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  1. Strike_Blitz99

    Anime: Kantai Collection: KanColle

    inb4 season 2
  2. Strike_Blitz99

    Anti-torpedo secondary armament (gun)?

    early BBs used to have the light battery as defense against smaller torpedo boats and DDs, but as DDs became bigger, the light guns became redundant so they were either removed or adapted into light AA guns
  3. Strike_Blitz99

    Anti-torpedo secondary armament (gun)?

    Maybe OP meant anti-torpedo boat guns? the secondary and light gun battery were intended to defend against destroyers and PT boats
  4. Strike_Blitz99

    IJN Mutsuki class destroyer

    I managed to get this account back :3
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    Anime: Kantai Collection: KanColle

    inb4 this (Warning for those who haven't watched: open at your own risk)
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    Anime: Kantai Collection: KanColle

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    WoWS Theme song

    Anime themes: For themes from other media:
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    Anime: Kantai Collection: KanColle

    Anchorage Hime haz auto flak gun hax RIP planes
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    Anime: Kantai Collection: KanColle

    Reporting, Just some fans butthurt over EP3
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    Picked up some things from the WoWS Stream

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)‎
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    Carrier has just arrive says in the blog

    Akagi here I come
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    Contest Suggestions

    Sketch a ship contest?
  13. Without Dissent, Without Shame, Without Resentment!

  14. Strike_Blitz99

    IJN Mutsuki class destroyer

    The WW2 thread seems lonely..... Let's liven it up a bit with this feature of a less known destroyer class fielded during WW2: The Mutsuki class. (Disclaimer: pardon me for any inaccuracies or errors since I am still an amateur regarding ship tech) Given that aside, let'd get back to our main topic. Basically, the Mutsuki class were an improvement of the late WW1- era Minekaze class destroyers, to the point they and the preceding Kamikaze class are included in the Minekazes' roster. But what makes them different from their precedent cousins? First thing, lets look at the bow. Here's a Minekaze class. And here's a real Mutsuki class Yes, that bow shape. the Mutsuki class introduced the double curvature bow shape that later became standard on all IJN destroyers built before and during WW2. And not only that, the class also introduced the then new 24 inch (61 cm) torpedo tubes that later became the launchpads for the famous Type 93 Long Lance Oxygen powered torpedo. (Though that didn't even exist when they first came into service). But they retained the 4 x 120mm single mount battery of the Minekaze class, which still wasn't a problem considering Japan was planning the revolutionary Fubuki class of DDs which would change naval warfare forever. Anyway, that's a different story. Thanks to the Washington Naval Treaty, Japan chose to improve her light (read: DDs/CLs) squadrons in the hope that their torpedoes could turn the tide in their favor in case war commenced. The 24 inch tubes meant that the Mutsukis were retained with their successors while the Minekaze and Kamikazes got demoted to second-line DDs. By the mid 1930s, they were refitted and their hulls made stronger thanks to the Tomozuru incident of 1934 which was the result of the IJN trying to pack too much firepower on too small a displacement. They also gained triple torpedo turrets similar to the Fubukis and Akatsukis which enabled them to fire torpedoes in all weather conditions. They soon saw service during the Second Sino-Japanese war in 1937, covering the Japanese invasion forces. By the outbreak of the war in 1941, the Mutsukis were refitted with depth charges which allowed them to engage in ASW, but by then were still obsolete. But Wake Island saw one of the class (Kisaragi) being sunk by American F4F fighters. The rest were then involved in operations around the Philippines and Indonesia. 1942 saw them being involved in the deadly Solomon Islands campaign, which proved to be fatal for the class, with 5 of the class being lost to USN air attack. By 1944, the surviving DDs had another refit to increase their AA capabilities,but wasn't able to protect Yayoi (in New Guinea) and Fumizuki (in Truk), with both being lost to airstrikes. By the end of the year, the class was decimated, with USN airstrikes claiming 2 and submarines claiming 1. Uzuki was sunk by US PT boats during the 1944 Philippine campaign. All in all, 12 destroyers were built in the class, but not one survived the war. Still, they served and played a significant role in the IJN's naval campaigns Specifications: Year Completed: 1926 - 1927 Displacement(unsure): 1772 tons Dimensions: 338'9" x 30'0' x 9' 8" Engines: 2 shafts, 2 x Kampon geared steam turbines, 4 x Ro-Go water tube boilers, 38, 500 hp Speed: 37. 25 knots Armament: (1920's) 4 x 120 mm L/45 Type 3 naval guns 2 x 7.7mm Type 92 AA HMG 6 x Type 12 610 mm torpedo tubes (total of 12 Type 8 torpedoes carried)[2 triple mountings] 16 x depth charges 16 x mines (pre 1944, surviving members) 4 x 120mm L/45 Type 3 naval guns up to 20 x 25mm L/60 Type 96 Hotchkiss AA cannon up to 5 x 13.2mm L/76 Hotchkiss AA HMG 6 x Type 12 610mm torpedo tubes {either 12 Type 8 or 12 Type 93 torps)[2 triple turrets] 18 - 36 x depth charges Fate: Mutsuki: Lost to USAAF B-17s, Battle of the Eastern Solomons, 8 - 25 - 1942 Kisaragi: Sunk by USN F4F Wildcats, Wake Island, 12- 11- 1941 Yayoi: Sunk by USAAF B-17s and B-25s, Solomon Islands, 9 - 11 - 1942; Uzuki: torpedoed by USN PT boats PT-490 and PT-492 off Ormoc Bay, PH, 12 - 12 - 1944 Satsuki: sunk by USN air attack in Manila Bay, PH, 9 -21 -1944 Minazuki: torpedoed by USS Harder (SS - 257) off Tawitawi, PH, 6 -6 - 1944 (D-day :3) Fumizuki: sunk in Operation Hailstone, Truk, 2 - 17- 1944 Nagatsuki: severely damaged during Battle of Kula Gulf, beached, 7- 7- 1943 Kikuzuki: Sunk by aircraft of USS Yorktown (CV-5), Battle of the Coral Sea - Tulagi invasion, 5- 5- 1942; salvaged by USS Prometheus (AR- 3) Mikazuki: sunk by USAAF B-25s, New Britain, 7- 27- 1943 Mochizuki: sunk by USN PBY Catalinas, Central Solomons, 10 -24 -1943 Yuzuki :sunk by USMC aircraft off Cebu, 12 - 12 - 1944 Feel free to point out any mistakes edit: corrected typo