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  1. greywolfsdb2013

    UPDATE: Bonus codes now working Including new KoTS code

    Asia Server bonus code update. Try this: [][][][][][][][][]
  2. greywolfsdb2013

    Marathon with Gifts: Submarines

    The Sept 13 bonus codes DO NOT work! I'm a SEA Server user.
  3. greywolfsdb2013

    New WG code

    Thanks. Code still works fine.
  4. greywolfsdb2013

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.9

    Graphics are getting HD. But your game size is getting bigger! WoTanks = 50Gb WoWarships = 50Gb WoWarships_PT=50Gb That is 150 Gb in my 1Tb SSD.
  5. greywolfsdb2013

    What is the Best Coal Ship to buy?

    Are you a DD guy, a BB, CA? Which do you enjoy playing, where you think you are effective? Useless to buy premiums if you don't know how to use the ship.
  6. greywolfsdb2013

    How to Play DD Against Radar?

    My opinion: 1. Be familiar with radar ranges. Russians for example have 12Km. 2. Do not rush cap, especially if your alone with no back up CA. 3. Radio Position Finder is a must. 4. DDs have better spotting and concealment than CAs with radar. Utilize the advantage. However, these days with dangerous CVs and ships with good sonar...and those super annoying storm, playing DDs is difficult. In so many games, I have played with the 'holy trinity' of WoWs: CVs+Radar+Storm. Those 3 combos for me are the worst.
  7. greywolfsdb2013

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.9.8

    In the Collections at the Profile Page, why did all collections come out as new?? Now I have to open all of my 430+ collections to remove these annoying orange 'new' notices thingy. That's 430+!
  8. greywolfsdb2013

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Thank you WG for the 30 Premium Days!
  9. greywolfsdb2013

    Anniversary Super Containers Thread

    30 + 7 Premium Days 2,000 Doubloons 1,500 Steel 2 Crates of Coal...forgot how many. Mostly Leviathan, Wyvern, Ouroboros special signals which is good for me! 50K Free Exp A bunch of good signals A bunch of crap camou Some sample of me opening them Anniversary Super Containers here :
  10. greywolfsdb2013

    Anniversary Super Containers Thread

    Lucky boyz! Never in my 4 years with WoWs have I ever opened a Super Container and found a ship.
  11. greywolfsdb2013

    Asymmetric battles

    Waiting for the tokens to be converted to some form of Anniversary prizes.
  12. greywolfsdb2013

    Philippines WoWs Community

    IGN: [PHNAVY] Greywolfsdb2013 Port of Origin: Cebu Online almost everyday, usually after work and family hours late evenings...since internet is more stable.
  13. greywolfsdb2013

    World of Warships Anniversary!

    Happy 5th! Time to add more Tier 10 ships for more premium crates!
  14. greywolfsdb2013

    Speedhackers on the sea

    It will reveal itself when others will notice if its really hack. Good thing they brought back the 'Unsportsmanlike' section and added the 'In game and bot' violations reporting. Just be ready to provide photos and videos.
  15. greywolfsdb2013

    Dissatisfied with SEA Server Game play? NA is the way!!

    It would be nice if the game let's you choose which server to play today or tomorrow, like in the Aslain mod.