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  1. zergling_

    Naval Legends: Tambovskiy Komsomolets

    Yehh,.. tier 12 dd
  2. zergling_

    Battle of the Java Sea Operation

    No wonder ABDA lost.. all they have are lower tier ships 😬
  3. zergling_

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.7

    Interesting to see how much % more credit in the permanent combat mission given to previous Missouri owner
  4. zergling_


    Your gunner refused to fire on enemy ship who was rescuing crew from other ship sunk in combat
  5. zergling_

    How to get Adi Guntur commander?

    Auction for gold? I’ll pass, dont want him that much.
  6. zergling_

    So how has this auction gone for you?

    This I agree.. I’m also keeping tier 8-10 ships in the fleet for this and only sold few of my tier 5-7 to get to that 100M credit budget For the coal bid
  7. zergling_

    So how has this auction gone for you?

    Or, WG can check their spreadsheets using: credit balance of all players in their servers, combined with their level of activity in the game, their probability of participating in a bid, based on historic data of the last few auction, combined with magic statistics and such, with normally distributed and whatever and when they found that if they offer another coal auction with the 95% confidence interval that probability of minimum bids needed to win the auction is less than xx credit, they would reduce the winner number to yy players, or stop offering coal bids altogether
  8. zergling_

    So how has this auction gone for you?

    I thought about this too.. But then I remember tier 5-7 snowflake rewards is coal.. A tier 7 BB costs 6 million can get probably how much? 750 coal..? Might as well sell the ship for 3 millions and from the proceed I can get 3000 coals (my 100 M credits bid divide by 100k coal equals to 1000 credits per 1 coal) In the end I sold few of my fleet I have saved for snowflakes to add to my credit bid. Granted long term wins but you will only break even after 4 years (you get one coal snowflake per year, iirc new year snowflake tier 5-7 was flags), unless new year snowflake give us coal instead of flags, then BEP would be 2 years. Anyway Not sure I will still be playing WOWS in 2-4 years time, also in that time I would have amassed more credits then would be able to buy another tier 7 BB to get future coal from snowflakes On the other hand I cannot redo this 2nd round of coal auction Now if my 100M budget didnt get me that 100K coal that is a lose for me, but considering min. bid for the first auction is about 80M, so 100M is pretty safe bet I would say.
  9. zergling_

    So how has this auction gone for you?

    You must be my long lost twin brother. Same here. 103,404,114 to be exact And now my credit balance:
  10. Moved to tier 1 ship of that line
  11. zergling_

    Am I investing too much in this game

    Thanks guys for the replies. Much appreciated. As expected though, most replies are in the tone of do what you think is fun (and within means) instead of advising more restraint 😁 Which I think am gonna do yea😊 Will spent or play as much as or as little as I enjoy, take a cut or break as needed. Avoid burn out. Also You spent money for entertainment. Come to think of it, $0.25 per hour or entertainment in my case (excluding electricity, internet and gaming equipment depreciation) Still a great offer compared to other means or hobbies Unless when it is losing streak time though 😡😡 See you guys in battle (or not when I’m on a break) 👍🏼🙏🏻
  12. New ships usually have 2 months early access mode when you will know exactly where it will be branched out from but you cant use ship xp to unlock it with yet. So I think you will still have time to prepare, no need to do it know. Right now your guess is as good as everybody’s guess
  13. Time to reset US BB line..?
  14. zergling_

    The Wait is Over

    I have FDR.. lets just say.. I dont play it as much as I thought I would be..
  15. As per today I have: - 156 ships in port - 55 of which are premium/special ships - 8600+ battles all mode (about 1500+ hours of precious life, easily most time spent in any games, second place is far 500 hours in Cities Skyline, as reported by my steam account) - 6 years since first registered - roughly 3+ years near-exclusive play - Spent $400+ (easily my biggest amount of money spent in a single game, second place is far +/-$100 for Witcher III and all of its DLCs) - All of this excludes investments in WoT (11k+ battles) I think I have sold my soul to WG Need to take a break and play other games or do other hobbies, after premium time ends in 2 months (probably a sunk cost fallacy) Backlog is mounting I know these are mere a drop in a bucket for some of you forum regulars. #end reflection