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  1. Spaar


    To be honest that's not what he was saying at all. He was pointing out simply that as a business it makes better sense to target the larger audience. Hence the more Asian related ships than our neck of the pond. To be honest i'd love to see some RAN premium ships floating around but it's only going to be a small pool of people vs say the taiwanese/chinese ships that will be floating about. From an economical business stand point I can very well see why AUS/NZ is over looked. It's just business.
  2. Spaar

    Dissappearing ships

    and possibly a dx-diag or a break down of his PC hardware, it could be PC related and not game or update related or ISP related (shockingly haha) I know i had graphical errors with ships and cursors before I moved to a newer stable PC platform.
  3. Call the hands, Call the hands, Wakey Wakey Wakey

  4. Spaar

    Topedo spamming by carriers

    I can understand fully where you are coming from in regards to the early designs of battleships and carriers meeting up and being trumped by the other. Another thing to note in regards to a comment that I cant quite remember who said was that it's hard finding cruisers that give a damn about the team and rush off to play with the DDs. To be honest it's also difficult to find battleships that give a damn about the team and move themselves into distances where they can hit every round as opposed to every 3rd round landing. The amount of times I've attempted to provide close in escort cover for battleships and outnumbered where a single salvo from the BB could of evened out the odds AND let us survive and have watched the battleship take aim and fire at the other battleship 22km away and only get 2 shells on target and then complain when the DD I couldnt quite catch as it swung around us because I was dodging the fire from a cleveland or another DD and sinks him is quite an annoyance as well and I personally would be more inclined in both destroyers AND cruisers to stick around and provide covering fire for battleships if they you know, also took the whole targets closest to you are the biggest threat mentality as well but that's another topic for another discussion I guess. The biggest part of this is low tier carriers can do cause issues, but they are issues that in frequent cases can be negated with proper management of surroundings but it isnt exactly a walk in the park and that's the biggest issue, it's too hard but I also would prefer it to not be to easy either... if that makes sense
  5. Spaar

    Topedo spamming by carriers

    Whilst I never once said learn to play, I did point out the string of things that the game provides to alert you to the presence of torpedos and my post could very well come accross as a l2p, noobs type of post which it was never intended for. My post was actually an attempt at pointing out the string of things a player can use to their advantage when encountering CVs, and whilst I havent played much in the way of low tier battleships since the move from closed beta to released game, I do know the trials and horrors of low tier battleships vs carriers. Yet it is still quite possible in a low tier battleship to dodge carrier borne torpedos I have seen it many many times with the games I've played both in a Destroyer and a Cruiser I see many low tier battleships dodge carrier torpedos and even destoyer launched. So whilst AA is very much ineffective at low tiers, the capability to dodge is still there and that is a fundamental thing people can still learn to do. Something I am struggling to learn myself and openly admit that.
  6. Spaar

    Topedo spamming by carriers

    Thats the thing, the big differences between carriers and artillery is you can actually see them coming. Squadron of planes with symbols below them indicating torpedos is kinda a big give away to start evasive maneuvers. If you've put yourself into a position where they can attack you without fear of being shot down on both sides then you deserve the torpedos to be honest because it means you've advanced to far forward and don't have anyone to provide AA cover for you. Other than that the little trianbles in the water also indicate torpedos and it's not exactly mission impossible to dodge them. EXCEPT for very skilled CV players that can anticipate your turn and drop their torpedos on you mid turn... then it's painful experience and one to learn from. Other than that I don't see carriers as anywhere near the problem artillery are in WoT. It's just a case of paying attention to things like, air craft, pinging sounds when they're in the water, your crew telling you what direction they are and watching for the triangles... I mean it's not like WGing gave us any of those things to you know.... realise there are fish in the water near us....
  7. Spaar

    The Minekaze detectability range must be nerfed

    My question is, how can a ship survive 4 solid torpedo hits and instantly repair flooding, not to mention regain hit points and automatically repair hull breaches, all whilst under fire.... if you're gonna play the realism card, atleast put it into context with your own ship. Torpedos are deadly. a single torpedo CAN and will end the life of a ship at sea. that being said. The increase in her detectability range by 300m is some what of a big nerf to be honest, going from 5.9 to 6.2km rough enough before commander skills and camo doesnt leave much wiggle room for 7km torpedos and even before that. AS many people have said the only effective one hit killing that has happaned by a minekaze is on ships that sail in predictable lines and are incapable of dodging or changing their speeds. Plus they dont seem to know that the words 'torpedos to port, starboard, aft, ahead' are warnings..... I mean seriously it's not that hard to hear the word torpedo and then start LOOKING around your ship.... it might save your life..... The minekaze wasnt in need of such a dramatic nerf as she received but it's just one more thing that a good DD captain will take into consideration, and you will most likely STILL see the large numbers of DDs getting kills because no matter what people are still going to sail in predictable lines. and to be honest I'm happy with a game if I score atleast 4 torpedo hits on a single target....... EDIT: as an after thought, has anyone realised that the Mutsuki is also getting the same nerf, and until you can unlock her top torpedos is going to suffer just as much if not more than the minekaze... it effectively renders that ship ineffective for a bit of time.
  8. Spaar


    I know. It frustrates me that I know this and still think that one day the proverbial brick wall won't be there anymore.
  9. Spaar


    whilst the ship is quite unimpressive in it's use of well anything to do with being a naval unit the fact of the matter is whilst it's a crap ship, it's a first premium ship for some people and they got it for free. That's quite a positive thing that Wargaming have done for a play for free game. they've given something that gives you additional benefits (ie more silver from a premium ship) for free. So whilst it's a crap ship, you can atleast show some gratitude for getting a free ship. I am gonna hang on to it and see if they make it into something that's worthwhile later on down the track. I mean there's enough of them in the game now that it might just turn into a good investment to hold on to. Thats my theory and opinion anyways, but hey even when it's free. people gonna hate on getting free stuff. Which is mind boggling....
  10. Spaar

    This game needs more statistic

    personally I think there's just enough stats within the game to make things interesting. It's a little harder than say WoT to decide who is scrubbing it up although I tend to scrub it up alot. but it's also fairly easier to spot who does more on average per game in this than in WoT since we're dealing with larger numbers of damage dealt per game on average and I think that's a big indicator of who is doing well, if you're avging a high xp yield and doing a fair amount of damage per game as well as given the camping that goes on distance travelled you can pretty much show you're doing as much as you can if not more than whats required of you. That's all that really should be asked of anyone, do what you can. Winning is fun, losing sucks but if you do as much as you can and you still lose, but your avg damage and xp on a whole is quite impressive then you're not that bad a player. thats my opinion anyways (and I scrub it up frequently)
  11. well I think he's implying by setting all your AA to fire on the single target if you had say two squadrons, 1 being a dive bomber and 1 being a torpedo squadron by manually designating the torpedo squadron to be the priority target you'd effectively be giving 100% AA attention to that one squadron, as opposed to 50% on dive bombers that are in that scenario the lesser threat to a battleship that's how I read it anyways
  12. Spaar

    Server Change

    I'm betting he wants to transfer his account so he can keep his shiny arkansas Beta ship. I'm toying with starting an NA account to compare them but I'm an ASIA server kiddie to the death.... that and I've been trying to months to have my premium tanks from my old NA account that due to work committments missed every single server transfer to ASIA transferred over an even ASIA refuse to do just that even though it would result in more money spent on WoT as I'd buy more gold for WoT to retrain crews to better skills.... but alas they wont due to 'server ownerships and policies being different between servers' I keep trying and complaining in the hopes that one day they'll say 'we've done it. now leave us alone'
  13. funnily enough the aim assist mod was also quite effectively beaten by the exact same tactic. its where I learnt to fire, and shift position, slow down or speed up. Move erractically and at the last second and I found alot of aim assisted shots would go wide. but in the long run the mod did more damage than dodging it did good and it was only a matter of time but the same tactics to dodge a torpedo can and should be used to dodge a volley of shells fired at you from a ship.
  14. For Sale: Slightly ripened Toddler. Some work needed to ensure proper fruitition

  15. Spaar

    flying ship bug

    I eagerly await it. I really do. I cant wait to laugh at the people crying about their blue line being taken away.