9. I've so been hanging out for this game to come.. and have found out through a mate, that I have missed the invites for the rock paper scissors weekend, etc.. =( is there anyway that you could find in your generous heart to help out a fellow digger and receive an invite if possible.. please.. pretty please.. I would forever be grateful and would be a very loyal gamer to this game... =) p.s I did send a subscription.. yours aye.... hitman2actual [content removed] Personal info removed. ~amade