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  1. zergling_

    Actual footage of me playing Aircraft Carriers.

    Ah nice to know. I thought it was CV skippers' way to play skipping stones when they are bored.
  2. Give my 5 minutes back!
  3. zergling_

    Is there a way to pause Premium Account ?

    Well another perspective is that WG already factor in the average player playing time in a day in their premium time pricing. I.e when you pay 250 gold for 1 day premium you actually pay for 5 hour average playing time (made up number as an example), so if WG sell hourly premium it will be at the rate of 50 doub per hour (too expensive). If you look at it this way, any time you play above the average (e.g 5 hours) you would get more from your premium time
  4. I think some people are mixing QA with ST. They are different. QA pertains to making sure new ships come out as it was designed while ST relates to ensuring that the design does not create game-balance issue. QA must and should be done by WG employee while ST doesnt and is better done by regular player (i.e. Supertesters) in real environment (live server)
  5. zergling_

    Because this is fair isnt it

    And then you can dominate in your Nikolai, I suppose?
  6. zergling_

    Is server down

    yeh, why they hide it now, is pop count dropping?
  7. So this talent will activate when ship's HP falls under 10% for the first time only right? I mean when after that the ship got repaired then falls down 10% the second time it will not activated again? Can anyone confirm? Thanks.
  8. zergling_


    I havent got it (will be in 2 days) but from what I read I think it plays like most of RU CL lines which is good , better than Krond for CL capt training
  9. zergling_


    I never fxp regular tech tree, as grinding is part of the challenge for me lol. Even Izumo I got past it the hard way
  10. zergling_


    I have 2.1 mill fxp not sure what to do with, think I'll just continue hoarding and wait for something truly exciting
  11. zergling_

    Just about time for another break...

    You guys have too many holidays lol, Monday was also cuti wasn't it?
  12. zergling_

    CVs are OP pls fix

    Partially agree here, I think no.1 is enough, no need for no.2 and 3, for DD to be interesting again. Considering also possibility of multiple DD in a battle, if all 3 points are implemented, a 1 cv and 3 dd battle will simply be to frustating for the cv player
  13. zergling_

    Dafuq just happened???

    Any mods?
  14. What do you mean,? My fps is fine. Just wondering Have you checked video setting and make sure it is set to full screen and not borderless windows or anything else?
  15. I only opened 2 containers so far (from daily shipments). Got tier 5 RU BB mission from 2nd box. Rare thing, usually my luck sucks.