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  1. zergling_

    kansas rant

    I finished 180k xp on her after 30 battles, ofc using camos and signals heavily, with Halsey (19 ptr) so I can farm cxp at the same time to prepare for upcoming commander skill rework. I think you have got a few good points here. I did managed to do pretty well in her on my first 12-14 battles getting 70-80% win rate (Numbers only from memory, but I remember thinking, "I can make her work"). Also even if she is slow, her quick turning rate (plus SGM1) have saved me from being hit or getting citadel-ed in many occassions (might not be sustainable though, after ppl realized this and adjust their aim accordingly). Afterwards all went down hill with 30% win rate on my last 10 battles (while finishing top 1-3). I guess weekend players contributed to this as well. I did remember going alone or with just a few support in many of these last battles, since my other team member lemming-ed to one flank, or many of them had died in the first 5 mins. In any case for now I reserved judgment for this line and wait until I can play Minnesota. Optimus Prime is ready for her.
  2. zergling_

    Apparently Halloween Contents' values are changed..

    Not interested in the captains. Got 2 T9 perma-camos (Epoch) already. Although if grind wasn't too much I might still be interested. Last straw: Can no longer be used to collect Cxp. I guess I'm out too. GLHF all.
  3. zergling_

    when do you think we’ll get new coal ships/RB ships?

    or hold your gun until an existing ship is announced to be taken away from armory
  4. zergling_

    kansas rant

    Submarine food
  5. zergling_

    I have 18000 tokens

    Did you use doubloon to get some from the packages? I calculated I can only get less than 18k without packages. I may have missed some of the weekly missions.
  6. Not sure those foreign, english-speaking guys here are familiar with this term
  7. zergling_


    Double click to higlight, Ctrl+C and... oh wait..
  8. really..? last time I got d/c I didnt get any penalties.. (I did quickly re-log and continue the battle though)
  9. zergling_

    What ship did you get from KOTS Container?

    hmm.. considering to get her now to avoid this
  10. Good idea.. but I care about w/r too much lol
  11. zergling_

    *** FLASH TRAFFIC *** Code detected

    WG will give you free captain slot (permanent) and put Jingles there.. this is one of the rare WG generosity that still active, doubt it will stay for long, better use it while you can
  12. zergling_

    *** FLASH TRAFFIC *** Code detected

    That okay.. when commander new skill system goes live you can sell one of them to the slave trader and get small amount of Cxp
  13. zergling_

    Captain downgrade skills.

    This. RIP those "large cruisers". How about the incoming "hybrids"? Wouldnt they will benefit more with current commander skill system? Or probably the new change IS related to the planned hybrid. To prevent hybrids from becoming OP somehow?
  14. zergling_

    Transformers - Trollbots in disguise

    I got Megatron from free crates.. after trying it in a battle, I can see people could be lured into purchasing corresponding camo. I guess that is exactly what WG is doing by seeding free Transformer Cmdrs in those free crates. Well done WG Marketing
  15. zergling_


    From this point onwards all should refer to them as "you-know-what" clan