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  1. I have 1m FE anh that's my way. Use all your combo SIGNAL FLAGS and CAMO in premium time to get more and more FE. One more thing, DO NOT use "New year 2017" camo, with combo signals, this camo buff less than other camo buff +100% EXP (type 6, Soul Ocean).
  2. kairyu

    why do i always detonate

    You need to use Juile Charlie for all ships
  3. kairyu

    T8 Premium ships

    Well, this thread make me remember when WG sold gold ammor by a big credits in WoT, then, a lot of players buy credits pack and premium pack
  4. kairyu

    T8 Premium ships

    I don't know how newbie can do but as a veteran, I'll use my ARP to farm white EXP and then cover to free exp. I hope it doesn't cost so much
  5. We don't have 3 heads and 6 hands to control all And when you select a ship, 2nd willl fire only her.
  6. I vote yes I don't know why "Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament" don't work like skill "Manual Fire Control for AA Armament"? Only affect when selecting a target and 2nd fire normally if no target chosen
  7. kairyu

    Did you keep or sale your's tier 8 ships

    Well, I'll keep my Benson when I rush to Fletcher. I didn't sell Mahan too and I will give her Mr. Steven Seagal
  8. I have no super container although I always choice "Try your luck". I opened at least 12 container
  9. kairyu

    The Empire is coming!

    Team ice tea is coming Low tier battle will full of HMS
  10. kairyu

    Random Disconnection

    I think you should ask your internet supplier or write a ticket for support team. p/s: where're u come from?
  11. Don't play when you're angry or lose in a round 2-3 battle
  12. kairyu

    Random Disconnection

    When you lost connection in few seconds, game will exit to login screen but your teamspeak won't. So you can still talk on teamspeak and can't recognize what happen.
  13. kairyu

    Add more ships!

    Waiting plz, some famous ship have plan to add ingame and they make 1 by 1. We can't make everything on 1 or 2 days guy
  14. kairyu

    Anyone knows how to report TK

    You can write a ticket and send it to support team but I think they don't care so much about ticket because of WG's anti-teamkiller system. In the past when I report teamkiller in WoT, they said that I should report by report system and let "auto-ban" system working