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  1. zergling_

    anyone in here play WoWs : blitz?

    Nope I'm master race
  2. zergling_

    Jean Bart

    My last 2 SC were all coals yay
  3. Nah just your provider, probably tech do wfh or something lol
  4. zergling_


    Yeah I got it too few weeks ago. Havent played a single battle tho.. not sure why I got it in the first place.. mostly FOMO I guess
  5. zergling_

    What is a bot and why is it a bad thing?

    Win lose aside, it IS hard to have fun when the other flank (the one with the bots) keep getting overrun and you found yourself gang banged by multiple reds over and over again.
  6. Sounds good so far, hope this bot clan clamping initiative can continue on and keep improving. Stopped playing back then when many people blue lining disrupt gameplay (and that made me missed getting Misso), now I really hope I dont need to stop again because of many people botting
  7. zergling_

    Some one may be tell me why ?

    Was it a Gearing? Because Gearing has 1 researchable module. Shima also has 2 of them.
  8. zergling_

    I know it's an weird thing to ask but. . .

    Grab JB while you can if you need credit maker
  9. zergling_

    Regia Marina Battleship Discussion.

    I never heard RM BB is on the pipeline for this year..
  10. zergling_

    Prepare for another Bot Clan FERIL

    So we cut one CN_70 and get two FERIL and ENDOB take over it place.. like cutting off Hydra's head. When will it going to end.. Saw ENDOB almost every other game if not every game, this Sunday.. and they are yeah.. bot-like behavior.. I even shoot/friendly fire at one of them but carry on like nothing happened
  11. zergling_

    To Do, Or Not To Do.

    This. Also I plan to accumulate some xp on top of what is required for chapayev so I can unlock the upcoming RU CA tier 8 without playing shchors with the new (also) upcoming IFHE rule much (not sure how much XP will be required though)
  12. zergling_

    To Do, Or Not To Do.

    Yeah.. your own time and performance that count. I myself can do about 15-20k per weekday and 100-150k per weekend, running premium but without special signals. I Consider myself average. Now at shchors and just 25k more until chapayev so i think I'm in good shape.
  13. zergling_

    Same kind of match 2 days straight

    If you won you probably get 2000 xp. A good game sure, but not earth shattering I guess.
  14. zergling_

    Thanks Weegee for making me semi-hard grinding.

    I think the change wouldnt come at least in the next 3 upgrades as euro DD is coming first. So I have enough time as I'm still in shchors and grinding it in normal mode. although I have enough fxp stand by as emergency just in case
  15. zergling_

    A proof on how serious the BOT problem is

    With that many bots, it almost feel like playing War Thunder during low server pop.