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  1. zergling_

    Does Siegfried makes more credit than Äegir?

    Both are T9 premium so will give you same credit with same battle performance. So the question is which one you are more comfortable playing with so you are more consistent to do good battle with thus in the long run earn you more credit.
  2. zergling_

    Do you guys still use IFHE on DM Donskoi?

    Cant be bothered to think for myself, followed LWM and took it hehe
  3. zergling_

    show off 69

    I got almost 1800 base xp the other day. On the losing team *sigh*
  4. zergling_

    Very tired of carrying losing games

    I'd take a break after 3 loss streak if I were you. That's what I always do anyway. Stop and play or do something else.
  5. zergling_

    Just some small clarifications

    And with this, came also the army of bots 🙈
  6. zergling_

    ah yess

    I figured that a top performance in a particular battle is driven more from one's unique starting position on the map and what sort of allies and enemies faced (their ship, individual skill and their decisions) rather than one' skill in particular. I mean, everybody gets their 15 minutes of fame. Average statistics however, better reflect one's skill. Not saying I have better avg stats than anyone here. This is just an observation.
  7. zergling_


    Yeap.. can confirm the same.
  8. I abandoned wanting to get all tech tree ships a long time ago after I figured the rate at which WG introduced new ships is faster than I can grind them haha Then I settled on more reasonable targets for me such as getting all tier X for US Line (got all 5 of them that already) and getting at least 1 tier X from each countries (got all but 2 left which is Pan eu and italy navy) I will find new target after I get this. Targets are good, motivate you to keep playing, which is what WG wanted, haha
  9. zergling_


    Kay I finally decided to reset the tree. I figured since I want to get some RPs and I plan to get Nevsky anyway, which is almost 40% of XP for the tree, why not just reset it. Plus I enjoy playing the line and have perma camo on chapayev and donskoi (which will fasten the grind) also I had kept schors, chap, and donsk equipped with upgrades and by resetting, those upgrades get demounted free so I can re use them (no need to rebuy) In just over 2 hours we'll see if I get premium kirov + special moskva, and looking forward to regrind RU CL Line and to get 20k RPs. Thanks.
  10. zergling_


    Just to be clear, if you have researched her, but not purchased, then reset the branch, you will still get Moskva too right..?
  11. zergling_

    Update 0.9.5: Dockyard

    If you plan to reset any branch, best way is to reset Moskva tree before 0.9.5 live? Since you will keep Moskva anyway as special ship and you will not get Alexander Nevsky (even if you don't reset, you will have to do another tier X grind if you want tier X CL)
  12. Cant they use avg number of battle and some other parameters to flag bot accounts..? I mean 100 battle per day for one weekend might be plausible but for a whole six months..? Get real
  13. zergling_

    Is it about time to sell Moskva?

    Am hoping to be some kind of consolation to those who already bought moskva
  14. zergling_

    How do you stay motivated to play?

    This is where I wish there was a pause button on your premium time timer. To avoid abuse, WG can put some restrictions such as min. 3 days pause before auto resume, only 1 opportunity per month or even per 3 months etc still good for me
  15. zergling_

    Mission chain for Master of Orion game

    Heard it got a lot of awful reviews, but it's free so.. *click download button*