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  1. KingDestroyer21

    Friendly fire? RAGE QUIT!

    Low tier is no different.
  2. KingDestroyer21

    please give me.....

    Here a video of list of invitation code.
  3. KingDestroyer21

    World Of Warships to World Of Spaceships?

    Great cant wait to go to tier 10 and use the space battleship yamato. Fire the cannon.
  4. KingDestroyer21

    Night Battle?

    *Imagining it*. A lot of people accidentally shoot themselves and getting hit by a friendly torpedo.*unimagined it*
  5. KingDestroyer21

    Friendly fire? RAGE QUIT!

    You should report this to the admins. They can get the ban hammer out of their closet.
  6. KingDestroyer21

    News on what next on WOWs

    Oops didnt see that. Sry.
  7. KingDestroyer21

    News on what next on WOWs

    This news is released on both NA and EU wows portal news. Here the NA link: http://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/what-next-world-warships/ It shows the quotes from the development team of WOWs on what coming next. Those are the performance for weak PC, gameplay, play testing and so on. If u want to know more, read on the link. What i want to highlight though from one of the quote is the premium ship. Which basically highlight that the two things. One is that we going to have a kriegsmarine and royal navy ship before OBT start. But the second thing is that the mighty bismarck is a premium ship and not a regular ship. Which sad me because i thought the bismarck will be at tier 8 and i thought i will use it when playing the kriegsmarine. Dont u feel sad that its not a regular ship?
  8. KingDestroyer21

    Specifying specific speeds

    The speed control is actually realistic. The 1/4,1/2 and so on is what the ship speed meter were. They could not really put the ship at a specific knots that easy. They use speed control to move full speed,move at half speed, stop and so on. Just search up ship throttle speed control.
  9. KingDestroyer21

    Asia Region

    Damnit im purple, im not needed.*went to buy red paint*
  10. KingDestroyer21

    This is Addicting and Hard to get Code

    Well, i was in the NA forums in 2013 before, few months before it hit closed alpha. I still see a few people have not got accepted to the test, not many but still a few. So, around a year, people actually still wait.
  11. KingDestroyer21

    Night Battle?

    I think it will night battle will probably wont come until WOT does it also. Since WOT was suppose to have a weather cause on matches and they even hinted in one of their developer diaries for WOT (think it was about the havok video) that the night battle did not succeed in the one of the phase of development. So it will be highly unlikely for it to come soon but i think it might come when they succeed for the WOT one too.
  12. KingDestroyer21

    This is Addicting and Hard to get Code

    Like u said,"Patience is a virtue".
  13. KingDestroyer21

    This is Addicting and Hard to get Code

    Trust me alot of people want it too and they have been waiting for as long as you have. Some months and even years of waiting to get accepted.
  14. KingDestroyer21

    more suggestions

    Bismarck if i recall correctly, when i was in the na forum before the wows alpha came. The devs say that the bismarck will be a tier 8 or a tier 9 ship if i remember correctly and the tier 10 german bb is the H42 battleship. The pacific map, i dont think will be good because it open with no cover which make destroyer and cruiser easily get killed by battleship.
  15. KingDestroyer21

    I love this Game

    If you guys really want to play the game, cant you just wait until the devs make an event to give new invitation. Posting on the forum about wanting a code, will not help get you one.