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  1. greywolfsdb2013

    WoWS Update 0.8.0

    How can you go on like normal, knowing that instead of rewarding long standing players, you punished us by giving us crap 8? Is it because you got our money already?
  2. greywolfsdb2013

    WoWS Update 0.8.0

    Just recently got hold of a T9 and T10 DD, invested time and finance. You know, grinding the old fashion way. I was so excited to play them...until 8.0. Since 8.0 launched, I have probably played my new DD boats about 10 - 15x already. If not most, all of the games come out like this...instead of gaining experience or credits. I end up losing...negative to be exact like the photo I attached. Mind you, I already fully placed signal flags and the best camou there is. CV planes kept killing me, sometimes even before I used torps or spotting enemy ships. Much more, capping objectives is more sinking than capping. Your free AA module did not help! You are taking the fun out of the game. For me, after trying out the CV, is not a WoWs game anymore. It has become a 1st person shooter in the form of an airplane. Don't we have another game for that? As in Word of Warplanes? So why force the matter? Can you imagine the feeling after all the grinding and finance spent before, only to be BULLIED on 8.0. If you saw the games, the boats are running away at the site of airplanes coming. It is changing the game play, from fun to bullying. Is this a Russian thing? Were not Russians, so spare us out please. Until the game settles down, I will sell my DDs for now. At least I will recover the expenses rather than losing money at EVERY GAME. I have spent the past years energy and finance to enjoy your games. Now, is this how I get rewarded?
  3. greywolfsdb2013

    WoWS Update 0.8.0

    What is happening in 8.0? It's a CV show and the rest are either target practices and side show?! And to think that I have spent time and effort to grind and the credits for some months, only to be sunk by two op CVs. And your giving us missions that are impossible! Like 50 Secondary hits, but how can we do this when CVs sink us even before we see another enmy BB. It's stupid. 8.0 is taking the fun out of the game.
  4. greywolfsdb2013

    Another server down?

    I can't connect too. No announcement of maintenance. I wonder why.
  5. greywolfsdb2013

    [PH] Wargaming Gift Grab

    Same question here. Thank you.
  6. greywolfsdb2013

    Philippines WoWs Community

    IGN: graywolfsdb2013 HQ: Cebu City
  7. greywolfsdb2013

    Rank Battle Match Making

    3-4 of my last 6 games were mostly like in the pic I attached. I am grouped with mostly ranked 13-15 and we played with mostly ranked 11-12 players . It is becoming predictable that ranked 11-12 players win the games. I'm getting discouraged because no matter what you do, your team still loses. I thought WoW MM balances also rank.