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  1. BzhPunisher_2016

    Exception Access Violation

    Hi, I am also facing the same issue since 0.6.15 until today (21/01/18). Everytime at the first connection, I get this. And I have to reboot my pc. Quite annoying. I was hoping 0.7.0 would fix it. WG please clean your patches, as this issue happen only with Wows. Thanks in advance.
  2. BzhPunisher_2016

    ATTN: Win 10 users - Potential Black Screen Issue

    Hi Amade, I am having the black screen issue when I exit the game. I am on Window 10 with nVidia GPU. I will try the full screen windowed option. Cheers.
  3. BzhPunisher_2016

    looking for division

    Hi Danaussie, To play in Division with Taskforce44 members, is the usage of TS mandatory?
  4. BzhPunisher_2016

    [PSA] 0.5.5 Possible UI freezes

    Do we have an estimated time of how long will it take to fix the issue(s)?
  5. BzhPunisher_2016

    How to report Team Killer

    Should the option be proposed in the report drop-down list? Long time i haven't played WoT, but i believed we had this option last time in WoT, for such situation.