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  1. zergling_

    Too COSTLY to play Tier 10 ships

    You don't have to play tier 10 though.. you can play any tier you consider fun. I dont play random battle tier 10 regularly either. Probably back when unique upgrades can be had from mission. But now, no. Ranked probably, but this only for select ships. I found my Tier 10 tech tree ships are only for trophy.. tokens of how much time I spent in the game ...oh and also to get free SC during WG anniversary event (I hope WG won't nerf this)
  2. zergling_

    Too COSTLY to play Tier 10 ships

    Get K117 permacamo for Yamato.. IIRC from one of the collection you can get without pulling out credit card
  3. zergling_

    Fantasy Ships Should Be Their Own Nation...

    My ARP Takao and 21-ptr Yamamoto say nope.
  4. zergling_

    Worst of the bots

    What is the worst of the bots? A CV bot. Look at that. Over 10k battles. 110k player-battle time ruined Not an encouraging time having a CV bot on your side. #end rant. booting up Factorio
  5. zergling_

    Inside the Ranked container

    I found bronze league is good for Tier 8-9 grind esp. stock ships.. wont hit your (random battle) w/r, although might not be optimal for team mates
  6. zergling_

    Something odd going on with containers.

    This is to avoid people brute forcing through to uncover WG's real gambling box algorithm.
  7. Yeah I also have bought Anshan before. Not my greatest decision.
  8. zergling_

    Stop this CV madness FFS

    Also CV skill floor is not as low as I thought it seems. Skill ceiling obviously high Tried about 10 CV play.. horrible result with 25% w/r 300 PR Hurt my W/R much more than those Red BBs below. However Will keep trying. Aim for FDR Death from the skies #ifyoucantbeatthemjointhem #followthemeta
  9. zergling_

    Overall Thoughts on Rework after 1 Month?

    Guilty as charged.. enjoying my 28 km range Thunderer with Deadeye captain
  10. zergling_

    Overall Thoughts on Rework after 1 Month?

    On the positive side, I enjoy having skill tree for every class so I can use 1 captain say Yamamoto and still get max point build for almost all of premium ships. My premium ships get to leave port more often these days
  11. I found Factorio strangely addicting... Also useful to play it after having bad lose streak in wows
  12. zergling_

    Are you serious? Insufficient funds

    Need compensation for the inconvenience.. 100k coal sounds fair
  13. zergling_

    Ban thunderers from ranked battles

    Now I just need to wait for next Ranked season to start
  14. zergling_

    5 Epoch Tier 9 Camo ship suggestions

    My take for where to use obtainable permanent camo 1. To make the grind for bad ship faster (if you dont have enough +100% exp expendable camos) 2. Use it in a line where you plan to do reset (if reset is your thing) Other than that I keep it safely for future use. I found myself never play tech tree ship regularly after I unlock its next tier, even if its a "keeper". Playing premium ships are more rewarding with their credit modifier.