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  1. I actually lacked 50 more tokens. I thought that was it. Thanks for this! Edited: Oops, just found out I lack 5 more tokens. You know where else we can get it? I need it for the Le Fantasque camou. Please?
  2. greywolfsdb2013

    How Far Can You Run

    I hope I win this time.
  3. greywolfsdb2013

    Research Bureau: New Rewards for Leveling Up

    Resetting can get us awards up to 8,000 points per line? But the Colbert is 57,000 and even the 250,000 free xp is more expensive at 12,500. How many lines do we have to reset to get them rewards? Get them rewards bigger, I'll probably agree. But to reset and re-grind two or more lines just to get one ship? FORGET IT!
  4. greywolfsdb2013

    Chance of French destroyer containers

    Does 'Karma' in WOWs have to do something with it?
  5. greywolfsdb2013

    Chance of French destroyer containers

    Luck in randomness...or if the ships love you. I was not so lucky with the Christmas/New Year Gift crates 2018 and the Benham event. BUT this French DD Event must love me. I bought 5 premium crates and got the DD T7 Vauquelin. BUT the rest, from DD T5 Jaguar to DD T8 Le Fantasque, I got from the French event reward/ordinary crates! Then DD T9 Mogador, on my 3rd try at the armory.
  6. greywolfsdb2013

    [content removed]

    And I thought I was the only one that noticed. It looks like by the 5th-6th comment on page 1 that it has bloomed into a 'lovers' quarrel.
  7. greywolfsdb2013

    [content removed]

    It doesn't move... And you can't help it but cap...it's what the map is design for. But sonars and radars can be a big advantage in this map if the cyclone is around..
  8. If we are still accomplishing missions to win the French DD Siroco, how is it we are required to use one?
  9. greywolfsdb2013

    15 game losing streak

    Well, a string of badluck...as well as bad players do happen. Walk away for a while...then comeback after an hour or two. But it's not a guarantee that your luck will change. It does however, lessen the pressure that makes you loko or lose your cool.
  10. greywolfsdb2013

    I found Vauquelin quite weak

    For me French DDs speed, fast torps, and rof are it's strength. Who can shoot or bomb you accurately if you run and shoot fast? But if you camp too long, ah, then it's another story to tell. My peeves, however, is when you run into a cyclone or storm. Then your strengths are almost to totally useless.
  11. greywolfsdb2013

    Ranked Ships for ranked

    Kronstadt, Musashi, John Bart, Mogador, Jutland, and Kitakashi. Good luck and have fun this season everyone!
  12. greywolfsdb2013

    Ranked salt post

    The last Rambo movie I saw was in 2008. Yet, you still see many Rambo-wannabes now in 2019. In my last game, this camouflage-less and signal-less Yugumo, decided to take alone two enemy DDs - a Benham and a Mogador. It is probably the strangest DD game I've seen so far.
  13. greywolfsdb2013

    Kleber Useless?

    So far, playing with my Fantastique and Mogador with CVs around, gave me head aches at the beginning or acquiring these DDs. I learned to adapt since...don't pause (camp) too long, don't cap in the first instance, don't go too far from CA support. Use what it is designed for in the first place: SPEED. However, like all DDs, don't expect to survive long if you have enemy DDs, US CAs, and CVs, running after you. Oh, and did I mention those frickin cyclones while you're chased? I assume its the same with playing Kleber?
  14. greywolfsdb2013

    Ranked salt post

    Do what I do best in games like those...
  15. greywolfsdb2013

    How's your French Event going?

    I used all my French DD flakes and the French DD missions and, so far, got up to the 3rd Armory set, the Jaguar, and the Vaq camou. I have only 380 tokens left. But I wonder if we still have time to get the Siroco in the French event and finish its mission for the 250 tokens more. Time might catch up. Otherwise, I can't go beyond the 4th Armory set and gamble for the Mogador - my ultimate target.