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  1. greywolfsdb2013

    No teamwork

    Why, what do you expect from Asians? No one speaks English? Your a racist idiot! 🍘
  2. greywolfsdb2013

    No teamwork

    Even if you speak the same language, a Random game sometimes - or even more often - doesn't really go your way. Just the other day, I actually played with mostly ranked 1 players. Almost all spoke good English. Our tactics on how to play the game, differed. We ended half of the game, not chatting anymore and lost by time default. I think it's just part of the game to lose some, win some, and then lose some more. My enemy now is not the language. It is patience and frustration, and to re-learn how to enjoy the game as they come and go.
  3. greywolfsdb2013

    No teamwork

    I guess it's the language - 12 or more in the SEA Server. It is hard to set plays when all you see are...boxes. ⬜⬜⬜⬜
  4. greywolfsdb2013

    SEA population exceeds NA's ?

    Isn't it why they opened the NA Server, to deload the SEA Server? Twice this month, I had to reset my que in the Random games because I got this "Server full. Reset que or wait for a few minutes." everytime I play tier 8. Anyway, everybody's welcome in the SEA server...except racist and bots.
  5. greywolfsdb2013

    How is your British CA event going?

    Working like crazy. But can't really evaluate. I am already at stage/directive III, trying to complete stage/directive IV...and all I got is the tier V. But so far, AA is good.
  6. greywolfsdb2013

    This game is dying

    Don't forget to mention that the game it is getting expensive every update. Although not yet as expensive as WOT.
  7. greywolfsdb2013

    This game is dying

    Didn't they just banned those CN7(was it this clan? I forgot already) clan, for selling and using bot mods?
  8. greywolfsdb2013

    the death of CN_70

    They disbanded the clan. And the members with aimbot mods?
  9. greywolfsdb2013


    I usually do an automatic report if I ever see a [CN_70]. But I am not sure if Wargaming do read alarm threads like these...or are they busy still repairing the CV and PaytoRICO 'fun' run.
  10. greywolfsdb2013

    What happens to Puerto Rico if you don’t complete it?

    If you want to finish it, you have to pay the remaining balance in doubloons. That means, if my memory is right, it will be the most expensive WG unit - Tank(22.5K), Airplanes(12.5K), Warships - in Wargaming history at 35K. Oh my a$$$$$$$$$!
  11. greywolfsdb2013

    Santa Containers Thread

    Has anyone received a tier 9 ship? Looks mostly T6-T7.
  12. greywolfsdb2013

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.11

    Do not forget to include that you have to finish each directive 3-4 days after opening, in order to catch up with the Puerto Rich-o finishing on the deadline.
  13. greywolfsdb2013

    ST Recruitment Nov 2019 Questions Thread

    WG Asia, since there is no list yet, maybe we can still apply? Thanks.
  14. Will they let us pay doubloons in removing the modules? I hope not.
  15. Does it have a Puerto Rico in it?