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  1. Well that escalated quickly
  2. zergling_

    Port Slots

    A little bit of exploit, if you remember sometime WG provide 3-6 rental TX ships for clan battles for abt 2 weeks or so. The trick is just before rental period ends, you fill all of your cmdr slots and put cmdrs on all your rental ships So when rental ships were taken away, those cmdrs on said ships have no slots to go to and the game will have to create additional cmdr slots for them Also works if you fill all your cmdr slots when you know you are about to get a free cmdr (from missions, etc). I have gotten quite a few free cmdr slot this way 😬 I do agree though, if WG to give free cmdr slot whether in battle pass or as part of drop chances from one of the daily containers
  3. zergling_

    What to do with submarines as a BB

    Well rocks do have a hard time against paper. Need to make sure scissors are alive and around you.
  4. Snorkel allows subs to use diesel engine at periscope depth
  5. zergling_

    Which ROUTE to choose?

    Just Finished all token mission, left with the last two which arent token mission Was lucky I realised can do both sides straight away, and managed to do 1 mill and 1.4 mill damage mission at the same time Gotten 280 tokens meaning I need only to spend 1000 steel (+resources) for Jager
  6. zergling_

    Worth it?

    If one wants to get Jager, and have more time to spend than willingness to spend in this game, might be better off to work on the mission before 14 July, use the coupon then pay 1000 steel + various resources. I'd say perfectly doable, most cases you have to abandon your current grind to focus on the missions. I dont consider myself play a lot yet today I'm already on the last set of mission Even if you dont managed to get before 14 July, 30 days still is way more than enough only you have to fork extra 1000 steel (for a total of 2000 steel) plus double the various resources Then if one wants to replenish the steel.. spend 2500 doubs to get extra 1500 steel on the current Premium Pass (plus red bonuses and other goodies).
  7. zergling_


    probably OP meant receipts for purchases on his account
  8. zergling_

    Dockyard missions

    I'm not sure is that hard to get daisen dockyard mission finished. Also comparing to Puerto Rico 1.0.. that is so much different. From experience.. I have full time job and can only play about 2 hours at night during weekday. During weekends.. 6 hours per day on average. Finish daisen missions with few days to spare Although Sometimes I do find myself choosing particular mission type/ship type, considering which mission is the critical path to try finish dockyard mission ASAP, detouring from my normal grind. I think that helps a lot. For example.. if critical path is potential damage mission and Bxp mission, play BB. because BB class, dont play SS. BB is easiest to get potential damage on and you get BB Bxp at the same time. I have Musashi for that If critical path is scout mission.. play CV coop. you can get 6-7 scout ribbon per battle (5-6 mins). so quickly If critical path is hit ribbon mission, I play Smolensk Coop, if its 2ndary ribbon I play GK (as I said earlier) If critical path is torpedo hit ribbon mission. I play DD Coop.. I have fast DD like Khaba I can use. Or Black or Gearing can do also If critical path is damage mission. I play DD rush yolo torpedo Coop If critical path is Ship XP/CXP/FreeXP.. I play high tier Random/Ranked with the relevant economic bonus. I feel ranked is better since you can gain almost same XP as Random but each ranked battle is much shorter Important: try to Play coop during off peak hours.. usually just after daily bonus time, that is 5-7 am GMT+7. If you play offpeak, You often get bots on your side, so easier to get what you aim to do in such coop mission I did often had to suspend / detour from my grind. quite annoying, but price to pay to focus on the missions.
  9. zergling_

    Dockyard missions

    Yeup Harugumo it is Or if OP happens to have Smolensk, should also do the trick. I play this game long enough I have a specialized ship and/or captain for almost every mission that may dropped (ribbons->smolensk, 2ndary ribbons->GK+gunther, etc) The latest dockyard mission suprisingly achievable for me though. Finished all of them with couple of days to spare. I regret I didn't get Premium BP last time to get 3 stages for 2,500 doubs Now I left it with 5 unfinished stages. maybe next time
  10. zergling_

    Nottingham Tokens?

    Indomi interesting.. but would have to see first how much min. resources needed to get remaining tokens not coming from missions
  11. zergling_

    ​📰 Closed Test - Visual Improvements

    Can we shoot them whales and dolphins and destroy homes pls
  12. zergling_

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Only 11..? Piece of cake.. I was that kid who waited to get 2 marshmallows.. every time