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  1. zergling_

    You should read this... ... ...

    Yeah I don't disagree. NATO surely won't invade, they know the consequences. They even rejected Ukraine's request for a no fly zone. Also about Russian generals as you mentioned. Probably "Another Afghanishtan" scenario is more likely.
  2. zergling_

    You should read this... ... ...

    https://www.livemint.com/news/world/how-the-ukraine-war-could-end-six-scenarios-11646485880626.html Interesting as food for thought. Quite "optimistic view", relatively speaking, as it doesn't consider full scale nuclear war as one of the scenarios.
  3. You can, but I dont think they are perfect fit.. GK doesnt need IFHE for its secondaries to do good damage while Schlieffen does Probably sharing to Pruessen would be better?
  4. zergling_

    Captain Training is Rigged.

    I can see where you are coming from, I'm having same thought several times some time ago But if it were to implement, need additional mechanic to prevent exploit where player train to as many ships as possible when captain are in low level (under 10), so that said captain can drive multiple ships when he is at level 21 Also I think WG would be resistant because this mechanics virtually exists in all other sister games (WOT and WOWP)
  5. zergling_

    You should read this... ... ...

    I think this thread has derailed too far.. from Russia-Ukraine to Indonesian Papua, literally thousand of Kms
  6. zergling_

    You should read this... ... ...

    I’m just a simple pleb, coming from a third world country Not following world politics and interested to But of course I’m all for universal principle of peace therefore I’m supporting #nowarplease However regarding what truly happens I think is not simple. Two powers fight and bully each other. Not Russia or Nato bloc is a saint in this case even though they want to potray themselves as such Then usually they dragged us third world to their interest, forcing their view, regardless of what our own interests and view really are Guess my decision regarding My wallet and WG or whether I want to take a break from this game or not, will based purely on my immediate interest is all I can say Hope everyone is safe.
  7. zergling_

    Question re current situation with Russia

    Not really following world politics or care about who to blame for this situation Annoyed if it effect me playing wows in any way Or might be good since finally I can take a break..
  8. Has this offer expired?
  9. zergling_

    ​📰 Update 0.11.1, Client Crashes

    Should have put smilies on my post
  10. zergling_

    this is illegal..........

    iirc, brand new players are shielded from meeting with older player, even at T1, for certain number of battles even then T1 doesnt need much xp to advance, probably only 2-3 battles even on loss, also not hard for relatively new players to fxp it Just surprised that guy doesnt play Swan as much also this probably why WG took out signal bonus for achievement.. to avoid being farmed on low tiers
  11. zergling_

    Are we screenshotting ships at this point?

    Personal, unique as in one-of-a-kind permacamo?
  12. some missions give 200k credits
  13. zergling_

    Blimp Mode

    so far me kinda like it, more dynamic battle with blimp add on although they should be made enemy blimp get slower the more friendlies go to circle, i.e 1 friendly ship, slow like now, 2 ship 50% even slower, then 3 friendly ships completely stop just now got defeat from failing to slow enemy blimp enough to get win eventhough 4v1 situation (3 on enemy blimp and 1 on green blimp)
  14. zergling_

    ​📰 Update 0.11.1, Client Crashes

    Ok I get 1 crash just now clicked armory just after finishing battle Ok WG give me my tier 8 premium ship compensation
  15. zergling_

    ​📰 Update 0.11.1, Client Crashes

    turn into lemonade.. use 8 coop for personal challenges.. easy first tier 200 base xp 8 med tokens closer to firepower container