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  1. Why is WG giving airstrike skill to Dutch cruisers? I know its a game but at least WG give it to the nation which historically have good air support. Should be USN or IJN.
  2. zergling_

    PC pays for premium time by itself

    Really? Is it really that bad? What's electricity cost in your area anyway? Here is roughly $ 0.1 per kWh
  3. zergling_

    Notifications order

    Install mod that remove karma. Done
  4. zergling_

    PC pays for premium time by itself

    You are right. BTC carbon footprint per transaction is much more than that of conventional financial transaction (say VISA). But part of it is driven by the fact that about half of Btc mining centers are located in China with dirty coal based electricity supply. Same with almost all kind of other industries, Steps can be made for Btc mining to shift to a more renewable energy sources. Also not all coins are created the same. Other coin arguably no less popular and no less profitable to mine (e.g ETH) have much less carbon output than that of Btc I’ll check with my conscience once in a while. Maybe one day I will switch to Ethereum.
  5. zergling_

    PC pays for premium time by itself

    It will add to its mileage yes, but I maintain at 60 deg C and only during some nights of the month, it’s not like I’m operating some mining center where it is a 24/7 at who knows what temp. Should be fine 😊
  6. So, I have a GTX 1660 GPU, bought about 2 years ago back when it only cost the equivalent of about US$250. Recently I got exposed to bitcoin mining, realized 1660 is one of the most cost effective GPU chip to mine Long story short, I joined a mining pool just to understand what all of this mining fuzz is all about. Found out when I mine during night time, when PC is not used anyway, after electricity cost, It can pay for a 30-days premium time just in 5-6 nights. My PC practically pays WOWS premium time by itself. How cool is that?
  7. zergling_

    Best CV at tier 6?

    Loewenhardt thats for sure. Highest w/r of all CVs and they are pulling her out soon. Get her while you can Also you get to use Stukas
  8. zergling_

    Optimum chance to get T7 Belfast

    I should be able to finish kots collection this weekend. Got a feeling it will be a Poltava
  9. zergling_

    Optimum chance to get T7 Belfast

  10. zergling_

    ASIA Server problematic NOW

    Junior dev: ok I have put new armory update on test instance, you can check it Senior dev: kay thanks - moments later Sr. Dev: you sure you did the update? I see no changes from previous version, tested it just now Jr dev: yea look I did it on 100 server.. wait test server is 100 or was it 101..? Jr & Sr dev: $%*#@!
  11. 1. Buy all possible tier 7 premium ships whether they cost you doubloon, fxp, cc, get everything 2. Get kots free tier 7 premium ship 3. Open it 4. Profit
  12. zergling_

    KOTS CODE (expired)

  13. zergling_

    Torp, stop gunning, stop, TORP

    This reminds me back in the days I was yelling “shoot HE” to a UK tech tree CL...
  14. zergling_

    📰 ST 0.10.4, New Ships (Dutch, US, and Soviet)

    Thankfully they were interrupted.. otherwise some of us would be laughing in Dutch wkwk