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  1. Gorbon_Rubsay

    How did you feel when you unlocked your first X ship?

    On reaching Shimakaze.... errrr.....the Minakaze is better...... thats absolute... not tier for tier (btw this was a while back)
  2. Gorbon_Rubsay

    Historical Turret Design

    Not technical data but a comparison of ship dimensions vs speed. (Double vs. triple turrets) length p.p beam l/b ratio shp Stdd disp./k tons speed/knots Fuso 6x double 14' 190 28.65 6.63 40,000 29 23 kongo 4 x double 14' 211 28 7.54 64,000 27.5 27.5 Queen Liz 4x double 15' 193 28 6.89 75,000 27.5 25 Hood 4x double 15' 259 29 8.93 144,000 41 32 Bismark 4 x double 15' 241 30 8.03 148,000 41 30 Nagato 4x double 16' 201 29 6.93 80,000 39 26 New Mexico 4x Triple 14' 180 30 6.00 32,000 32 21 Littoro 3x Triple 15' 238 33 7.21 128,000 41 30 South Dakota 3x triple 16' 210 33 6.36 130,000 35 27.5 Iowa 3x triple 16' 262 33 7.94 212,000 46 35 Notice that Bismark and Hood have almost exactly the same power and displacement but the Hood runs 2 knots faster being a massive 20m longer. Another good comparison is Fuso (double 14s) vs New Mex (Triple 14s), Fuso is a meter narrower and 10 meters longer contributing to her her 2 knots of additional speed. Iowa vs. South Dakota (same armament and armour) - Iowa needs to be a whopping 52 meters longer and sport almost double the power to make (an admittedly v fast) 35 knots. * The Littoro numbers are a bit dodge and don't fit the otherwise relatively consistent data. Perhaps the beam measurement is not at waterline? (could't find better data) Or 30 knots was optimistic?
  3. Gorbon_Rubsay

    Doing badly in Zao?

    I had a lot of trouble in the Zao at first. Was averaging around 50k dmg, 30% wr and getting deleted every game. Now I still not gud but averaging around 70-90k dmg with some big games mixed in and 50%+ WR. Its ultra fun and V. powerful. Some things I changed in my gameplay. The Zao is not as tough as it seems - Yamato & Grosser will delete you from any angle. It's great attributes are stealth, accuracy and HE. Using stealth to get in real close and smacking DDs and CAs (or even a BB with guns facing the wrong way) from short range or set fires to BBs from long range. The key here is to fire 2 or 3 salvos - enough to sink a DD or cripple and set a CA on fire, and then STOP firing and stealth up again. The deal is that the Zao can take hits from most, but suddenly gets deleted by the big BBs so it is very important to avoid being targeted by them. If the enemy BBs are engaging someone else they will generally take 30+ secs to acquire, reload and engage you. You want to be gone or at least on the way to being gone before this happens. Of course this doesn't work if the enemy BB has his guns ready pointing in your direction- so keep and eye out before opening fire and revealing yourself. Quite often I will watch and wait for a BB to fire a salvo before firing (and reavaling myself). Also, however tempting it may be to get stuck into the brawl and fire that last salvo - it will often end up with 9 18' shells coming from a the far side of the map.
  4. Is it possible clear this stage without playing carriers or repeating stupidly grindy tasks? Fine to have an aircraft stage, but the carrier missions need to be balanced with reasonable non carrier missions. -Achieving "Clear Skys" (50%) of aircraft, 30+ aircraft kills is impossible in a non carrier unless, a) your own carrier is AFK and b) the enemy carrier is suicidal (or rigged) -300 aircraft?... using very optimistic numbers, if a carrier shows up 1/4 games, and you average 5 planes down per game... thats 375 games... or given an 10 min average game including queue time, 62 hrs of continuous play... for 2 stars The torpedo mission makes no sense at all. This is obviously best done in an agressive DD - when all the other missions in stage encourage CV play... The other missions are just passive grinders I really like these campaigns, but the missions on this stage don't seem very well thought out...
  5. Gorbon_Rubsay

    Historical Turret Design

    To simplify Humusz's answer: Given the same number of guns and caliber: Tripple Turrets= Short fat ship Pros: Less area to armour, allowing more armour for the same weight Cons: Short fat ships are slower given the same power output USN WWI era New Mex. (triple) = well protected, short, fat, slow IJN Fuso = long, awkward armour & turret layout, fast(er) Most would probably say the triple turret layout was 'better' due to the cleaner design and more modern appearance but I think history shows that the 21knot battleship was already obsolete by 1914. Faster ships, however compromised ended up being useful for longer. Towards WWII, BB became large enough to fit triple turrets without becoming short and fat (they were just longer - see Iowa vs. North Carolina)
  6. Gorbon_Rubsay

    Battleship Zao

    Err... why not?
  7. Gorbon_Rubsay

    Battleship Zao

    So let's follow this logic a step further... In a best case scenario a Zao can do 8K dmg per salvo to the GK (about 7% of damage). I.E. it needs to hit the GK perfectly 14 times discounting smoke and heal. In a worst case scenario the GK does 0 damage to the Zao. Therefore the GK is UP VS the Zao..... notwithstanding the fact that the GK can regularly delete the Zao in one salvo.... Right. Nerf the cruiser. As a Zao player I can tell you being shot at by the GK is terrifying - much worse than Yamato as you are much more likely to take hits. Any citadel hit from a tier x bb is going to ruin your game. The Yamato can citadel you from any angle but the GK is much more likely to citadel you from most angles. As has been quite clearly established, BBs are massively OP relative to everything else - anyone complaining that even the most OP CA/DD is OP vs a tier X BB just sounds ridiculous.
  8. Gorbon_Rubsay


    Smoke is OP and smoke camping does destroy the meta in higher tier gameplay especially organised. Remember tier VII ranked? So nerfing smoke is needed. The approach being taking doesn't make sense for all the reasons raised here already. Some easy and better solutions would be: - Smoke reduces detection range by X percent rather than completely hiding a ship. I.E. if X was 40% a destoyer in smoke would be detected from 3.5km but BB in smoke would be detected from 10km. - how long smoke hides a ship depends on speed. I.e. Smoke duration remains the same, but if you're sitting still in smoke you become visible after 10 seconds, a ship traveling 10 knots gets spotted after 30 secs, a ship travelling over 20 knots doesn't get spotted. - smoke only works if you're behind it. I.e. If your in smoke it doesn't work. This would make it possible to spot hiding ships by going around the smoke. (This would work best if aircraft lost the ability to see through smoke)
  9. Gorbon_Rubsay

    Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier

    "$14 billion on research development and building ,the carrier it self cots $9 billion.Its daily operating cost will be $6.5 million.".... Or universal healthcare? Hmmmm... Screw poor people. God Bless America.
  10. Yes... in terms of killing things, but they don't decided the game. In fact if you're in a game with too many BBs and the other classes all die (happens quite often this season) it ends up as an indecisive slog fest. In terms of influence - CVs, DDs, & Leander & Perth decide the game. The problem with the balance is that the reward system is not inline with actual contribution to victory. (This isn't to say BBs can't influence the game - they can; by killling the other classes).
  11. Gorbon_Rubsay

    Salt Season is up for Rank Battles

    Using the Perth this season - pretty much cruised up to rank 9/10 with a 65-70% WR.... then BLAM! GO THREE STARS BACK... The meta seems to suddenly change at this rank and I'm obviously not pulling my weight. Experienced exactly the same last season. Anyone else experience the same? Any tips or is it just a case of I suck too much?
  12. Gorbon_Rubsay

    the sinking of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Repulse

    You get to play PoW. I get to play land based bomber force?
  13. Gorbon_Rubsay

    Shiny new forums!

    YEAH YEAH, Finally got my acknowledge warning button!
  14. Hiryu is great.... but Saipan is just so much better. The problem with ranked and mirrored matchmaking? Better to have no CV on your team (and therefore no CV on the other team) than to have a Hiryu on your team facing a Saipan - so no Hiryus. Please. Good point. Maybe you are right about Scharnhorst in ranked but I think the Epicenter angle will favor Colorado/Gneisenau.
  15. Actually, I'm a big Nagato fan. The list is just based on division stats, not my opinion. One thing that the stats don't show is how the ships will perform in Epicenter. Epicenter make Colorado & Shiratsuyu better than indicated.